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posted on: Friday, 19 November 2010

Friday I'm in love....with the idea of a quiet weekend! There is something about this time of year, where it gets dark at 4.30pm that just makes me want to snuggle up and nest. Yet instead there are social engagements galore and just altogether too much to do.

I have had a pensive time lately wandering what's it all about? I have no answers yet. Quelles surprise. It's always the case that I want to press 'pause' and consider whether I am happy. That elusive kind of I content? Is everything OK? I suspect better to just not think too much about anything and enjoy the ride. I must try to learn to do that. Stop thinking; just be.

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Ivory handles and lace...

I had a homemade package of prettiness delivered yesterday, from my friend Melissa...and it brought tears to my eyes it was just so, so lovely. 

Boo has a ballet exam coming up...the nerves...the tutus...the hair's 'Ballet Shoes' relived, which secretly I love. I am living vicariously through her.

I have posted a few paintings by this Danish artist, whose work is close to my heart. Makes me think of my Danish grandmother. 'Interior' by Vilhelm Hammershøi painted in 1901.

I think this the perfect mix of old and new...

Just love this bouquet with grey...

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Anna Friel in Vanity Fair...

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I can't help feeling an absolute twinge of patriotism with this engagement announcement this week and by the way Kate - love the Issa dress! Perfect choice. This does, in some way,  make me feel happy and hopeful and pleased to be British.

Have a restful, chilled-out weekend...


  1. Hi Louise,
    First of all, we all question if everything in the garden is lovely from time to's natural, but you are thinking along the right lines and just go with the flow. As we all know, life has many facets which makes us question things....but, that's good. Enough philosophizing.
    I am soooo excited about Will and Kate or, should it be William and Katherine now ? I LOVE a royal wedding. I was very pregnant with our daughter when Charles and Diana were married(she was born a few days after) and I remember laying on the sofa with my feet up watching every minute of it and loving seeing the fashion and the pomp and ceremony of it all. It is one of the things that this country does so well.....and, isn't Kate beautiful ? She is going to make a stunning bride..... and, thanks for the beautiful images this morning.
    Have a great weekend. XXXX

  2. I've followed the news about this engament, I can guess how english people can feel excited!!! Kate is wonderful she will be an awesome bride and princess...I can't wait to see their weddings. It will be a huge feast for everyone in England!

    Wish you a happy w.e. Lou!

  3. I'm so pleased this week is done. We've been pretty sick here and seem to be coming to the end of it now. All social events were cancelled, including a lovely dinner I had planned at home this evening with 6 friends coming! Anyhow, a restful weekend will do us just fine.
    I too felt the patriotic spirit rising on the announcement of William & Kate's engagement. They look so happy. And I too loved her dress. And lovely to see Diana's engagement ring again.
    Wishing you a good weekend.

  4. Oh I hope you have some quite moments in your weekend.

    Thank you for the link. I just adore the images you chose. The girls in their tutu's and the painting by Vilhelm Hammershøi....just wonderful.

    I was excited that William has asked Kate to marry him...about time :) They seem so well suited, and she looked so beautiful and happy.


  5. thank you for your lovely little words in their sweet...i so enjoyed making them for your bambinos...they will have them forever...xx

    i just drew a breath with that beautiful image of mother & daughter...that dress...that hat...that mothers look...

    i too, live through my daughters ballet...all things pink & lovely...& traditional....

    & kate...that hair!!
    we are planning the australian seafood bbq in the garden for all our british village friends for the big day already!

    have a lovely weekend...enjoy the *nothing*...
    melissa xx

  6. I love all the images you chose. especially Lady Di. I love Kate too. she looks beautiful! have a lovely weekend!

  7. I think it is just wonderful news about Prince William and Kate Middleton....and I hate that lots of people have made mean-spirited comments about them. I think they are well-suited, are great friends and I feel sure they will be a great match for each other. I love a Royal Wedding....and Prince William deserves happy times for sure.

    I love that photo of Princess Diana....just stunning, you can really see Prince William can't you.....she looks lovely (and happy) in that shot.

    Loving all your images this week my friend.....I owe you an email, next week.....!!

    Happy Week-end Lou xx

    PS I had a package from Melissa too, even my husband commented on the bunting....and bunting is one of those things he doesn't even understand LOL!!

  8. I am absolutely in love with the image of the Mother and daughter in the hat...I can't stop staring at it!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend!

    ps I know what you mean about the short days...I was in my cozy pj's the other day at 4:30 pm.


  9. Lady Di really was stunning, wasn't she? Kate is gorgeous as well, and that ring! I can imagine the pride you must feel about the royal is actually felt around the world, which is interesting, isn't it? Beautiful, and so exciting.

    I know what you mean about the's hard to turn your mind off to the questions sometimes. Mine is constantly churning. It's not necessarily a bad thing, and yet it would be good to be able to just let go and be happy without having to work at it all the time.

    Enjoy a dark and cozy weekend. :-)

  10. Happy weekend Lou! I too think about what it is all about from time to time. I rather like thinking about it though because it gives you the chance to reflect and think about what you have to be greatful about and so many times it's countless things. and then once the wondering and reflecting is done you can sit back and enjoy the ride. Your blog portrays you as a very happy and content person :-)

    I am so happy and excited about William and kates engagement. They are the ultimate royal couple. So beautiful together.

    I hope you have the best of weekends Lou :-) see youu on Monday! Xxx

  11. Such a gorgeous collection of images. So beautiful and soft. I found it relaxing to scroll down enjoying each one and your accompanying thought.

    Yay re your lovely package!! It is so lovely to receive a lovely parcel.

    Have a lovely weekend xox

  12. Good morning Beautiful! Wonderful pictures as always... your package from Miss Sew and Sew sounds lovely.. I can't believe I've only just discovered her blog.. beautiful! I was really pleased about Prince William and Kate too.. nice to have some good news and see a couple in love. After everything he went through losing his mum he deserves so much happiness. And on a more shallow note, I want her hair! She kind of reminds me of you you know! xxx

  13. I can't wait to watch their wedding. I hope they have a lifetime of happiness.


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