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posted on: Wednesday, 20 October 2010

I feel remarkably chilled, despite the current status of things. Husband's new job = away from home. It's a two week half term (did I mention?) and I have very little planned for my charges. In response, I made a cassoulet...just off the cuff (OK, Jamie Oliver helped abit) and I shucked some broad beans. Shucked is such an underused word don't you think?

...majestic pumpkin via Everything Fabulous...
Boo has dental issues; seriously the amount of time we spend at the dentist, he must think I have some sort of dental M√ľnchausens. I don't by the way, but my poor children are subjected to daily brushing rituals in my attempt to undo where I went wrong. Never, ever enough flossing.

My house this time of year takes on it's right and proper personality. In the mornings when I get up before everyone else, I go downstairs and have come to habitually skip the fourth step as it has a creak that will surely wake every other member of the household. And as the nights draw in now at 6.30pm, it triggers me to start cooking in a way I never do in the summer months. The wind whistles down the chimney funnel to the ancient Rayburn cooker in a way that reminds me; winter is coming.

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The kids and I have looked in every nook of the house to find lost pennies and we are having them counted and converted into pounds today. This constitutes holiday activity for my kids...and pocket money for spending. We are off to IKEA for a Swedish meatball lunch and maybe a bit of retail.

Each day, dressing decisions for me are whittled down to jeans, boots, leggings (why did I never discover leggings til now, at the ripe age of 36? They have rocked my world).

I am liking these home times...


  1. sounds like a heavenly half term for you and the boos...melissa xx

  2. I have 3 little ones (5 in total) so I can understand the constant dental visits among others.

    I recently came to love leggings again...I wore them so much pregnant I swore I'd never put on another pair. But as fashion dictates along with comfort and ease I have found a new appreciation for them!

    Happy Wednesday!


  3. Ikea and meatballs are on my list too for the half term next week! Yay! Leggings are great aren't they - I'm enjoying them so much more this time around that years back. Huzz hates them though - just like he hates my ballet flats, which I love! Hoe Hum!
    Your house sounds cosy and warm for this time of year. I'm looking forward to winter evenings with a roaring log fire and glass of red wine in hand, watching good movies.

  4. I know, leggings are awesome! but I am happy that our weather is starting to warm up so I can pack them away soon ...

    Hope you're well :) Sorry I haven't been around much lately. xx

  5. Lou,

    I am right there with you on the leggings front. I adore then and really need to find proper skirts to make them work. We just changed our sheets to flannel and and the heater is one. Let winter begin. :)

  6. Awe- I wish I was 36 :) and to know all you know!? Fab Darling.
    Leggings- yay!
    stirrup pants making a comeback -boo.

  7. Dear Lou, I'm very impressed with the cassoulet. I don't think I've ever managed to use the word shucked! xx

  8. Lovely post! First off, I adore the meatballs, potatoes and cranberry sauce at Ikea -- sometimes, I skip by after a full day of meetings. I love that the food is warm and delicious!

    Second, winter certainly is on the way. I woke up the other morning to fog and a chill that can only mean it's just around the corner. Love the way you described how much you love this time of year...



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