Coming or going?

posted on: Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Is there a strange convergence of moons and stars at the moment? I literally don't know whether I am coming or going; twice this week I have got the day wrong, insisting this morning to my children that it was Thursday when in fact it is Wednesday. Get a grip Louise...

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I am loving that the apple blossoms are starting to come out and little, subtle signs of Spring have emerged in the last week. I know I am season obsessed but honestly, it's been a long time since I saw natural flowers on trees!

Unexplained bouts of insomnia have descended on our house; Boo can't sleep so I have been back to night-time disturbances, like having a newborn. Is it in sympathy for my sister in law who is week five of motherhood; she's fine, not much sleep but all good? I notice that my patience has dwindled dramatically since those newborn days in years gone by. My ability to be up and conscious in two seconds flat has more or less disappeared.

I had an interesting birthday! Slightly belated celebrations as my husband had man flu of the worst variety (I do admit he really was quite unwell). So this meant that the orchestrated spoil-Mummy-with-breakfast-in-bed-and-copious-presents did not really happen. He did however make up for it the following day with treats and a night away at a local restaurant with rooms. I was given some fabulous gifts by friends and family; treats galore.

Birthdays are increasingly different the older I get. I sense I have entered a vacuum now where everything is drawing towards turning 40. I have three years to go (and counting) but for all of my peers it's a case of either being at the milestone or getting to the milestone or ruefully looking back on the milestone. I fully intend to spend my 40th birthday, when it comes, as I said - years to go yet...whooping it in Vegas or sunning myself in Mauritius or somewhere else divine.

Today is for getting sorted, re-grouped and set up. I need a list. And another list. I need...another version of get through all these things to do. Then just maybe I will have the presence of mind to get the day of the week right?!

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  1. Happy belated Birthday!

    I feel out fo space too but that's because of daylight savings time. It's funny how losing just 1 hour can mess up my biological clock so much.


  2. Oh, I hear you! Daylight Savings Time began for us last weekend, and I am still adjusting. Waking up to a pitch black sky is no fun; having to wake up the boys in the morning even less fun. I seem to be all over the place this week and not feeling energized to tackle it all. Well, here's hoping for a motivated and organized day for both of us!

  3. Lack of sleep = brain fog. Get some solid hours in again and you'll be back on form!

  4. Day of the week?? What month is it???
    Happy Day Lou....and thanks for your note :)

    Jeanne xxx...who thinks she is here but not quite sure

  5. Happy belated birthday my Lovely Lady! Just been having a quick catch up read - sounds like an interesting week so far! Don't worry - there's definitely something in the air with scattiness and not knowing what day of the week it is.. am right there with you! xxx

  6. Happy belated birthday....xv

  7. oh...hap hap happy birthday lovely girl...
    40 is perfect if you are sitting in the sunshine with your beautiful family on a european worked for me!

    lists- can one ever have enough?
    i can't!
    melissa xx

    p.s did you see Gwyneth P in In Style- the photo page of her that looks as if it was created on an i-phone app is GORGEOUS!!

  8. Oh, I hear you on the list. I honestly can't keep anything straight without my day planner and every growing lists. :)

  9. Lou Lou!!! When was your birthday?! I am so sorry I missed it!! Happy Belated Birthday my love!! xo

  10. Happy Belated Birthday Lou!! I'm so sorry I missed it. Epic fail over here :(

    And enjoy these next 3 years...they go by so fast.


  11. happy belated bday darling! glad you were spoilt, if a day late.


  12. Ahh! Hope you had a wonderful Birthday Lou!

    I'm glad you said that about insomnia, I thought it was just me. My sleeping patterns are all over the place! xx

  13. Louuu you are the best and your birthday ritual sounds exactly the same as my mums when we were little. eddy, dad and i would go shopping in town and buy her presents the day before (very organised) which ususally consisted of purfume, candles and pajamas haha. im looking forward to the same :)
    and spending your 40th in Mauritius sounds perfect or maybe travel a little bit further to Australia and spend it in the great barrier reef :) now that sounds good! xxx

  14. birthdays do get a little more tough with time. i turned 40 last summer. THE HORROR. it was hard. i am relieved that it is behind me and that i am marching toward some sort of golden years (in theory)! lol

  15. My husband told me tonight that there is something called a 'super moon' at the moment. Our planet is closer to the moon than it has for many many years and it is causing all sorts of mess with people like us who are affected.
    I couldn't sleep a blink the days leading up to it and now I feel as if someone has taken my batteries out.. The moon definitely messes with my head - happens ever month when it's full..!

    Sorry to hear that your birthday celebrations were delayed, but it sounds like you had a lovely time regardless.
    My 40th has come and gone, and though I thought it would be a massive ordeal it was pretty painless. In fact I had a lovely celebration that lasted for days, with memories that will last a lifetime.

    xx C

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