Things of beauty...

posted on: Friday, 15 October 2010

Thankfully Friday. This week was a week of the new job (his, not mine), economy-driving, batch-cooking, homework-doing. My children break up for two week's half term today so I am planning some entertainment and some down time. I predict walks on the beach, hot chocolate in cafes and a fair amount of TV/Nintendo thrown in for good measure! I am in a 'make do and mend' phase and have had lots of old clothes dry-cleaned; I am pretending they are new...

Thank you for some lovely comments this's heartening that you all 'get' the fine line... :-)

Marion Cotillard via Coffee and Cognac
Tree-lined loveliness...

by Olivia Graham
Alexa Chung looking positively sultry...when does she ever look anything else?

Country Living

Still love this dress...the belt...the bag...inspired.

My friend E's rabbit has had a litter of eleven babies! Eeek...but lovely.

Love this 'Bonnie and Clyde' look...

A Gorgeous palette in wool...

Lavender, stripes and a whicker bag...

I think this model, Cintia Dicker is just stunning.

via Brown eyed Belle
JFK with his daughter - such an iconic Kennedy profile.

This is my friend Rhiannon who writes Hey Gorgeous and I hope she won't mind me showing of the coolest honeymoon shots ever. How happy and beautiful does she look?  Just married and with the BIGGEST smile :-)

via Hey Gorgeous
Enjoy the weekend...!


  1. NO matter how many times I scroll through your posts of pictures.. I get relaxed, inspired, and engulfed in the beautiful-ness! :) Each picture makes me feel something different and i just love it! Hope you have a wonderful weekend <3 and definitely make sure to squeeze in some Nintendo :) hehe


  2. One more week to go here until half term (known as the Herfst Vacantie - Autumn vacation). Pretty much planning the same as you, with a sports club day in the middle to break things up. I shall go easier on the Nintendo and Wii time restrictions as well !!

    Lovely photos. My wicker bag like that one fell apart last year. I loved it so much and now need a replacement in time for next summer. We've been thinking about a rabbit for my son's b/day. A friend's rabbit is due to give birth any day, so maybe we will get a new family pet soon. Although I'm sure it will be me that does all the cleaning of the hutch etc and the kiddos will do all the cuddling and cooing!

    Happy weekending!

  3. So many beautiful things. Making do isn't so bad sometimes, is it? I just did the seasonal clothes-swap, pulling out all my sweaters and other cold-weather clothes. Almost feels like shopping. Almost. Have a great weekend!

  4. Brilliant Lou...I will take the Country Living necklace and Alexa Chung's... the french market basket and that big chest of makes me want to knit!

    Thanks for your lovely comments this week and yes Mr. H is still strutting like a proud peacock. You made his day..probably his life now that I think of it :))

    Enjoy your weekend...I am going to imagine you with all of the gorgeous photos above...I hope you have a perfect weekend Lou xxx


  5. Ah, it is Friday and your post lets me breath a sigh of relief. I am LOVING the freckles, bunnies, and tree lined streets.

    Have a Wonderful weekend, Louise!

    xo M

  6. I LOVE the array of images you end the week with, always. New things to be inspired by, to appreciate or just to admire. Thank you for sharing these!

    I hope you have an enjoyable and relaxing weekend, my lovely friend,


  7. these images are all so lovely~ I hope you enjoy your time with the kids!

  8. hope you had a lovely weekend lou. i havent had a weekend at home in such a long time. hoping to do some cooking and cleaning and decluttering this coming weekend xo

  9. I am in the same make-do-and-mend mode. FOund moths larvaes (eeewww) in the closet and carried basically everything to the dry cleaners.

    PS: Walks on the beach and hot chocolate sound lovely!

  10. How beautiful is your friend! I just love that shot of Alexa, she really has IT!

    Good luck with the hol's....

  11. Awe Lou!! I had wrote a comment on here and for some reason called you SIMONE. I am getting my two fave bloggers overseas mixed up!! But I was skimming through your blog posts and I came across this post, you are so sweet and I am entirely lucky to call you my friend!! Thank you for brightening my day!! Happy New Year my friend, I love you!! xoxoxo