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posted on: Monday, 18 October 2010

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Even though I try really hard (honest I do), I get seduced by the contents of the Toast catalogue every single season.

Is it strange/wrong that the prospect of two week's entertaining my children on my own unnerves me?

I like to wrap birthday presents in brown paper and raffia string.

There are moments when chatting with my best of friends that I realise...yep, she really does know me inside out. Those moments are the best...

Details matter to me; I notice things like ribbons, buttons and zips; if they are not quality I can't buy the item.

My wardrobe veers dramatically between classic preppy and quirky bohemian.

I have a sneaking suspicion I generally manage to get any conversation back to something that is relevant to something that has happened to me. Does that secretly mean that I think my life experience is the most validated kind and look for it in everyone else?

Given the choice I would always choose vegetables over meat, yet am not vegetarian - is this a missed opportunity?

Words like compote, gingham, mellowed, hessian please me. Does this mean I aspire to live in cabin in the woods making jam?

I conduct elaborate arguments in my mind for and against things - constantly weighing up each side of everything, be it whether I should buy that dress (usually yes), to whether I make my kids eat enough healthy food (usually no).

Does it make me a cliche that I walk in to the newly opened Cath Kidston shop in my hometown and genuinely think I could find a use for a union jack pin cushion - even though I can't sew!

Cath Kidston
Rock and roll lifestyle? I love hot water bottles, log fires, pressed sheets, candlelight on Sundays, early nights when it's raining outside.

I often I the only one like me?

all images bar one from Toast


  1. Extended days alone with the kiddos gets me worried too. Especially when the Huzz is away at a weekend and the kiddos wake at 7am and I see the whole day before me!! Yikes.
    Brown paper and string are lovely for pressies.
    I have a pile of lovely material waiting for me to get a sewing machine so I can make something lovely - but I don't sew either.

    You are not alone Lou, don't worry. x

  2. I love the toast cataloge! I don't even know how my own style would be catagorized seriously! No idea! :) I know what I'd like it to become though!
    Have fun entertaining those kids! I am sure it won't be that bad!

  3. Your worries and weaknesses sound disturbingly similar to mine! I love brown string and raffia to such a degree I made it part of my business and please never put hessian and compote in the same sentence again, a girl might melt over her keyboard!

    I think I fail in the classic preppy league completely and have had enough of the great C.K. these days, but everything else - count me in, you are def not alone! And I'm bringing it all back to me - see- EEKK!!!

    Sweet post that has me thinking...

  4. No Lou you are not the only one! This was so funny and it's great that you can see all these things clearly....I can certainly see me in some of these, so much so that I was smiling to myself as I read it.

  5. Some of the things you write about ring true with me too!!

    Have fun with your kids - time slips by very fast!

    xxoo :)

  6. You are not the only one ~ I find myself agreeing with you and nodding my head. I do love meat though and pasta and dessert.... oh dear ~ listen to me! I just wrapped a wedding gift in brown paper and raffia and the bride loved it! Have a wonderful week!

  7. Dear Lou, I do love the pieces but I never think their stuff suits me. I did buy a beautiful long black silk velvet dressing gown from them ten years ago and it's still going strong.

    You made me laugh about the pin cushion! I can't sew either but I love it. Hope you're good xx

  8. You are funny, I know just what you mean no, it's not just you!!

    Toast doesn't suit me/fit me in the way I wish it would.....every time I ask someone in the playground where they bought a particularly gorgeous item though, they always reply "Toast!"

    I love classic preppy, it is me, I can't help it or deny it. I love a Preppy Boy/Man too....not that I have one but you know.... ;)

    Love how we both used the word "preppy" on our blogs today LOL!

    We love hot water bottles in our to make one right now :) xx

  9. Well, you are certainly the only one of you, and yet you can see that there are lots of us that think the same way about so many things. Not strange at all that two weeks alone with the kids is daunting. I feel the same way about vegetables, and I find myself often serving meat to my husband and sons and not putting any on my own plate. I do enjoy the occasional steak, though, so going completely vegetarian wouldn't feel right, I don't think. I did it for five years and decided that moderation feels better for me. And I love the comment about elaborate arguments. We're women, and especially for moms, I think that's just the way our minds work. I have a constant argument going on in my head about one thing or the other. Have a happy week!

  10. Lou! I love this :) I love everything about it. You are just so wise aren't you? And you are the best version of you but there may be others like you!! I too wrap pressies in brown paper and raffia string hehe and I also love buttons and zippers and love good quality stuff. Maybe this is why we are such good buddies hehe chat soon gorgeous xoxox

  11. Lou, your last statement takes my breath away. Rainy nights and log fires. I just die for nights like these. You are not the only one ... and you say it so gracefully.

    xo M

  12. Love your little random thoughts - I relate to all.

  13. Hi Cupcake. I posted a little bit of love for you today on my blog:) I have to say that your description of how you manage to wind the conversation back to you is something I do always and that horrifies make it sound ok and I love you for that!

  14. This stream of random {purposeful} thoughts was brilliant and so clearly thought-provoking since I found myself nodding "yes" to almost every line.

  15. you're such a wonderful writer and such a sweet person lou! i'm suuure there's only one you ;)


  16. these are all the reasons i visit you each day....

    a combination of lovliness...

    melissa xx

  17. YOU are fabulous! This post completely made me smile... you are not strange in the least, but very insightful. Some people are unable to pinpoint certain feelings they have, or learn certain things about themselves.


  18. I will take ironed sheets over a rock and roll lifestyle anytime. You are not alone!!

  19. Two weeks 'flying solo' would unnerve me too. You are so not alone - I loved reading your thoughts and found like 'Mel' I was nodding yes to all of them.


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