Lather, rinse, repeat...

posted on: Wednesday, 23 March 2011

I am struck how much of life is on a repeat cycle. I wonder is this just the nature of my life now? Things have levelled out for me; much to do with my children being older and I find the days and weeks seem to be merging into each other. This is also underlined by the fact that I am working on a project that feels almost identical to the project that I worked on this time last year. There is a distinct feeling of deja vu...

via are so happy, photograph from Isabel Amyo

I saw an old friend on this week; we stole away for a day to do nothing but talk over a long lunch, completely oblivious to those around us! I thought, whilst sitting opposite this utterly familiar face how much time has passed since we met almost twenty years ago. Twenty years!! We met in my first week of University, along with rest of 'the girls' who formed a group of my best buddies. Can it really be nearly twenty years?! I know I harp on about the passing of time and clearly my acceptance of this fact of life is not quite in place; I am in denial. However despite that, there is something about the richness of numerous years that I love. Of course the years that pass equate to us all growing older (yes: wrinkles), but there is something wonderful about having that shared history.

Back to the repeat it seems my days turn into weeks and before I know it, we are almost three months into the new year. Is 2011 on some sort of accelerated pace? Along the way, I do find myself considering how many activities I repeat day after day. The morning cuppa tea, the school run, the picking-up of items in the house and reassigning to the 'right' place. Endless preparation of food. The 'porridge pot' of laundry (perfect analogy from my friend, derived from one of my favourite childhood stories). Yet for all of this repetition I am not weary or bored. I find myself where I want to be. The repeat cycle just gives me something to muse about as I go. I sense though that I live for the moment; I rarely think about the future, other than to look forward to the next family holiday. The past is largely a source of gratefulness; for what I have done, for what I have achieved and with whom. I am trying to relish this sameness as I know that change will come, in whatever form, at some point...

I am whole. Via are so happy, photograph by Kathryn Barnard, via design sponge


  1. Lou life is all about change and how we embrace it .. to try and keep thing constant leads only to stress .. we have to learn to move with the flow.
    You seem to be embracing it well xx

  2. I know what you mean about this year just flying by - I was thinking the same thing the other day. It seems like five minutes ago we were packing away the Christmas decorations and now in a few days time, its SC's birthday... which for me marks official spring! I like the routine and sameness too - that way, when something unexpectedly lovely happens, you appreciate it all the more!
    Have a great day sweets! xxx

  3. It does feel like this year is flying by...or maybe that just happens as we get older, as we learn to appreciate life and as we learn how precious each moment is, we long for each part to last longer...
    This post is just beautiful, by the way...

  4. Yes, totally agree. I moved into my new home after New Year's. I'm not unpacked or organized yet (well, to my satisfaction anyway) & simply cannot get everything done like I used to. Is it life vs blog, or what?

  5. Agreed! This year had flown by and I feel like it's been more of the same eventhough i know I've done loads. Maybe except blogging;) You seem to be embracing this just fine though! x LZ

  6. Yes I agree. it can get a bit like 'ground hog day' also I do think the year is passing quickly xox

  7. Such a beautiful post. You have a wonderful way of expressing things. I too am appreciating life's routines more and more - there's a comfort to be found in them. And as to the pace, I do wish it would slow down sometimes, but then there's so much to be enjoyed that I find myself looking forward as well.

  8. Yes the weeks are just flying by. I am a creature of habit and like my routines, but every now and then I need a big shake up, something that makes the routines change and start afresh. x

  9. Repetition + purpouse = happy

    I too am exactly where I want to be and the repetition just keeps on cementing that feeling every day.

    Life is beautiful isn't it..!?

    xx Charlotta

  10. ahhh i know! i cant believe it is already nearing the end of march! its crazy!

    sometimes the repeated activities are the best things about a day especially the morning cup of tea or coffee in my case, just imagine your day without it! it wouldnt be nearly as great :)

    i am so jealous of your writing skills! you are so talented lou and so inspiring, i love reading your posts :) xx

    oh and yessss george does start his big grown up job after he graduates. he starts on september 1st. so excited! pretty much just so we arent living poor student lives haha. but we dont know if he will be located in London or Bristol until july 1st so we have to wait and see :)


  11. I am in the same boat Lou down to the blueberries I put on my cereal every morning! Some call it routine ~ others a rut. I tend to try and change things up a bit ~ then I do not get something done that should have been done ~ I think I am doomed! lol xo

  12. 2011 is truckin' at lightning speed. It's almost April. It's almost my birthday. How did this happen?

  13. Even if you find your life go too fast and the days pass and looks like the same thing , you'll see in each day you just go there was a nice moment may be not extravagant as these, but reminding you that every day passes is a moment you was enjoying and happy to have lived ... Thank you for your post illustrated by one of my creations ... Just why this isn't routine for me this day !


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