Baftas and babies...

posted on: Monday, 14 February 2011

Some Mondays I have a new blog blog post just bursting out of my mind, all ready to hit the 'publish' button. Some Mondays the opposite. Today the latter; I have no format, no agenda, it's just the mind of me...

by Elizabeth Messina

So to the Baftas...I will leave to my wonderful fashionista blogging colleagues to critique the dresses; I have to say that I loved Jessica Alba's blue dress. I found the award nominations by Rosamund Pike physically painful to watch (poor girl). I shed a little tear for Colin Firth's victory - he so deserved it and isn't his wife Livia just beautiful and so appropriate? I still haven't seen Black Swan and with Natalie Portman's best actress award I feel slightly ashamed that I haven't!

via Vogue
This morning I visited my new nephew - OHHH MY - just gorgeous in that unutterable newborn way. Seeing him made me feel peace.

My house is trashed after a very full family weekend, so I will spend the day putting stuff back in its place. The Monday ritual. But then I remember - it's Valentines...hmmm how could I forget?
It's a day for happy love on the home-front :-)

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  1. OHHHHHHHHHH Colin Firth!!! he´s so sexy!!!

  2. Lou, being a lover of the ballet, you simply must go and see Black Swan (albeit a much darker side than you enjoy). I went with a group of women and we all loved it. Glad we left husbands home though, although there was one steamy scene that they would have enjoyed, but other than that I think they would pass.

  3. I was moved when Colin Firth one, more than needed. I also love Livia Firth's eco fashion for the red carpet. Just lovely. I hope you enjoyed your full weekend and have a lovely Valentines day.

  4. Newborn babies are the BEST! How sweet is that photo?! I just love it.

    xO Marcie

  5. happy <3 day my friend

  6. Oh my goodneess Lou, I nearly had to leave the room when Rosamund's autocue didn't work....and, she kept digging herself a bigger hole as well poor thing. I do love an award show.Shallow, I know but, ever since I was little I have aways wanted to go to one.....not to be famous ....just to wear the beautiful dress !! Maybe if Daniel writes the score to a greatt film, I might get to go !!
    .....and, how lovely to have a new nephew....we are about to have a grandson in April...YAY.
    Have a lovely week. XXXX

  7. I saw this today, (just released) and thought of you. Just the sort of images you seem to love.

    I believe it is a part of Urban Outfitters which in turn is part of Anthropologie.

  8. What a totally gorgeous shot of Colin and his beautiful wife, they have lovely faces.

    Oh that sounds so sad about Rosamund, worst nightmare I guess.

    Newborn's are magical.....I just gaze at them and want to touch their soft skin, xxx Deej

  9. Sigh a new baby, how precious. Lovely photos as usual Lou! Happy Valentines Day to you my sweet friend xoxo

  10. Colin Firth's wife is perfection. And she gets to go home with him ;)

  11. morning sweet...
    how divine -a visit to your new lovely smelling tiny nephew....
    the connection is just wonderful isn't

    now mr.firth is indeed deserved of all the awards this season can throw at him...and his wife is beautiful...the photo of the two on them above is so delightfully english and so absent of any new *hollywood-ness* -do you know what i mean....
    i feel calm just looking at them....

    happy tuesday honey...i'm a day later than most at the moment {still :) }

    melissa xxx

  12. So happy Colin Firth won! He's the best....I'm going to see his movie soon abit late in Italy as always :)

  13. It is good to think the relationship of a mother and a baby. I am always fond of carrying newborn babies. As if they were very cute and innocent. Know nothing about the world. And it is nice to wonder how the baby grows step by step.


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