I knew it when...

posted on: Monday, 29 November 2010

I knew it had been a long time between visits when everyone had changed their hair style and length and I didn't even know.

I knew it was a great extended lunch when the restaurant staff politely asked us to leave so they could set up for evening service.

I knew it was special when it was minus degrees outside and we were cosy and replete inside, with great food, wine and company.

I knew it was a rather quirky venue as I sat watching people swim in the open air Lido as I devoured my delicious meal.

I knew we'd grown up together when all the references made absolute sense; nothing was too obscure.

I knew there was that profound feeling that one of the group were missing when we all talked of her and referenced her all afternoon, as if she were there with us. Next year - we will have all 6.

I knew there were best intentions of spending time Christmas shopping but instead the day got talked away so that when we emerged, all the shops were shutting for the night.

I know they are my best of friends, when I had to take a brave gulp as I started the drive home after saying goodbye.

Garance and co, courtesy of The Sartorialist
I had a super time returning to my University town of Bristol for a girl's reunion. I found it quite surreal stepping back in time to my student days; something about that city that despite changing dramatically in the last decade and a half, it remains frozen in time for me somewhere around 1993. We went to coolest restaurant for lunch called the Lido which had an old-style Victorian natural water pool outside nestled amongst the city houses. And we talked. And talked. And talked.

So here is the deal with the Best Blog of 2010; I got to the second round! Whoooooop whoooop!

Thank you! 

However it seems that with each new round, new votes are needed - you got to really love my blog to go back and keep voting! There is some pretty tough competition (much bigger blogs with many more followers), so well, here's the thing: vote if you can, but I feel kinda funny asking again and again.

Yet the competitive part of me says VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! Meh - OK now I am done!

Go on, click here, do it...you know it will only take a second!

And so, now to Monday...time to get back to the real world, as December starts in earnest this week, time to get the advent calendars (with glitter, of course) out and start the glorious count down...

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  1. What a fantastic weekend you had catching up with your girlfriends ... I know what you mean when you get together with friends you havent seen in a while ... its like you've never been apart!
    Lido looks like a lot of fun and I love that vintage-y pool area.
    I voted for you!
    Good luck

  2. Sounds great, Lou. Old friends are the best.

  3. Oh that sounds the best of days! So wonderful that you have stayed together and so close too, really is lovely.

    Off to vote,

  4. Sounds like a great weekend you had. I love that white kitchen image and I am voting for you again. No worries ...

    Have a great Monday!

  5. What a great time ~ I love getting together with old friends and playing catch up and playing "remember when". I had dinner with 3 of my closest girls from high school just last week ~ we always have the best time. Happy Monday! xo

  6. Hi Louise,
    First of all, I have voted so the best of luck and I know that you will do well.
    Isn't it wonderful, having lunch and reminising with old friends. I still see two friends that I was at infants with !! One, I see regularly and the other I see a few times a year but we are never at a loss for words. I can't see you ever losing touch with your University friends. Our son and daughter see their uni friends all the time and the friends that they had at school.
    I love the look of that restaurant with the outdoor pool. What an oasis in the middle of the city.
    Has the snow reached you yet ? It has missed me in Hertfordshire so far but, I think that we will have some by the end of the week. I love it. ....it's just a shame that it brings havoc to the roads.
    Keep warm and enjoy your Christmas
    preparations. XXXX

  7. Ah time with old friends, and good food and wine. Wonderful. Plenty of time for Christmas shopping!
    I voted and I shall vote again now!

  8. Got a massive smile on my face...I'm guessing the real photo of us didn't quite cut it?! Always useful to see the eyes of your models when they smile!.x

    Love you loads; here's to more talk in 2011.

    L X

  9. You are such a great writer! You wrote those feelings perfectly, I know exactly what you're talking about! Glad you had such a wonderful weekend :) I'm going to go vote for you right now :)

  10. Did it!
    PS: Slightly envious on your weekend. I miss my girlfriends!

  11. I LOVED reading this....so get what you mean. My oldest friends are my Uni friends - and there are 6 of us too!

    We have so many shared references, things that make us laugh every single time we meet up (that no one else finds funny!). And there's something about friends that knew you as a single girl, pre marriage and pre children.....who know all the embarrassing moments and love you anyway....and know all the stuff there is to know. Shared experiences....and understanding that just is.

    Your week-end sounded wonderful, what a treat!

    Yay for reaching The Second Round....doesn't that call for a new dress?! ;) I've voted of course :) xx

  12. Oh, I love the Christmas picture - especially that it says Merry Christmas in Danish:-)

  13. Hi again - thanks for your sweet comment on my blog - I never have been able to decide whether I should respond to comments on my own blog or go to people's blog and respond there - so now I will do both:-D Here we go...

    Yes me too - I actually thought about putting my copy of Plath's book in one of my bell jars, photograph it and post it as well:-) Your dissertation sounds very interesting!

  14. Louiseeeee!
    your weekend sounds so perfect. your friends sound absolutely gorgeous and like you are the perfect little group.
    Congratulations on getting to the second round! that is absolutely amazing! and not to worry about the other blogs with more followers - sometimes i think some blogs have wayy too many followers than they deserve haha if you know what i mean. you + your blog are just perfect so i think you will be sweet :)
    have a great week my blog friend xx

  15. Dear Lou, your weekend sounds gorgeous. It's lovely to have long lunches like that with friends. I'm sure you'll sort out the Christmas shopping another time.

    Please post a picture of yourself, it would be lovely to put a name to a face rather than see a pic of Garance.

    Do you have any snow yet? I'm lying bed with the blind up just in case it starts. I'm such a big kid! Have a fab week xx

  16. Sounds like a perfect girlfriend weekend...I love those so much!!

    I am off to vote for you in the second round!! Congrats and Good Luck! xxoo :)

  17. Congratulations on the 2nd round! You SO deserve it!

    What a wonderful reunion capture. I felt emotional reading it. So wonderful to be around long term friends. Sounds like the perfect day!

    x Charlotta

  18. AMAZING post, Lou! It is things like this that make me love the soft and sentimental nature of your blog! This is why I am a daily reader.

    Aren't reunions the best?! The nostalgia and comfort they bring are amazing.

    xo M

  19. Sounds like a great weekend!

  20. My lovely friend... your weekend with the girls sounds amazing and I loved reading your account of it. I voted again for you and will put a shout out on Twitter for vote for you. Am keeping fingers crossed for you! I LOVED your email by the way - thank you so much. I smiled loads whilst reading it! And yay!! 1st December tomorrow... cant wait! xxx

  21. Lou...what a wonderful reunion! Congratulations on your vote...this is so so exciting and I have just voted..and I will do it again and again as you so so deserve this :)

    Jeanne xx


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