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posted on: Friday, 25 March 2011

A week of playing catch-up. The weather has turned to Spring, which I love, but am not exactly ready  in the wardrobe department! I found myself searching out my trusty ballet flats (and scouring the web for the perfect new pair); ditching the winter boots. I have my fingers crossed Spring will stay and as the clocks change this weekend, everything is ostensibly drawing towards the lighter months. But this being England, I am reserving judgement.

As usual a time of thoughts for me; some of which I have shared here on friendship and cooking and life lessons. Some of our decisions from recent months have come home to roost, career choices and lifestyle choices. Isn't it funny that just when you think you have it all sorted something blindsides you? Nothing major or serious but more to add to the melting pot of musing that I walk around with.

Thank you for stopping by - always a pleasure...never a chore!

Welcome to my 'things of beauty'! Mr J Gyllenhaal starts the proceedings (deep breath) oh those blue eyes...!

'OHHH MY'....photograph by Henry Leutwyler in Esquire
photograph by Katie Quinn Davies on her blog what katie ate

photograph by Joshua Jordon
I adore these milk glasses on the mantel...

photograph by Edina Van Der Wyck in 'At Home with Country'

via plumo

via emerson made
Kate Winslet looking fabulous in this month's Vogue; the hair and the ring catch my eye...

photograph by Mario Testino in UK Vogue
from Country Living

I am tempted...a little Royal Wedding memento...the world will be watching Will and Kate...

Cath Kidston

the ethereal Ms Monroe
Christina Hendricks photographed by Joshua Jordon for LA Times
via le petit happy from etsy

Freja for Georg the styling in this ad. Especially the iconic jug and candle sticks. I wore the necklace like hers on my wedding day.

photograph by Amelia Lyon

Have a delightful weekend - waste some time, why don't you? And remember...breathe!


  1. "Isn't it funny that just when you think you have it all sorted something blindsides you? Nothing major or serious but more to add to the melting pot of musing that I walk around with." ----You've been reading my mail again Lou. Truer words were never spoken. I'm looking forward to a bit of wasted time this weekend, hopefully you get to do the same!


  2. Love the idea of wasting time....beautiful images....xv

  3. Breathe - more slowly - thank you, I needed reminding this morning.

    Delicious images. x

  4. Oohhh... I lingered far too long on the picture of Jake... To say he makes my heart do a double flip, would be an understatement... Thank you for making my day! Lx

  5. You had me at Jake Gyllenhaal :) :)
    Love the images - things of beauty indeed!

  6. Can I say hubba hubba on the first one?

    Shhh...don't tell my daughters :)

    Best wishes Lou for all things beautiful!

    Jeanne xx

  7. I love all these photos.
    the jewelry in the plumo pic is *gorgeous*.

  8. How lucky are you to have spring emerging?! We are in the midst of a rainstorm, but I don't really mind. It cleans the air :). I have to say that my wardrobe isn't ready for spring. I actually went to the mall looking for a suit the other day, and realized how out-of-date I am in the clothes dept. The problem is, I don't want to drop 5K to make it all better! I wish I was better at shopping my closet.

    xo M

  9. Such beauty...I would love to have that dress in the first photo! I am always reciting that quote to my daughter when she thinks I am wasting time...haha...Happy weekend to you! xxoo :)

  10. Dear Lou, isn't Jake gorgeous? Fabulous eyes!

    A similar version of that quote is credited to John Lennon "Time you enjoy wasting, wasn't wasted" which I also love.

    I now have no idea what to wear either. I need some sensible ish shoes! Have a wonderful weekend xx

  11. Conversely, I just found myself the perfect winter boots ;) So glad that Spring is finally making an appearance for you.

    Have a beautiful weekend, Lou :) xo

  12. Such beautiful and stylish photos Lou....very calming too.

    Jakey G looks so delish....I loved him in that film he was in recently with Anne Hathaway....the name escapes me, he was mesmerising in that :)

    I loved the photos of Kate Winslet in this month's Vogue....altho I am not convinced that bleached blonde is the look for her. Did you read the interview? I really like her but I did think she was protesting too much, you know? Almost as if saying it out loud and seeing it in print will make it so. Then again, she is still young and the mother of two and the last few years must have been very tough for her emotionally. Bless her....

    Have a lovely week-end Lou....I'm looking forward to wasting some time too xx

  13. I never tire of Kate Winslet. She's so beautiful.

  14. I am having a wasted day today as it is almost 2 and I am still in my PJ's. That photo of Kate is amazing ~ also love that note to self quote. I will be watching the royal wedding ~ thankfully I am on holiday at that time and will be setting my recorder to capture the moment as I do not think I will be able to pull my butt out of bed that early! Hope you are having a good week-end. xo

  15. Oh Jake. *sighs* :-)))

    I am in a very tentative spring mood, don't trust the weather yet. But I am very much craving a bit of sunshine and leaving my heavy winter coat at home. xx

  16. i am sooo happy being a time waster when it's demanded!
    it has allowed me to catch up on all my blog reading....

    i giggled at your last post...i married one of those too...the open-your-pantry-let-me-whip-up-a-gourmet-lunch kinda guy!!
    so i have also learnt, like you, to cook...i even bake out bread now!
    BUT i am still a cook by the book girl....
    the only thing i can *wing* is an asian stir fry due to all my travels there whilst at university!!

    now...onto today...jake is just tooo gorgeous....truly to lovely!
    i was tempted by the Kath K bit of royalty aussie in ol'blighty for a royal wedding deserves a bit of kitsch!!

    lovely to catch up....melissa xxx


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