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posted on: Friday, 18 February 2011

Hello, hello. A much better week this week, I have got my head together finally! Have you sensed there has been too much rattling round in there for a while?! It's exhausting trying to be 'at one' with oneself. Well at least it is for me...

Meanwhile, for months I have been trying so hard to help my son learn to read. I set myself a little goal that we would read every night, no excuses and the fact that I pledged to myself and to the Internet somehow worked and I have not missed one night. The net result: he's doing so much better at school. Accolades all round, so I am delighted. All you ever want for your kids is that they can do stuff; they don't have to be the best by any means, but you just don't want them to struggle with life.

 Still's a revelation! Still loving my blog. Still generally quite happy with life :-)

via crush cul de sac

Taking the world of pretty-picture-lovers by storm...bridal website BHLDN. As I am not getting married I swooned over the underwear...

We go skiing in a week but there is no snow in the Alps - well not no snow, but not much...please can there be a large snowfall??

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It's the minutiae of life that reminds us what matters...

I realised that not one member of my family had read even one book of the 'Harry Potter' I have ordered the box set...

...the beautiful Emma Watson...

I spied the first daffodils making efforts to remind us Spring is coming...

I could sleep for a week; every night I put my head on the pillow only to wake what feels like half an hour later, when of course a whole night has passed...

Boo is reading 'Anne of Green Gables' at the moment, out loud to me as I cook in the evenings. So utterly sentimental, it makes me cry just thinking about when Matthew Cuthbert gives her the dress with the puffed sleeves. It's always been about dresses for me! Love the series - have ordered the box set!

...Emily Blunt...

I have very little planned this weekend, time to regroup!
Have a lovely one...


  1. Its bitterly cold here today, and the sky has that snowy look about it. Brrrrr. Hope you get some in the Alps for next week. Gorgeous underwear, lovely eyeliner (wish I could do that for myself). Anne of Green Gables was a favourite of mine, I might just have to order the books for myself as a lovely reminder. Happy weekend over there.

  2. This may be one of my favorites yet! Glad you're happy and feeling good. It does go in cycles that way, doesn't it? I do hope you get plenty of snow and then blue skies while you're there. I haven't been skiing in a while, but I do love it - the peace that's at the top (or side) of a mountain is exhilarating. That Elizabeth Berg quote is one of my faves. Definitely enjoy Harry Potter...I've read and loved all of them, but I'm really looking forward to reading them again with my boys. And sleep....yes, that's how I wake up every morning too. In a couple weeks I'm going to spend a weekend with a girlfriend, and our primary goal is to sleep one morning until our bodies wake us up - heaven!

  3. i have to agree with Mary here, i think this has to be one of my favourites yet! Yayyyy i am happy that its been a better week for you! you deserve a good week and be happy with life :)
    that is awesome about your son and his reading :) i find it adorable! well done!
    Loving all of your pictures as always! I am so jealous you guys are going skiing even if there isnt much snow. skiing is my favourite thing in the world.
    and i love that BHLDN underwear too! stunning!!
    happy friday lou, i hope you have a great weekend xx

  4. loved this post, darling! especially loved those words from Elizabeth Berg... wish you a lovely weekend! xo

  5. Dear Lou, glad you've had a good week. I'm feeling happy for no particular reason.

    I love the picture of the log cabin in the Alps. I adore the snow.

    Have a wonderful weekend xx

  6. You have the.most.stunning blog. Truly lovely pictures.

    Thank you for making the world a bit more beautiful.

  7. I love what you said about just not wanting your kids to struggle with life. I think I'm starting to understand that because I'm very close to my niece who is 5 and I worry for her all the time - over general little life things - and want her to be prepared for all that comes her way. I get teary just thinking about it.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Lou.


  8. Gorgeous pictures as always. And am now following you on twitter too!

  9. I do love all the white in these photographs. So peaceful.

    I'm also very fond of Elizabeth Berg. Again, peaceful.

    Beautiful finds here!

    Ladaisi Blog

  10. Lovely glad I found you!
    I will be back..I am a new follower!
    Pamela :)

  11. Grrr, just wrote a really long comment and Blogger lost it!!!

    Gorgeous post today....and yay for feeling happy :)

    I haven't read any of the HP husband has read them all and O has read the first four....not seen any of the films tho. Not really my cup of tea, I like a healthy dose of reality in my reading!!

    I must buy some daffodils tomorrow....they always make me think of spring and Wales.

    Have a lovely week-end xx

  12. And well done on the reading with your son, great news! xx

  13. Such a beautiful collection of images as usual. I always find them so peaceful. xox

  14. oh i love this post miss.lulu....

    love the images....we are reading pippi longstockings - audrey and i...
    well i'm reading to her....but the love of books is a treasure isn't it...
    well done with your gorgeous boy....

    soo happy that you sound so happy...we really must do more of that loving our moments and less of that thinking about and analysing our moments...i think it works for us both!

    elizabeth bergs words are heavenly....& that ruffled strip shirt a dream...
    have a wonderful weekend...i'm wishing for snow for you!

    melissa xxx

  15. Happy Weekend gorgeous one! Love your pictures and will be doing a little Alps Snow dance for you (aren't you glad you can't actually see that??). And.... I cannot believe you are getting a Mulberry Alexa..*gasps and faints*. Please bring it with you when we meet and please let me stroke it! xxx

  16. REally, being generally happy with life...what more could you want??? :)

  17. Hello my friend!

    I hope you are having a wonderful, wonderful weekend... I was so looking forward to visiting your blog and catching up on the posts I've missed. I love all that you have gathered here—and SO excited about BHLDN line—how ladylike and lovely it is... love Emily Blunt, too, and of course, Anne of Green Gables.

    You would not believe! About a month ago, I was watching the Anne of Green Gables movies with my Mum, and we looked up Megan Follows online to see what she's up to now, only to find out that she's acting in plays—so delightful. And... only to find out that she was in my city at the time... AND, only to find out that we could make it to her VERY LAST performance the following week!! How exciting is that? Needless to say, she was amazing, just as she was in Anne of Green Gables. Wonderful story. Wonderful actress. I hope your little one loves this cherished story :)

    Enjoy the remainder of the weekend and moments with loved ones, xoxo

  18. I love your blog. So elegant. I awarded you the stylish blogger award today at, just wanted to let you know :)

  19. We are snug in our cozy ski condo in Mammoth, CA... I bought some daffodils at the grocery store and now the family is so quiet after all the exercise. Such a good day including your beautiful images.
    Mary Ann
    Following you :)

  20. Well ~ I think you should change your plans as we have tons and tons of snow and then you can skip over the bridge to Prince Edward Island to the home of Anne... Love that quote Lou. xo

  21. What a beautiful blog, very uplifting! I'm definitely following!

  22. beautiful - especially love the random moments quote - how very true.


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