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posted on: Friday, 18 March 2011

Morning all. Happy end of the week. A week of way too much business; my project at work has gathered a pace and is so technically difficult I am having to 'think on my feet' every time I speak. Ugh. Trying my best though...characteristically.

This weekend I am doing some corporate wifery, dinner in a swanky hotel with my husband and his colleagues. Will report back next thoughts at the moment: what to wear?!

The Boos are both singing in a choir competition on Saturday; children singing is innocence personified so I shall try to hold it together as we watch! There are rare times when my two children with a four year age gap between them get to do something together.

So in amongst weekend activities, hopefully some time for a run and a bit of down time. And here for you on a Friday are some things of well researched as I could manage!

love this smile - photograph by Jamie Beck via Cup of Jo

via cabbages and roses

Nothing like a sleeping boy...

photograph by Caroline Arber

photograph by Natasha via this flickr

photograph by virginia macdonald

Impossibly perfect does she do it?

Olivia Palermo

via ginalouisadesigns via crush cul de sac

Zooey Deschanel

photograph by Olivia Graham
Spring greens...

Style editor of Italian Vogue...

Giovanna Battaglia

photograph by Jamie Beck on her blog from me to you
via zoeclaudia tumblr 

Bye bye friends...Mwah!
Lou x


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. So beautiful! Sounds like a busy but lovely weekend. Enjoy xox

  3. Life is absolutely a big Miracle:-)))*

    All images here making me very happy,thank you!

    Wish you relax,beautiful weekend,

    Hugs from Amsterdam,

  4. I seriously tear up just at the thought of children singing...there is nothing more beautiful in the world. Can't imagine it being my own kids! Enjoy that. And have fun at the swanky event!

  5. Oh yes, it will be hard not to cry when they beautiful.

    Now that really is a gorgeous smile in #1.

    Hope you had fun deciding what to wear, have a lovely evening....and weekend.
    xxxx Deej

  6. I cry at an choir singing! Sounds a good weekend. I meant to comment on your last post about not being quite with it this week, mixing up the days etc. I had the same feeling, when yesterday I started rubbing hair wax onto my skin by mistake !! Roll on the weekend!

  7. ooh lovely collection of images (as always). Love Olivia P's hair, and the sleeping boy is so sweet! Have a wonderful weekend. Best, Annie x
    ps: have you seen the Design*Sponge post today re crediting images? I think they were trying to sound "light and fun" but it made me feel somewhat lectured to. Reading it, it appears I am not linking images "correctly" either. Sigh!

  8. Hi girlie,

    Thanks for your comment on Frolic! I left a response there! Your blog is beautiful and there's no need to be scared about this issue or let it impair your creativity.

    I can help you out with the original source on your top photos:

    That photo is by Jamie Beck and was created for Cup of Jo so you would want to link to both places.

    xoxo Happy Blogging!! :)

  9. Love all those pictures Lou!
    Olivia looks usual


  10. What a great week-end you have planned ~ love your pretties and that quote ~ happy week-end Lou. xo

  11. A four year age gap is perfect. My sister and I are four years apart and she is the best my parents ever gave me, Happy weekend.


  12. Sounds like you have a lovely weekend ahead. Hope it relieves some of the stress from work. x

    Hearing children sing.. Oh my goodness, I cry every time. Picture me at school on an ordinary Friday when my kids both stand there singing, first the Australian National Anthem and then their 'school song'.. I always cry and Oscar always shakes his head with a look of horror.. It's impossible for me to hold back - it's just too beautiful isn't it..!?!

    Have a nice end to the weekend (ours is over already) and a less stressful start to the working week ahead.

    xx Charlotta

  13. Those women were pretty awesome. Love staring the photos, I look at them many times. Though your articles were only a few, but then I don't feel to read them. LOL. I just prioritized staring at those photos.


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