A new day...

posted on: Tuesday, 15 March 2011

OK - I couldn't stand another day with no pictures so here is one; it makes me think of the summery days that I am now longing for. This season feels like it has outstayed its welcome and I need the next one to move on in. Thank you for all of your comments and emails; you rock.

photograph by Jamie Beck found on her blog 'from me to you'


  1. The picture is gorgeous and I can imagine you are so ready for Spring/Summer by now.
    We're sliding into proper Autumn now. We're still enjoying the beach, only not in that lush way that Summer allows. Swims are getting shorter and I found myself bringing bath robes last time..

    x Charlotta

  2. Amen! Bring on summer. I am so ready to have a sun kissed glow on my skin and wear skirts. :)

    xo Marcie

  3. How funny that you're longing for summer to come round! Where I live, we still have winter-y temps and I'm just soo longing for spring to finally show up!

  4. right back at you....
    what a gorgeous image!!

    melissa xx

  5. I like this ~ welcome back!! xo

  6. Oh, I am SO with you...I think we're all ready for some warmth about now.

    Just read your previous post, and I've actually been struggling with the same thing. Disorganization in general, and blog pictures specifically. I actually just remembered today that I am three months late taking my little one for his doctor checkup! Yikes. I'm a mess, but it does help to know I'm not alone. I'm sure it did sting a little to read that comment, and I do think she could've stated it a bit differently. I do understand the issue, so I'm trying to be better about it too, but it's hard...a rulebook would sure be nice! And bottom line...your blog continues to be an inspiration, the pictures but especially the words.

  7. Love the photo. A hat like that reminds me of warm spring/summer days. Here in Michigan we are getting a taste of spring, 50's a few days this week. I too long for warmer days of spring and summer. Lovely blog by the way!


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