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posted on: Monday, 22 November 2010

I wish I had looked like this on the school run this morning. But no, I was in running tights ready to get back into the running regime. When I don't run for a week it makes me if something is not right; which is strange given I spent 32 years of my life never having run. Lesson learned? It's never too late to take something up!

...fur mittens from Copenhagen Cycle Chic...

A strange but rather nice weekend. Strange due to thought-provoking activities, like going to the swankiest dinner party I have ever attended in one of the most beautiful houses I have ever been in. You know something is different on the glamour quotient when the staff greet you at the door and not the hosts; they were inside being elegant and wonderful. Had a rather special evening...needless to say.

...a glamourous view...

I have come to the conclusion that no one in my house is even remotely as tidy as me and this can cause friction at weekends. It also contributes to the requirement to spend most of Monday re-grouping my house. I have this to say: 'Meh'. As reported in the Sunday Times, this word (if you can call it that) covers almost all of life's observations; so 'Meh' to that.

I am developing a strong desire to go to Cape Cod. I think Cape Cod and me, we might work really well. We have started lusting over the incredible beach houses you can rent there. I have never been but get the distinct impression I would love it. I want to go to Marth'a Vineyard. Any thoughts?

...a place to sit...
The Christmas shopathon has started in earnest; me and my laptop have been in overload, click buy, click buy. My postman and I are going to be good friends by the time December 24th arrives...'tis the season....

Oh and a P.S. pop over and vote for Lou, Boos and Shoes here; it's in the top right corner of their page. I'm bashful, but it would be nice to get through the first round :-)


  1. Love these images! Sounds like a fabulous evening! How fun. I love any excuse to dress up and play! Hope you have a lovely rest of the week xox

  2. You've got my vote. "Meh" certainly captures it, doesn't it? Love it. You would no doubt enjoy Cape Cod. Lovely beaches, quaint towns, lots of adirondack chairs in which to lounge and relax... I actually haven't been to Martha's Vineyard, but I've heard it's very nice. And my mailman is already regularly bringing packages - as you said, 'tis the season!

  3. Cape Cod....oh, yes please!! I've never been but absolutely know it's me :)

    Love that photo of Natalie Wood, isn't she beautiful?

    I am the tidiest one in my house too and yes, my Monday consists of putting things back together after the week-end, ugh....something it feels like the Forth Bridge, once you have finished, you just start right over again!!

    I am thinking Christmas shopping too....I've done some....trouble is it's been mostly for me LOL!!

    Happy Monday Gorgeous :) xx

    PS Your "Misty morning" comment made me smile because when I posted it, I thought of how different your view is to mine! So funny - and yet not - that you should think of that too xx

  4. Gosh I wish I'd looked that good this morning on the school run. I do have some gorgeous grey sheepskin mittens, so thats a start!

    Sounds a wonderful evening out - how the other half live and all that!

    My Christmas shopping is coming on leaps and bounds now and I love all the parcels that will be arriving for wrapping over the coming weeks. So looking forward to Christmas time this year.

  5. Cape Cod really lives up to it's reputation. we went on vacation there this past summer and fell in love with the place... It's when I first started blogging and there was just so much inspiration. You should definitely book a trip there. You won't be disappointed!

  6. cape shopping on line...a seriously elegant & gorgeous party...

    miss.lou it is a perfect holiday season-is it not!

    you is ever as organised & tidy as we would like...i try to see it as creative chaos...{i know it's still just mess with a cooler name!!}

    enjoy sweet....

    melissa xxx

  7. First of all, I have voted for you,
    secondly, I am already on very chatty terms with our postman, who has been delivering many, many parcels from my stint of click/buy, click/buy !!
    Cape Cod - YES.
    and, your party at the weekend sounded fantastic. ....a little more glamorous than our weekend of clearing out a dresser then going to the cinema to see 'Another Year'. Great film but a little depressing !!
    Have a great week Louise. XXXX

  8. I have the same Monday house-sort! Teenage boy sleepovers are the worst!
    Belinda x

  9. P.S. Having gorgeous young girls modelling as mothers in glossies is just not fair!!!

  10. I have voted for you!

    Oh that the dinner party sounded so exciting. So glamorous.

    I think Cape Cod would be fabulous, keep looking.

    Good luck with all that click/buy what fun.

  11. oh man, i wish i looked like that this morning, too. instead it was wet hair and a pair of pants i scooped up off the floor! oops!

    p.s. come to cape cod! i have family there, it's beautiful.

  12. just discovered you blog. i can tell i'm going to be stalking you and spending a lot of time here :) beautiful photos and wonderful writing.

  13. I just read some of your posts and clicked on the 'husbands and hotels' post and then clicked on the link to the hotel. My BFF is moving to London with her husband's company and they went this weekend to check out the area...they stayed at the same place! What a small world.

  14. You should totally go to Martha's Vineyard - you will love it. Or nantucket or Chatham - they are all fabulous places.

    I just found your blog and I absolutely love it. I am your newest follower.

  15. I'm coming over from Simone, after voting for you, of course. Cape Cod is unlike anywhere else on earth & to totally "get it" one must be from Massachusetts. Alas, most of us aren't. It is a very different kind of beautiful, cool evenings, the fish places, the total relaxation of simple, casual living. I adore Nantucket, but it's so so so crowded in summer. Your blog is as beautiful as Simone, my precious friend, has said. xx's

  16. Louuuuu, your weekend sounds brilliant! How amazing does that dinner party sound! And cape cod would be awesome, I definitely want to go there one time in my life. Right now I'm looking at where to go in summer time haha a little too early maybe?
    Lou, everyone is loving your blog you should be proud of yourself :-) I'm just going to head over and vote for you! Xxx

  17. God.. I'm a bit of a neat freak (in some ways and not in others) - I think I would get so irritated if no one did their share! Good on you for just saying meh! x

  18. Congratulations Gorgeous.. I voted! And I'll meet you in Martha's Vineyard, its a place I've always wanted to go to. And whilst we're there, I promise not to say Meh once.. because I do say it quite a lot! xxx


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