Hi, hello, it's me...

posted on: Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Hi, hello, it's me. Just wanted to say what a nice day it is today. Things I have learned as of today:

Doing all the laundry that one can possibly do in a day does make me feel better.
I have lots of very sweet and kind friends in blog land, amongst them here and here.
I have some pretty special friends in the real world too.
I will see 4 of my oldest friends this weekend, when I return to my University city for a much-needed reunion. Literally containing my excitement....
Hello to my newest followers (love that term!) Follow me...
I am meant to be working so I am going to go do that now...
Meanwhile here's Keira looking radiant as ever just to help us through our Tuesday...


  1. Congratulations on the nomination! Well deserved this is one of my fav places to visit xox

  2. Very very happy to vote for you Lou!
    Sounds like you have such an exciting weekend ahead...and i could learn lessons from your laundry marathon! xx

  3. My pleasure Lou. Have a wonderful weekend, a good excuse for a lovely dress and gorgeous shoes!!!


  4. Keira looks gorgeous, wow! Long hair suits her as well, grrrr!! Beautiful photo.

    Laundry does feel good....at least when it's all completed....I know I am really on top of things when I have a pile of ironing and no washing at to do! It doesn't often happen :)

    Have a lovely day :) xx

  5. Radiant... I hardly remember how to spell that. My skin got so dry from the sudden cold that has come over us. Have a lovely day! x

  6. Have just discovered your lovely blog, via Simone, congratulations on the nomination. Great picture of Keira but am coveting the picture of Natalie Wood, gorgeous.

  7. The bottom of the laundry basket is a foreign land in my house, occasionally visited about twice a year!

    You just got my vote.

    Have a really fun weekend! x

  8. Hey sweetie. So how was your weekend get together with a few old friends? I hope you had a wonderful weekend. =)

  9. Congratulations on the nomination...I voted! Cheers!

  10. Sounds like a very fun weekend coming up! Congrats on your nomination! xxoo :)

  11. have a wonderful weekend with all those girls...
    you have soo many of us supporters & lovers of your blog....
    lots of votes & counting sweetie!!!!

    melissa xx

  12. Hi! Just poping in to say, thank you for the heads up on the best blog award (didn't know about it) and you have a lovely blog here! Nice to peek into your world!


  13. Did it, done. Can we return to vote again?


  14. I just voted for you. I hope it all goes very successfully for you!

  15. Lou,

    You are the sweetest. There is something about your sincerity that I just crave in my daily readings. I am off to vote for your blog award. You deserve it!
    xo M

  16. kiera can do no wrong. have a great holiday!


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