posted on: Monday, 14 March 2011

There are times when I am feeling on top of everything and my organisational skills are primed. Then things slip and I slide from uber-organised to Mrs Scatty. I simply can not hold all the required details in my head and things get missed, forgotten, undone. This I am sure is a modern phenomenon; the convergence of school schedules and social diaries and work and house and husband and life...

I know when the scattiness is striking as I find that in conversation with people my mind wanders and I remember things I have forgotten. Or rogue birthday party invitations will surface from the piles of paperwork. As will key documents that were 'filed' weeks ago in the pile that denoted 'to do'. But then didn't get done. I find I have made commitments that I then can't meet, resulting in hours of internal mental wrangling of whether I should i) try to cancel gracefully or ii) go ahead but move around ten other things to accommodate the plan!

It's a shame. I would love to be one of those 'on it' people; always ahead of the curve. I have surges of organisation, but it's never enough to go the full distance. And then I find myself thinking 'well, if the issue is time, I could spend it doing admin instead of blogging'. Somehow the activity of blogging falls into the nice 'to do' pile; it carries so much more enjoyment than paying bills.

And on my blog, a recent commenter felt that I did not properly or appropriately credit the photos I use and so she had decided to stop reading. Let me tell you - there is a whole thorny world out there of blogging etiquette that you either do or don't subscibe to or even know about (there is no blogging rule book per se). I have not had a comment like that before and so I let it rest for a day or two before writing here. I have thoughts about this comment and what it meant; but I noticed that my first instinct response was: this is my scattiness again. I could have done better, checked further, filed more clearly, hunted down the source. Mental note: will add to my 'to do' list... ;-)

P.S. Therefore no pics today...


  1. Oh, dear, I, too find myself guilty of this very thing. In the midst of everything else I have to do in my life and wanting/enjoying my blog...I inevitably forget or can't find a source to a photo I use.

    I'm thinking of adding a little tagline to every post that says something like...if I haven't marked this image as mine, then it's not! But, I don't think that is good enough, either.

    So, in the meantime, I just continue blogging and trying my best to find the source and occasionally fumbling through it, and forgetting altogether. Such is life!

    I feel your pain...but, please give us photos! We love your blog!!! And if you ever find the key to being totally organized, please send it my way!!!! xoxo Beth

  2. or you could just be your lovely self....
    ignore her!
    i think you more that balance & tag your gorgeous images....
    you can't please all the people all the time....

    don't only give us the pictures you can add a source too...we don't want to miss out!!

    melissa xx

  3. Hi Lou,

    I haven't ever left a comment on your blog, even though I really enjoy your posts! I did however want to add my thoughts to the issue of photo crediting. I do believe that it's really important to show that bit of respect to whoever took or styled the image. I am just am amateur when it come to taking photo's, and sometimes, by happy accident, an image turns out well and I add it to my blog. I certainly wouldn't mind if anyone used it, but a lot of time and effort has gone into creating that image and I do think a bit of credit is due for that.
    I have recently noticed a number of bloggers using images with the "Getty Images" label. I always wonder if they realise that these images are not always free to use.... My husband is a web designer and honestly and truthfully forgot to pay for a Getty image he used on a site he was building. Getty found the image and fined the company over £800.00 for using the image - of course we paid the bill as it was entirely his mistake. It's a lapse he won't make again. I don't know if Getty sees the use of their images on "non-profit" making blogs any differently than on commercial sites, but I doubt I would take a chance!

  4. "Oh Bother" as Winnie would say and all this scattiness to boot. I hope this did not happen on your birthday Lou. I feel for you as I am sure I would have the same reaction. Deep breath, in and out..and let it go. Can you add a qualifying statement somewhere on the blog? I have seen those about. It is so hard to find the original source for photos. They get passed around so much. I just end up using the last blog it was posted on and I am sure that it probably isn't good enough in some minds.

    There should be a guide book on all of this....we really do end up second guessing it all and hoping we get it right. All will be well Lou and don't delete or change a thing. Your blog is work of art, it is you and it is beautiful!!

    Jeanne xxx

  5. Lou I have to say on my old blog "life the universe and all that's in it" I was also told off for not crediting the photos .. it was something I wasn't aware that I needed to do.
    Now I try and use my own when possible.. You have a lovely blog though I have always enjoyed it xx

  6. Haha Lou i loved this post! Its true though, there isnt a blogging rule book and as far as i see, you always credit your images as much as you can. whenever i forget the place where i found an image i always just credit it and say i found it from weheartit. you can find any image from that site.

    In terms of Mrs Scatty, or Miss Scatty in my case...I think i take that prize hands down. In my first season down at the snow (my first experience of not living with my parents) my nickname was "Dory" from Finding Nemo because i literally lost every item i owned. My phone, my camera, my ipod, my car keys (later found them hiding behind the toaster) and one day I even turned up on my day off to ski with my friends without any of my ski gear (dont know how i forgot all of it) so had to borrow a piece of everyones stuff. Luckily i have a George who is the complete opposite haha, and he lets me know when my head isnt screwed on properly haha.

    Hope you had a lovely weekend xx

    P.S How were your birthday celebrations? xxx

  7. Lou,

    This is one comment in a sea of people that simply adore your blog. I personally think you do a great job of sourcing your pictures.

    When I was starting to do my blog recently, I did try and find information on copyright rules etc for blogs to work out what is right or wrong and there is no definitive guide out there.

    I can certainly understand the point expressed by Twinkleberry above, and the pictures are often someones livelihood, and even if they are not, should get recognised for their talent and art. I would want the same if I was the creator of an image.

    Like most things in life, I think you can only do your best. I blog in the rare spare time I get with two young children and sometimes you save an image and just can't remember the source.

    As with the general scattiness, that is modern life, you are not alone, in particular with children. I am a project manager and obviously love things being organised, but since having kids, I seem to be on an eternal search for my purse, keys, mobile phone(found on more than one occasion on the roof on my car) etc..I do at times drive myself crazy but am realistic in the fact that it ain't going to change any time soon.

    As someone said above, take a deep breath and move on...for one negative comment there are many others that love what you do. x

  8. Holy crap Lou ~ to that reader I say good riddance!! I honestly tried at first to give credit for the pictures I found ~ but I look for them constantly and place them into folders so sometimes by the time I use them ~ I forgot where I got them! Keep doing what you are doing as you do it so well. xo

  9. Lou, don't let one ratty comment stop you from posting the beautiful images you find!! I love them, they inspire me and my photography and most importantly they make me SMILE x

    I know EXACTLY how you are feeling. I am mostly on top of everything, but since the start of school for my twins nothing has gone according to plan. I have been sick for a month!!! Which adds to the scattiness, and have not yet got my Rhythym. A lot of my friends feel the same. Maybe there is something in the air or the stars? You will get back on track as we all will, but this year is certainly not shaping up to be what I thought it would be xx

  10. You are not alone!!!! Does that make you feel any better? You have penned my exact thoughts. I'm overwhelmed. And then I'll go on a binge of over organizing...almost wasting too much time doing that rather than doing the actual things that need to get done. So the next day I move on to my list and the piles began again. I think it's just life with kids, husbands, jobs, friends, blogs, and so on.
    Scatty, I am!
    xo Trina

  11. If it makes you feel any better Lou, you are so not alone. I'm starting to think my organisational skills perhaps never were, and I've just been winging it all along - and then as you say, things crash and burn. I'm pleased to see an image back on your newest post. I know we all want to do our best with crediting an image, and sometimes it is really hard to find the original source. Don't beat yourself up any more.
    Amanda xx
    P.S Happy belated birthday wishes!

  12. Darling I know you care and that you would never intentionally want to insult or ignore someone. Don't worry about this single and petty comment. What I would do is to put a 'disclaimer' in your side bar, where you say that you may not always be able to state the source or origin of the images and that if the originator wishes you to remove the picture you will humbly comply..' Or something to that effect.

    We love you, scatty or not, and hope that you keep on brightening our day with your (always) wonderful picture clad posts!

    Hugs from Sydney

    xx Charlotta

  13. Good grief that's a bit extreme isn't - surely if she (?) felt so strongly a quiet word (email) would have been better than flouncing off in a huff. I say good riddance. Credits or not - I enjoy stopping by your blog.
    Happy Birthday for Saturday - I hope it was lovely!
    ps: I chuckled when I read Sophie's comment about weheartit - :)

  14. I'm sorry that you had a comment like that. Why is it that they keep resonating in your head so much longer than all the nice and friendly comments? Don't beat yourself up. We are all just human beings for God's sake, doing the best we can.

    Hope you don't change your blog - I love it!

  15. I'm scattered every day.

    I don't credit everything I find. I'm trying to be better about it though.

  16. my mum is one of those that's always on top of everything. she puts me to shame.

    its hard to credit everything, as often the course we credit isn't the ORIGINAL source.

    can't please everyone.


  17. You already know my thoughts on this :)

    Lots of love, Lou XO

  18. I too am "guilty" (if that is the right term) of this, but hey there are more things in life to worry about, I say live and let live. Your blog is up there with the best of them. Personally I am a big fan of being scatty!! Keep doing what you do best, posting a wonderful blog each day and let others go their own way!


  19. I nearly always use my own pics or those of people I know, (and therefore can easily ask, and I always do), but I think it must be hard to always credit images properly because the link to the original photographer or publication can be so remote sometimes. But I guess credit is a mark of respect for someone else's work, just like you wouldn't want your work used without your permission. I wasn't going to throw in my penny's worth, but DesignSponge has got a really good feature on it today, that you might find interesting.

  20. I have read your blog for sometime now and I love it. I have even started 2 of my own but my only post so far is welcome and one photo. You "hit the nail on the head" so to speak, blogging and adding photo credits is a mystery and there is no manual. I too have seen a disclaimer of sorts even on blogs that have a huge following and basically it says, " cannot remember the source of image, if you know who is is please comtact me."

    Keep up the beautiful work.


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