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posted on: Friday, 29 October 2010

Today Boo is doing her first ever horse riding competition. It's dressage which means she has to have the outfit. This is so me. It's all about the outfit. With plaited hair and a velvet hat, riding jacket and fresh new jodphurs I will send her off. I am just about to bust with pride and if she comes home with a rosette, all the better.

And so to a general wondering; in the words of Robert Frost:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I -  
I took the one less traveled by.
Do you think it's better to take the road less travelled? I refer to career choices, when a 'career' was not meant to be the priority for me, it's hard to tell whether to take a leap or to stay safe and known. I need your counsel...

Palest blue's Nutcracker ballet season coming up...

Let the madness begin; every year, my lusting after a very luxe MaxMara Cube coat, complete with collars and cuffs.

This amazingly pretty image was taken by my good friend Natasha from 'She Left on a Monday'...from her first wedding shoot; the lawyer-come-fledgling-photographer...

If only...Valentino studded shoes...YUM.

via The Sartorialist
I have dressage on the brain...I don't ride horses, but how exquisite is this?

by Mario Testino for Vogue

via tinywhitedaisies
Love her posture...and the halloween legs!

These are my 'I got new boots' friend N said they make her think of Nanny Mcphee and my friend D says they make her think of Mary Poppins...thoughts please?!! I love 'em.

by Belle and Boo

Watching re-runs of SATC, I found an episode I had never seen; where she dances with 'The Russian' in an Oscar de la Renta dress in Macdonalds. Inspired...

Keira in vintage print.

Sumptuousness from Elie Saab...

I think it might be a great weekend...


  1. Louise!! wow i am so jealous of your little boo! i wish i could have learnt to horse ride when i was littler.
    how fun is it finding a SATC ep you havent seen. i sit there in shock thinking "how the hell did this one escape me". that episode where she dances with the russian in maccas is awesome isnt it.
    I loveddd you comment on my blog from the other day. I am so the same! I would definiately want to be your buddy too (and same with me, not meaning it in a stalker-esque way haha)
    I hope you have a lovely weekend :) xxx

  2. Wow.

    And as for the career thing, I've not figured it out for myself but the best advice I got was to write out your priorities (they can include, family, the community, making a difference, love, dresses or anything else) and then thinking which ones you get from outside work and which one impact on your work choices.

    For me I'm realising that my career is slipping down my agenda like a stone and family seems to be making a run for the top, but these decisions are deeply personal. As always.

    Love the pictures today, beautiful as always.

  3. Oh, wishing Boo all the very best for her competition today, I'm sure that she will do brilliantly! (and looks fabulous to boot ;).

    As for the career road less travelled ... well ... once you are on a particular path, it seems so very difficult to change. I hope to make the leap someday but for now the job pays the Scary Mortgage, so ...

    Have a lovely weekend. xx

    PS. Thanks for featuring my photo :)

  4. Dear Lou, I was horse mad and had them from six until sixteen when my dad decided I was far more interested in boys! I empathise about getting all the right clothes as I was exactly the same... the outfit had to be perfect! Navy jacket, navy velvet hat from Lock and Co, cream or ivory (never white) jodphurs and stock, fancy tie pin and very dark brown jodphur boots.

    I love that picture of Kate Moss. I have the entire shoot saved in a folder as I love it so much. The Maxmara coat is gorgeous! I don't normally go for anything puffa like but that is in a different class. I'm also loving Keira's leopard print suit.

    Have a lovely Halloween weekend xx

  5. Hello!
    The boots are Carvela? right?
    I love them, nearly purchased them in white no so long ago...

  6. such a beautiful selection of images Lou. have a lovely weekend and have a great time with Boo at the competition! xo

  7. Good Luck to little Boo. Maybe you already did it, but I'd write a list of all the pros and cons, wishes and desirves and see what looks best and which way the cookie crumbles. Maybe then you can feel clearer about your career.
    And lovely photos today Lou. Particularly love the MaxMara coat, the brown lab and the drawing of the girl and bunny. And those boots - super cool.

  8. Hello Gorgeous!!

    Loving this Friday post.....that first post of Kate, that shade of blue is stunning.

    Loving Keira's shoes :)

    Those Valentino shoes aren't really my cup of tea....but I know all the best dressed feet were wearing them in Paris, they do look fabulous.

    And Carrie and The Russian...they were good together in SATC while it lasted - altho of course she should never have gone to Paris with him!

    I hope that Boo loved the dressage today...what a lovely childhood your children have.

    Work issues.....eep! A tricky one, I am sure you are going over and over the pros and cons....we must talk more about that....

    I hope that Mr LouBoo has returned from Paris and that you are enjoying your Friday evening.

    Happy Week-end my friend xoxo

  9. Gorgeous collection of images! I hope the dressage went well!

    Interesting question, I admire people that can follow their dreams rather than follow the safe path.

    I am following the safe path, but it is not a very satisfying one. Maybe one day I will be brave enough to take the other... xox

  10. not sure what it is about backstage at the theatre/ballet but the discarded outfits make great photos. love the one you have used here.
    great blog. x

  11. How lovely... so my little just had her first riding competition last week as well...also dressage. I LOVED it (a few pics on my blog). I'm sure you're Boo will do great. Love all of these images and those boots and the boots you posted the other day are so killer. I would love to get some like that because nobody here has anything like that! Enjoy you're weekend and all things horses!
    xo Trina


    adore the maxmara coat & the whole concept of dressage...the sleepy pup &* those* boots....

    some pieces just beg for comment- & those will get them....long legs would pull those off perfectly!

    good luck to your beautiful girl...i bet you are one very proud mama...
    i'm feeling it from here....

    melissa xx

  13. Hello Halloweenie tights :) Everything in this post is just precious Lou! Hope your Halloween holiday is fabulous too, You deserve it after all the stress from work. Love! xo

  14. gorgeous images. and take the leap, it's worth it!

  15. I think this is a great weekend -- in fact, the most incredible weekend that I have had in a long, long time. I feel so blessed.

    I hope Boo's competition went extremely well -- she is lucky to have such support and encouragement with her dreams. I hope/but am sure, that you will receive the same when it comes to your own -- go for it -- and remember, if it's meant to be, you will know :)


  16. Love this post so much!! Where is the black mermaid dress from? It's gorgeous!


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