The kids are alright...

posted on: Thursday, 24 February 2011

This week so far has been spent in the delightful company of my children. May I just say? They are pretty cool. Every now and then testosterone gets the better of my son; it bubbles up and has nowhere to go but to spill over. However, he is the most uncomplicated of souls; all blonde curls and boyish straight-forwardness. My daughter is all beauty and grace. They impressed me when we spent the afternoon helping out with their newest baby cousin. I loved that we could swoop in like a maternal 'big bird' and assist my very tired sister in law who enters week three of motherhood. She was able to sleep while we watched the baby; my children talked in whispers for over an hour and I had to cast my mind back to the days of nappy changes and that bizarre hard-wired mothering skill of rocking a baby to sleep.

I came away though still grateful that my kids are older and they can do stuff. The basic necessity of feeding and sleeping of a newborn was then juxtaposed with the ability and competence of my older children. In the evening, we went swimming and I watched as they leapt and sprang about, underwater, on the water. Thinking back to the days we taught them to swim. Or the day that they first learned to ride a bike. Or the first day of school. Or just standing at the kitchen window watching them on the swings outside, swinging high! It was just yesterday they were being rocked by me and now I am bystander in this new world they are creating. It's bizarre. And quite nice.

As ever, motherhood is a marathon not a sprint - you take each day as it comes.  But each day brings something nearing greatness...even if it's found in the small things.


  1. Perfect Lou...

    "As ever, motherhood is a marathon not a sprint - you take each day as it comes. But each day brings something nearing greatness...even if it's found in the small things"

    My runners are nearly worn out...happily:)

    Off to the Imperial War Museum with three 11 year old boys's all 'war talk' around this house. Wish me luck!

    Jeanne xx

  2. Right on the button Lou.

    Happy half term.


  3. Lou, Very timely post.

    With two young children, one under 12 months and a toddler, I often find myself thinking how nice it will be when they are older and not dependant on me for nearly everything that fuels their existence each day.

    But then you have a son that kisses your hand and tells you he loves you in big pieces and little pieces and that he will dream about you which completely melts your heart and a baby that is marvelling in each new trick she learns every day in her magical world with me as the centre of it. And then I realise, I am just not ready for them to be any older just yet.

    I love your "motherhood is a marathon not a sprint" as I have learnt that you just have to treasure each stage for what it is and not look to the future as time passes to quickly and before long you will be longingly thinking about memories of your kids in the past.

  4. Hi Lou,
    I have to search the depths of my memory to remember what it was like when our children were babies !!....although, I am going to be taken back to those days in April when our son and daughter-in-law have their baby ! I think that, at the time, it is lovely ( even though one is very tired and there are moments of thinking 'what have I done' !!) but, when your own chilfren are older and you visit someone with a new babay, you think , 'I'm so pleased that mine are more independent'. The trouble is, I think that we all are a little guilty of wishing their life away. I know that I used to say, won't it be lovely when the walk, won't it be lovely when the start nursery, etc., etc. That's just human nature though, isn't it ? I have learnt now that one should savour every moment and each stage of our children's lives as, they grow up so quickly and, it seenm's that, all of a sudden, there they are, all grown up and you are taking them to University.
    It's lovely to hear that you are enjoying your children's company, having family time and helping you sister-in-law , giving her a break. She is very lucky to have you and, by being there, you and your children will have a special relationship with the baby. This is what it's all about. XXXX

  5. This is lovely. I look forward to Motherhood and all it brings.

  6. I like that phrase- "motherhood is not a marathon."

  7. This is such a beautiful post Lou, as always!

    Your little boos sound absolutely adorable. You have done the most amazing job at being a mother. One to look up to :) it makes me excited for my future of motherhood yipppiee! not too excited though haha theres still quite a few more years. but i still love reading the motherhood posts :) xx

  8. hug
    & one more special big huge you are lovely hug....

    melissa xx

  9. Lovely, Lou! You inspire me and make me so excited to have kids one day!! This is such a refreshing feeling compared to the usual ragged and exhausted parents I hear from.

    xo Marcie

  10. So true and beautifully written Lou!
    I too stand back i amazement as my children continue to perform little 'life miracles'. How proud can one be!?! How much can one love?!?
    What a great gift to be a mother!

    Hugs xx C


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