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posted on: Friday, 11 March 2011

I started to write about my week but then as I typed, I have turned on the news and am listening to reports of the earthquake and Tsunami in Japan...the reports have left me speechless, everything here seems rather insignificant by comparison...all our thoughts are of course with those affected.

In my little life, it's my birthday tomorrow so I shall spend the weekend celebrating with family and friends. I have decided it is Spring; my house is full of tulips and daffodils. You have left me some lovely comments this thank you, thank you for coming back for more :-)

the strong beautfiul face of Kate Winslet

The perfection of this speaks to me...makes me wanna - mess up the sofa... ;-)

via Little Emma English Home

I am completely haunted by the song 'Someone Like You' by Adele...

via The Littlest Things
Emma Watson in Burberry...

Why  I a nutshell...

via The Sartorialist

photograph by Elizabeth Messina

'Portrait of a Girl' by Edgar Degas.

Dreaming of summer days now...

from Cabbages and Roses

Have a restful weekend...


  1. Hi Lou,

    The words pretty things and clever words sums up your blog perfectly. I too have been watching the events in Japan, the force of nature is truly astonishing. Happy Birthday for tomorrow, I hope you have a wonderful day and weekend.


  2. Gorgeous! Happy Birthday to you!

    Thank you for your beautiful blog xox

  3. Hi Lou

    Have a beautiful weekend and an even more beautiful birthday :)

    Nat. xo

  4. Happy birthday gorgeous Lou - may it be filled with special people and wonderful memories. Hugs xxx Leanne xxx

  5. Beautiful pictures & I love the quote :)
    Happy Birthday for tomorrow! Its my dads birthday tomorrow as well:) Have a lovely weekend X

  6. Happy Birthday sweetie! Love your quote ~ pretty things and clever words just about sums it up. I am watching about the tsunami right now ~ scary stuff for sure. Have a good week-end ~ hope you get spoiled rotten! xo

  7. Happy Birthday! Wishing you a lovely weekend full of happiness & joy! My thoughts & prayers are with those in Japan and those concerned and in the vicinity of ricochet tsunamis. xoxo Beth

  8. I heart literally aches watching the news this morning. It certainly helps put things into perspective.

    Have a wonderful and happy birthday! 37 is going to be a good year, I can feel it. :-)

  9. Happy birthday. Hope you will have a wonderful weekend. Terrible images from Japan. Makes my small everyday problems utterly insignificant.

  10. Restful it shall be! I am all over it this weekend!


  11. Louuuu :) thank you so much for featuring the photo, you are the best.

    And thank you for bringing my attention about showing my address, i just blacked it out. it scared me too. jumped on paint straight away haha.

    this is such a gorgeous post as always :) i hope you have the best weekend. xx

  12. have a
    extra special
    birthday weekend :)

  13. Kate Winslet is stunning.

    I hope you have a wonderful birthday weekend.

  14. Happy Birthday. Thank you for always being beautiful.


  15. The earthquake and Tsunami in Japan is heartbreaking to hear about and see. So much distruction and loss of lives in the world these past months.

    Wishing you a lovely birthday weekend.

  16. Happy, happy birthday Lou and many happy returns of the day. I hope that you are having the BEST time. I love birthdays. The day always seems so special somehow.
    I am sure that we are all thinking of the people in Japan and the horrors that they are facing. It really puts one's own life into perspective. I cannot imagine what they are going through. All that I can hope is that they don't suffer anymore major tremors and that they can start the sad process of clearing up.
    So sorry that I haven't been around lately.....I'm having terrible trouble with my computer AND Blogger !! Here's hoping that I can get back on track soon.
    Once again, have a wonderful day and enjoy every minute. Much love. XXXX

  17. First off, Happy Happy Birthday to you, dear Lou***
    I wish you a fabulous Birthday, filled with wonderful people you love, and who love you and fun. You deserve the best, truly! Sending hugs your way,

    Your friend,

  18. Lou have you been to Italy?

  19. Just found your blog and Im in love, you show soo many beautiful pictures in a perfect balance..Im your newest follower on the side and twitter etc etc..i wish you a happy birtday and I will be back soon /marie

  20. I am feeling the scatty thing happening. I am sure I sent you Birthday wishes at some email perhaps??
    Hope you had a wonderful day Lou :)

    Jeanne xx

  21. I think I just lost my comment for this post..!?! Help.. have no idea what I did for that to happen.
    Please delete one if both come through..

    Was saying..

    Happy (belated) birthday to you! I hope you were showered in love and affection.
    Think you are so lovely and as such I am sending extra wishes of a special day.
    Originally not a huge 'celebrator' of birthdays myself, I have come to appreciate them since I had children. There is that knowledge of having 'deserved' a good celebration (all mothers will understand what I mean here). It's not selfish it's just a wonderful feeling of allowing others to express their love. It's so wonderful to learn to 'receive' isn't it..!?

    Japan. I can't really put words to the pain I feel. Having witnessed the horrible disasters unfold here in our own back yard of Australia (and also New Zealand) we are still so 'raw'. When will it all stop!?! Hasn't there been enough now?! All we can do from here is donate and pray.. Let's do both everyone..!

    Ok darling. I hope this one doesn't 'fall off'.

    Hugs from Sydney

    x Charlotta


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