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posted on: Friday, 26 November 2010

On more or less the first day of my University life I met a group of girls and an enduring set of friendships emerged. Now, some 18 years later, we try to meet up when life allows a gap of time, once a year to catch up. This weekend is that gap. We are down on our number by one; E who has had a baby in recent weeks and so is in the bubble of new motherhood. She will be sorely missed! The rest of us make the pilgrimage tomorrow to our University town of Bristol. The agenda: lunch, chat, walk, chat, shop, chat, dinner chat. I am limbering up for a marathon chat! Nothing like old friends. When I started University my Dad had bought me a new coat with a fur collar and so even in those student days of sparse living; I still loved my luxe look! My girls will remember will fondness my 'beaver coat' (faux of course) so this post features some fur loving, in memorium of that!

I did an experiment this week of working from home all week, I did not leave my house except to do the school run. My conclusion: rather odd. I am solitary soul much of the time, happy with my own thoughts, but going into the office is some human contact that I like and need. The weather has turned seriously cold so as I sat ay my desk at home, I was accompanied by a hot water bottle - OK so there are some advantages of home-working!

Had a parent's evening with Boo's teachers; turns out the girl is abit of a star! I always secretly knew (hoped) for this but to have it confirmed in droves is nothing short of wonderful. Seems her future is brighter than even we imagined. And guess what? The girl is a writer...

Kate, Cate and Uma in Vanity Fair

Despite its connotations I love fur; just looks so stylish to me. I love her whole outfit.

via pretty girl tumblr
Our wedding anniversary is coming up - I love a winter wedding. I knew beyond all doubt that I wanted to get married in the the chestnuts on the table here...

via 100 Layer Cake

Whilst on the winter wedding topic - love this ice queen look. I was only 25 when I married so was not quite brave enough to sport this. If it were now I would so go to town on the whole thing, as if I was in Narnia...

via Dust Jacket Attic

An iconic Tiffanys ad...and some more here at Haute Design...

Alexa Chung - too cool for school.

The Maxmara cube - my obsession continues...

Beautiful roses and a fur stole...

Have a lovely, happy weekend...


  1. Lovely images. Have a wonderful time on your girlfriend getaway.

  2. Lovely Friday photos. Alexa's hat is gorgeous - wish I could pull that look off! I do have a fur hat just like that one though, just waiting for it to be cold enough to wear.
    My son had an outstanding school report last week. So proud of him.
    Enjoy your reunion in Bristol. I'm off to Cologne for the Christmas markets with a group of friends. So looking forward to a few glasses of gluhwein to keep us warm!

  3. You have included an amazing photo of my fave 3 actresses - I never saw that photo, just brilliant. And the luxy lady you admire, me too!

    We must have been at uni at about the same time. My mum took me coat shopping too - but I went to Flip in Covent Garden and got a vintage double layer canvas and cord number, quite tomboyish but I loved it and wore it in the freezing Yorkshire winters. Thanks for bringing back the memories, I hadn't thought about that coat for years! Have a fun, maybe snowy weekend.x

  4. lovely photos

  5. What an fabulousness is this post:-)))*

    Beyond great photoselection and admire your style,my dear friend from this Magic Blogland World!!!

    Oh,my...this photo of Natalia Vodyanova in white is breathtaking:-)*

    Wish you wonderful weekend,
    Much Love,

  6. what a lovely way to start my Friday - such a great collection of images - love, love, love the Max Mara coat! Have a fab weekend :)

  7. Beautiful photos. I really love the one with the fur collar coat. I had a parent teacher conference too and we received only praises for our little star. You must be so proud.

  8. Just beautiful my lovely friend! I love that coat with the fur collar and indeed the whole look - don't tell me you were that chic at Uni?! Although it wouldn't surprise me.. elegance is in the genes! Hope you have a wonderful weekend with the girls and so thrilled to hear that your girl is doing so well.. it makes you heart want to burst with pride doesn't it? She's gonna take after her mum! xxx

  9. Best wishes for a fab weekend all these pics and am adoring the leopard hat!

    Jeanne xx

    PS...I for one am not surprised that your daughter takes after you :)

  10. well hello gorgeous gal....

    a few thoughts:

    oh my alexa...cate...kate & uma...seriously elegantly cool!!

    we were child brides you & i together {i was sshhh 24!}-don't let our girls know that!

    we had our big girls first HS parent teacher & like you- we had ridiculous smiles all round...when you kids turn out doing more {academically & creatively} that you could ever have hoped for it makes you proud!!

    love the chestnuts....what a wonderful reminder of your special time of year...happy anniversary sweetie....

    melissa xox
    PS thanks for my lovely glad you love the stockings xx

  11. That first picture is fabulous. What a joy it must be to hear about your daughter doing so well- I am so looking forward to school days with my boys! And of course she's a writer...sounds like she takes after her mum in many ways...

    I work from home a couple days a week, and that's a good balance. I love eliminating the commute, being able to eat out of my own fridge for lunch, and getting things done without's awesome. But I recognize that doing it every day would be hard. The human interaction is a very important part of my working days as well.

  12. Brilliant and wonderful news about the Boo! Proud mamma moment for sure. Can so relate. x

    Stunning parade of random beauty.

    xx Charlotta


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