So many things of beauty...

posted on: Friday, 22 October 2010

A week of unexpected things. A week that I thought would be tough was easy. Life is taking on an autumnal rhythm now. My son and I went to the beach for a beach hut picnic. So deserted now that the tourists have left and the beach is restored to a place for dog-walkers and people looking for the freshest of air. We wondered through the sand dunes whilst he chattered away, as only five year old boys do, about nothing, about something; whatever happened to enter his little head. Just so lovely; one of those moments that I much more aware of now as daily he grows older and wiser. One time in the future when he is a surly teenager I will remember times like that walk on the beach.

Meanwhile, I have been thinking a lot about clothes (no change) and hair (off to hairdresser tomorrow), the blocked drains and empty oil tank associated with our old, old house. In between the constant half term commentary of the Boos, this is what floats in and out of my mind.

And finally to blogging. I still question why I blog and what it all means (so typical me; just let it go Lou). I look back on posts and see parts of myself that I have shared and the lovely comments I get and it's all completely and utterly validating. This can only be a good thing so I continue...always on the look out for the perfect image or mulling over thoughts in my head that might just expand into a blog post. Who'd have thought?!

I have some many lovely pictures to share today - sometimes I have to hem myself in as there's just too much beauty!

by Elizabeth Messina

Still and always my favourite; Arne Jacobsen chairs, best when paired old and new.

via sweetiepie

Simple and perfect...

Charlize Theron, so beautiful.

Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson (he'll always be Pacey Witter in 'Dawson's Creek' to me!) Steppin' out.

It's hot chocolate and marshmallow season...

The elusive perfect pony tail...I covet this...

What a view. I would like to sit on this porch, on my Adirondack chair, glass of wine in reach, husking corn on the cob for dinner!

Country Living

Here's to Friday Fabulousness!


  1. Oh don't hem yourself in Lou - there can never be too much loveliness!
    And I know what you mean about those special moments with your little ones. They are priceless indeed. xx

  2. Glad to hear your week turned out OK. Funny, we were prepared for a tough year and it's been alright! The quote is (as always) so appropriate. Enjoy your little boy while you can and keep blogging xx

  3. I loveeee your things of beauty. The day you spent at the beach with your son sounds so perfect
    That photo of Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson is so beautiful haha and i am the same with you, he will always be Pacey for me.
    hope you have a wonderful day xx

  4. Love Joshua and Diane. Gorgeous. Hope you have a great weekend!!

  5. gorgeous friday thoughts...little ones chattering on...walking deserted beaches...THAT perfect ponytail...that lace sleeve...
    have a lovely weekend....with more thoughts of beauty than the maintenance of old houses...
    melissa xx

  6. Gorgeous pictures, and I love the image of you and your boy on the beach. We do have to really appreciate and let those simple sweet moments sink in while we can - they're always growing and changing. Glad you're having a good week!

  7. Beautiful images today Lou - you always manage to put into pictures how I feel in my head. Love that image of JJ and DK.... beautiful! And he'll always be Pacey Witter in my heart! So glad you've come to The Online Stylist for your Christmas party dress... I'll be proud to help such a stylish gorgeous lady! xxx

  8. I wish you a wonderful weekend! Thanks for sharing such amazing photos...very beautiful!


  9. Dear Lou, it's great to blog. It's a wonderful community, I love it.

    You've posted some lovely images. Who are the couple in the last picture? I wondered if it was you at first as I've never seen you. I'd love to put a name to a face. Have a fabulous weekend xx

  10. I just love your things of beauty posts! They are alwasy so simple and beautiful, and I love that you capture everything from a beautiful face to a piece of fabric.

    Have a fabulous weekend, Lou!

  11. Walking on the beach when the tourists are gone always gives me kind of a nostalgic feeling. I hear Don Henley's beautiful Boys of summer in my head, and start longing for the next season when the sun worshippers will be back and the happy, carefree atmosphere that comes with it all...

    Lovely images in this post, I especially like the one of DK and JJ. Talk about picture perfect!

    Have a great weekend! :)

  12. Please do keep blogging, Lou! I love the thoughts and images you share. Something or things always strikes a cord in me for the better.

    He'll always be Pacey to me, too. hehe

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  13. Hair? I can relate :) Ach, and that ponytail... LOVELY! x

  14. Always something lovely to see here Lou.

  15. Sounds like a wonderful week, lovely that it has felt so easy. We are just starting our hols, hope mine feels like that too :)

    Gorgeous images...Diane Kruger was amazing in that pink dress, it's so beautiful.

    Loving your blog as always....and well done you on 200+ followers....yay!!!

    Have a lovely week-end xx

  16. Hi Lou - just to tell you that finally I got around to doing the meme 'Getting to Know You' that you sent me a few weeks back. Also, forgot to mention in my last comment that I love that ponytail. I have very short hair so its impossible for me, but I'm determined my little Ruby will have long hair and I shall aspire to get it to look like this beautiful style one day!

  17. So much goodness, where do I begin!? I want a polka dot dress and a cute belt :)

    Have a great weekend!

  18. If it seems like work then take a break ~ I vowed to look at blogging this way Lou as I do not need any more commitments! I find it hard getting around and reading everyone else, then I get to feeling guilty! I love your images and your stories. xo

  19. So wonderful! I love these moments and how special they are to you -- you will treasure them always :) Everything within this post is lovely, and I so want that blue and white polka dot dress with the belt -- love it! Have a wonderful weekend, my friend,


  20. Those moments with your little one sound so beautiful...thanks for sharing.

    I just love the images you have chosen, the neckline on Blake is gorgeous and how beautiful is the last b&w.

  21. Hi Lou,
    Thanks for visiting my blog :) I can imagine how chatty and sweet your boy is at his age.

    Love these images, so many nice ones, but I especially love those red shoes! xo