Guest posting and Spring shopping...

posted on: Monday, 28 March 2011

Hello all - I am guest posting over at The Bottom of the Ironing Basket today...

Whilst I am obsessing over the Spring weather (short-lived, I am told) I went out today and splurged on light and breezy cotton clothes - a breton top, a lace cami, the softest white shirt, a gorgeous silk trapeze top. Ooopppsss....shush don't tell ;-)

Photograph by Polly Wreford


  1. haha I did the same thing! The sunshine is too tempting!

  2. Eeeep!! Over I go to check it out! My two fave bloggers in one place?! Yes please :)

  3. Good job you don't live in Spain like me, the blue skies would have you forever in the shops ;-)
    Your purchases sound wonderful.

  4. Lou, I just read your guest post on Simone's blog and i absolutely loved it. I really look up to you two. You are like my mums in the blog world and i love it!

    Also, George regularly reads your blog and today he said "Lou's blog is such a pleasure to read" and thats exactly what I think :)

    Hope you had a great weekend :) xx

    p.s YAYY for the spring shopping spree...the sun will be back sooon

  5. I also had some retail therapy today ~ new sandals, 2 tops and 2 prs of pants. I am a bad, bad girl!
    Loved your post over at Simone's ~ it is beautiful Lou and you know her so well. xo

  6. Isn't the sunny, Spring weather perfect for shopping...

  7. hmmmm...sounds like a gorgeous pile of spring goodies....

    let's just not mention the weather so the sun comes back out for you to wear them all...

    melissa xxx


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