posted on: Monday, 25 April 2011

I know I keep saying it...but the weather has been absolutely gorgeous. I think for once we are tucked in a little corner of England that has maintained sun, heat and stillness for days and days. Hottest April since records began and I have loved every minute. The wonderful long weekend spent in the garden just appreciating it all.

...my place for tea and a good book...

...the outwordly wisteria in bloom...

...sprinkler jumping hand in hand...

...I decided it's not too early to get the union jack bunting out...
...beach sunset...
...easter egg hunting with (quite grown up, but still loving it) cousins...

...lily of the valley on my kitchen table...

...egg bounty...


  1. I always loved Easter in the Uk because Spring was always in full bloom. Here our Spring is much later, so we have to buy daffodils and tulips and our wisteria will be another month at least.

    For some reason I like looking at Easter treats from other countries...it always looks much better than our...

  2. Aww Lou... beautiful pictures today. I just love wisteria, but don't have a structure strong enough to take it here! Your place for tea and your garden, look just perfect. Enjoy the sun, it's just starting to warm up a little here, but still wet... Have a relaxing, happy Easter Monday! For us here in the States, it's just another Monday :-( Lx

  3. Wow these pictures almost look unreal. It's hard to believe that your weather has been so glorious. We actually had some warm sunshine (in-between rain showers) yesterday, but nothing like this! Amazing.

  4. I hope the weather in Britain stays this way when I'm visiting in a few weeks:-)
    Your place looks wonderful!

  5. Beautiful pictures, the weather here in Brittany is wonderful fir Easter. Happy Easter Jude x. PS love the bunting!

  6. What fantastic photos of a lovely weekend. And that beach photo is just awesome.

  7. A beautifully British week-end, love these photos Lou....and your wisteria is fabulous :)

    The weather has been wonderful hasn't it? xx

  8. Beautiful colors. Welcome Spring indeed!

  9. glad you got a chance to enjoy the beautiful weekend and weather. hopefully Chicago weather can take a hint for yours and shape up!

  10. Your wisteria is *amazing*!!
    And don't you just love the tiny-ness of lily of the valley? ;)

  11. Oh how totally dreamy, love the children running and jumping.

  12. Oh it looks so beautiful there right now. I think we are having the coldest April ever. And lots of rain. Very British, I suppose. I have that same mug but mine says "Posh Totty." Are you laughing? I bought it in England a few years back.
    Enjoy your day off tomorrow and all of the royal wedding madness.. tis true no one wheres hats around here for weddings....only to the Kentucky Derby.
    xoxo Trina

  13. Beautiful pictures! A little tip, if you change your comments to pop up - Dashboard-Settings-Comments-Pop up window then your readers can comment on multiple posts without having to refresh a new page every time xx

  14. I shall be right over to take residence in that other chair! I see a Cadbury Flake ~ ahh Cadbury you are one of my favorites alas you stay with me so long ~ why is that??? So glad to see that the weather was superb for your Easter festivities...


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