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posted on: Friday, 25 February 2011

The week in which I got my groove back. This week turned out not as I expected. Sometimes when I look ahead, in the knowledge that I have a whole lot of unplanned time with the Boos, I must admit I mildly panic wondering what am I going to do to keep them entertained? I then i) feel ashamed at this reaction and ii) try to justify the fact that children should not need 24/7 'entertainment' and then iii) opt for the great outdoors as the ultimate remedy. This week it all worked out. The unexpected presence of their Daddy helped; sometimes he doesn't have to work quite so hard. The fact that we are going skiing next week also helped; that pursuit represents the great outdoors in dramatic measures. Next to beach air, mountain air has got to rate pretty highly.

We return to the same French town each year to ski en famille. There is now a tried and tested route that we take and part of the charm is that the children want to retrace their footsteps and have the chance to redo what they did last year. We always say 'shall we go somewhere different?' and they say 'No! It's tradition!'. You can't mess with tradition...

So I will be seeing you, I will drop in at some point and test out the Lou-on-the-road blogging capability! Au revoir...

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I have a soft spot for Ryan Reynolds...

via older men are the sex  (well, my sentiments exactly)

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If only this weren't quite so close to the truth...

Love the bag, love the boots, love the coat.

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It's not often that a product changes my world; but this 'dirty secret' has...and truly enables a hair-do like this...

Victoria Beckham Autumn/Winter 2011 dress collection...who'd have thought?

 It's all about the dress for me...

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by Jamie Beck

See you very soon...
Happy weekend!


  1. Alwaya love to read your things of beauty with a cup of tea on a Friday, and then you had put in Ryan Reynolds. I shall now have a verty very happy Friday. I hope skiiing is great fun.

  2. we have that "ski in the sun" print up in my home in Sydney! except that it says "ski in the sun in Val d'isere" (where we went) i LOVE it! sooo jealous you guys get to go skiing! like out of this world jealous! my little brother is in canada right now (has been there all season) and its bad enough him telling me all about his days skiing the powder, but now you get to go too ahhh haha. cant wait to hear about it all.
    gorgeous selection of pictures as usual :) that one of Ryan Reynolds is just amazing! he is so beautiful! xx

  3. Enjoy the ski... Ryan Reynolds... Mmmmmm... Lx

  4. Have a wonderful weekend! xx

  5. First of all, I am quite sure we all have that feeling about our kids. I am facing a weekend alone with them and am having to think about things we can do to keep ourselves sane. I adore them of course, but they certainly can be exhausting! Secondly, have an amazing time in France! That's awesome. I adore skiing and don't get to do it enough. We're not even that far from decent places either. I keep saying "when the boys get a bit older". Perhaps next year we'll start with them... And lastly, who doesn't have a soft spot for Ryan Reynolds?

  6. have a wonderful trip and thank you for yet another lovely post!

  7. Absolutely gorgeous images!! Love them all!!

    Art by Karena
    PS Have a great time!!

  8. Just a whole lot of eye-candy in here, especially that Victoria Beckham outfit...I posted that one as well, just awesome. Our entire family skiied together while my children were growing up, some of the absolute best memories ever. Have a lovely holiday!!!!

  9. Oh, sounds like so much fun...we have had an uneventful staycation...where you just stay home and wish you were on some remote french ski mountain!!! Enjoy! Great images!!!xoxo Beth

  10. Loving that little doggie and that dress is spectacular! Hope you are having a fabulous time Lou. xo

  11. Every photo is beautiful! So as Mark Reynolds.

  12. Oooh... a whole pile of gorgeousness! I hope you enjoy your skiing hols this week and can't wait to hear all about it. Bring us back some sunshine and fresh air! xxx

  13. Hopefully your trip has been a success Lou!
    Ryan Reynolds is so dreamy, sigh :) xo

  14. Skiing in the sun in France... good idea! :) xx

  15. Such a sweet collection of photos! I do love the one with Victoria Beckham. Never would've guessed it was her though.

    Ladaisi Blog

  16. Have a fab hol and thanks for the pic of Ryan Reynolds....phew....

  17. your blog = gorgeous

    diana at

  18. Beautiful, beautiful pictures... I am honored to be there—thank you so much! I actually looked through twice—so much to see :)


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