You can not be PERFECT at everything, you can only do your best...

posted on: Friday, 11 February 2011

Some very good and well-timed advice from my dear friend D. She dispensed this advice on our real-time messaging system at work; she in the Netherlands, me here. As this statement flashed up in a little window on my screen I just kept re-reading it thinking 'yes, of course!'. So obvious. I love her simple wisdom.

The blogging community has shrunk this week as I entered the realm of Twitter. Where have I been?! Such an obvious extension to this forum. I contacted friends and kept up with their day to day lives, interspersed with some celebrity voyeurism. What could be better?! One such twitter friend Sophie, posted this gorgeousness of Paris with her beau, sporting her Lou, Boos and Shoes giveaway clutch bag! I love a happy ending and good handbags do go to good people!

Whilst on the topic of how the Internet shrinks the world, another good blogger friend of mine (who shall remain nameless), residing entirely in another hemisphere has found her true love on line and is counting down to meeting him for the first time in a matter of weeks. Despite societal 'scorn' of the use of the blogging/facebooking/flickr/twitter medium to form relationships, you have to admit it connects people in a way that is simply awesome.

This weekend will be spent preparing Boo for a ballet exam on Saturday (eeek), catching up with good friends for dinner and generally trying to wind down from was what a bit of a week...

I just love this image - how beautiful is she?

via it's mary ruffle

by Jamie Beck
For my friend E who is learning to live with her daughter's cheeky toddler-esque ways...

via patterson maker

We are trying awfully hard to be this, after a fairly disastrous week of parenting decisions; you know when you just try and try to be rational and supportive to your kids and it just comes out all wrong?

via cowparsley

Valentine pretties...I am not big on this particular holiday celebration...but the pink is always nice.

Diaphanous Natalia Vodianova...

One corridor in life always leads to's a long journey with many doors!

Here's to a healing, restorative weekend...


  1. Amen to that, it's been quite the week indeed!!

    The only thing I would add is to be kind to yourself Lou, I think you're quite hard on yourself and you needn't be, you're doing a great job.

    Beautiful images as always xx

  2. Amen Lou! This has been a week and a half in one. Let us all be kind and forgive ourselves - all we can do is our best.


  3. That lovely post was just what I needed on this dismal Friday morning...your beautiful pictures always give me a sense of calm no matter what kind of week I've had...thank you x

  4. So true!!! I think we all need a reminder to be a little kinder and forgiving to ourselves from time to time. It is a society of high expectations sometimes we forget these simple but true facts xox

    P.S How exiting for your friend I hope it all works out!

  5. This post feels so intimate. Like one of those soft voiced conversations with a dear friend late at night. You also sound tired.. and a little sad.. Perhaps I am imagining. I hope you are ok and that the weekend will be filled with pretty pink flowers and lots of love.

    Warm Swedish hugs from afar.

    xx Charlotta

  6. So many gorgeous images to begin my weekend...hope yours is restful and wonderful!!

  7. Hi Lou,
    Well, I'm with are always much to hard on yourself ! Being a parent is very difficult sometimes and, we all make mistakes....but, that's fine. We are only human and don't have some chip inside our brain that gives us the right answers all of the time. I am constantly reminded by our daughter ( usually in front of all of our relatives at some 'do' or other !!) that I brushed of her being sich and terrible pain in her side that she just had eaten something that disagreed with turned out to be appendicitis and she ended up in hospital !!
    .....and, we have been married for 35 years this year and have NEVER celebrated Valentines Day !! My husband has always said that it is for unrequited love and that ours is requited !! That's his excuse haha. No, I like to think that my life is Valentines Day everyday ( well, nearly everyday !!)
    Thanks for the beautiful images, as usual. They are all beautiful and, don't are you and don't be hard on yourself. None of us can be perfect, our children won't be perfect.....lifes just not like that ! XXXX

  8. Perfect post for me today. Your week sounds all too familiar, I've had a bit of a week of it as well. Here's to a restorative & healing weekend for both you and me : )
    Alison x
    (ps. not too sure how I stumbled across your blog, but so glad I did).

  9. Have a great weekend! I love the message on that print! I too spend way too much time trying to be perfect instead of enjoying life.

  10. hello lovely one...

    we all need to just take each day...or it comes...
    a big pot of glass of bubbles...beloved children...wise friends...and it seems twitter...
    you have much to be very proud of sweet...

    perfect is one remembers a perfect person only a special one...

    have a lovely weekend...hope your snow drops are pushing through...
    melissa xxx

  11. A heeling restorative weekend indeed.. I'll raise my glass of healing restorative red to that! SOO glad you're on Twitter! As always, stunning pictures, some of which made me gasp at their all round loveliness. I feel like I've learned a lot about the world of blogging this week after watching a panel at the IFB conference in NYC. So now to rest the brain for a couple of days and may you do the same too my sweet. Good luck to Boo for her exam! xxx

  12. Such a beautiful post Lou :) thank you so much for the lil mention :)

    And its true that little bit of advice. NO one is perfect! and it would just be so tiring to keep striving to be perfect because its impossible! what even is perfect? it cannot be defined. so just be exactly who you are and yes, try not to be so hard on yourself!

    Love all the stunning pictures you have posted. that photo of the little toddler girl is so fricken adorable!

    How much fun is twitter! i am so happy i joined as well! im loving it. and im so happy for your friend who has met someone so special via the world of the internet. It does bring amazing connections and whats bad about that?

    i hope you are having a lovely weekend Lou xxx

  13. oh my... such beautiful images, its just the inspiration I needed...

  14. Sometimes the simplest statements (as in the one your friend flashed on the screen) make the biggest impact on us. I once saw a bumper sticker that said "No excuses, just choices." And it changed my entire perspective on life.

    Love the motto quote too....
    P.S. Thanks for the awesome comment on my post, btw.

  15. My Sunday is now better after a visit to your blog ~ I love the pictures you chose this week ~ eye candy for the soul. Hope you are having a lovely weekend. xo

  16. You could have just posted the title and pretty pictures and I could have related just perfectly :) Love ya Lou!! Hope the little boo did fabulous on her exam!! And that photo of the beautiful little girl? Wow, incredibly gorgeous! xo

  17. Lou, I get the sense that you always do your best at everything, and that is all anyone can ever ask :)

    And yes, the internet is pretty cool like that ;)


  18. Hi Lou!
    I've just discovered your blog and I've scrolled down this far. I'm breathless, your blog is so beautiful, so chic and full of beauty.
    I'm your newest follower....already in love with your posts.
    Thank you!


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