Things of Christmas beauty...

posted on: Friday, 24 December 2010

So many things of beauty at Christmas time. For me Christmas Eve is all wrapped up in Danish tradition as my little family makes the pilgrimage to my Mum's house for traditional 'Danish dinner'; roast duck stuffed with apples and prunes, caramelised potatoes and red cabbage! It is the absolute taste of a Danish winter for me and it is so deeply rooted in everything I associate with Christmas. And now, as I did as a child, the Boos look forward to it (mainly because they get to open gifts early in accordance with the Danish tradition!)

What does Christmas mean to me? After the weeks of planning, buying, wrapping I do wonder what is it all for? The consumerism of this time of year has bothered me more this year than most. Yet I have participated in it willingly along the way. I long for simpler times but then simultaneously feel so blessed that we have the life we have and can revel in this family time of year, unencumbered with woes.

I lead a happy life; one that I think shows on this blog. My good friends do say I put on the 'Lou show' for the blog and it can border on all-too-perfect. I agree; the reality is never that way but atleast at Christmas time I can believe and just sit back and enjoy the fruits of my labour.

We'll be at home, with family, trying to sleep in on Christmas Day to a sensible time whilst the children wake and feel that unmistakable rustle of paper in stockings at the foot of their bed. There is just nothing like that sound...

Pretty, star-like party dressing...

cintia dicker snow Pictures, Images and Photos
...the beautiful Cintia Dicker...
Can you hear the bells? We've been reading 'Polar Express' and 'The Night Before Christmas' all exciting.

via it's mary ruffle
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Getting out our best china...

Candy canes, brown paper and string...

Winter warming wool...

via for chic sake
Carluccio's panetonne...Italy's finest.

Shimmering, sparkling perfection...

...the beautiful Christina Hendricks...
Two faces at the window...the Boos come tonight, I love this painting by Christian Birmingham.

Candle-light and fireside...

Something sparkling and blue under the tree?

Or natural and wholesome; either way...

via crush cul de sac

What can I say? 
Have the happiest of times this Christmas...
be back soon!

Ready for a new year of lovely giveaways...


  1. Oh I just loved this post, thank you darling. The Christian Birmingham picture bought a tear to my eye I have to say and the first photo is so beautiful in it's simplicity...I love it.

    Wishing you a Happy Christmas with all your family and thank you so much for your friendship this year.

    I hope to be around a bit more in the new year when the house stuff calms down...fingers crossed.

    love Deej

  2. Lovely!

    Happy Christmas to you and all your family. I hope it is lovely.

  3. Merry Christmas! Hope you have a lovely time x

  4. Wishing you the Happiest Of Christmas's darling girl! So glad we've both "blog met" and met in real life this year! Hope you, your man and the Boo's have a wonderful time. xxx

  5. lovely pictues as always!
    merry christmas!

  6. happy christmas dear friend....

    have a wonderful night at your mama's....what a beautiful tradition for your children....what you have had they continue to enjoy...

    i hope the children's stockings are filled to overflowing with all they deserve...i love to know they will have them for years to come....

    i am soo very happy to have found each other this year....
    melissa xx

  7. Very Merry Christmas to you!

  8. Merry Christmas. Relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour! Lx

  9. Dear Lou, gorgeous pictures. Have a really wonderful Christmas. I know you will. Love Christina xx

  10. Merry Christmas to you Lou and your Boos! xo

  11. Lovely photos, and lovely blog. The Lou Show is great! Enjoy!

  12. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas Lou, I know it will be lovely....xxxx

  13. Hello Lou, just stopping by to wish you a very Merry Christmas! Your traditions sound wonderful, and while I completely agree that the consumerism of Christmas is just too much at times, you will most definitely hold onto the special moments shared with your family. Those will be what you remember for years to come. I love your outlook :)

    Beautiful images, as always -- I love seeing a round up of your favorites...

    Merry Christmas*

  14. Lovely images - love when I see a 'god jul' somewhere:-) I just had my mother's roast duck with apples and prunes, caramelised potatoes and red cabbage last night:-) Today I'm relaxing and tomorrow I will go to my sister's for a traditional Danish 'julefrokost.'

    God jul Lou

  15. "The Lou Show." I can totally relate! My friends too say that Lemons and Laundry sounds like my life is enchanting and perfect. I agree that it does sound like that, but that is part of the therapeutic nature of blogging. They say to think happy thoughts, right?!

    Thanks for a great year of wonder blog posts, Lou. Your is one of my favorites.


  16. Sweet, Louise- love hearing different traditions from far and near. Hope it was splendid. Ours was and I have a house full of nothing but full happiness:).

  17. Hello lovely Lou - I do hope you have had a magical christmas and did not get snowed in. I have experienced one northern hemisphere Christmas may years ago - funny isn't it that Christmas is always as you remember your childhood so for me that is summertime by the pool. Even all the books here show christmas in the winter time but if you are an Aussie it wouldn't be Christmas unless it is warm outside! Wishing you a lovely last week of 2010 and look forward to your wonderful posts in 2011. Leanne x