posted on: Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Something work-related has made me so cross I find myself wandering around my house in a grump, thinking grrrrrrrr.... This is one of the few issues with being part time. This constant splitting of my attention; it never feels quite sufficient in either home or work camp. Even on days off my laptop is there, glowing away with new additions to my inbox; it's the gift that keeps on giving. When things blow up at work it's generally on the days I don't work, so there is always this feeling of catch-up involved. Like I dropped the ball, except I didn't! I need to work on being more clear about what I think and what I want and then maybe these grrrrrrr feelings will go away!

So I think - 'whatever' - there is more to life, such as these lovely images and this: an awesome invite seen on Pinterest which really spoke to me given that I have in the distant past endured that long distance relationship thing...

...scrumptious pie..
...the softest of pillows...
...running away together...

...a nice cuppa tea...

...and some freshly picked roses...
What could be better?!


  1. Such a brilliant wedding invitation, I just love it! Great story too :)

    Sorry about the work related issues.....grrrr indeed :( Definitely one of the downsides of working part-time, I do remember those days.


  2. I always love that looking at the prettiest of photos can brighten up any mood and I loveee that wedding invitation, its so original.
    Hope the work related issues get sorted out :( but your right there is more to life :) xxx

  3. That invite is just the best! Beautiful.

    Mmm that does sound like a lesson in frustration at times re work.
    xoxo DJ

  4. I totally understand the grrrr feelings. Thank goodness we're able to find loveliness in the world to help us get over them. I ADORE this invitation. It sounds pretty familiar to me too. My husband and I met at the office. I asked him out. We had beers after work. Then we began the long-distance thing (him in San Francisco, me in Boston) for a year until he finally moved in with me. The paths we all take are so fun and interesting. Hope your week gets better!

  5. Aw I hate that feeling! When I get that I can't shake it!! WIth time, it will pass. And hopefully these pretty images help :) Good luck, we all think you're wonderful!

  6. hey friend! i hope you are feeling better today! i hate that feeling but try not to let it get to you! easier said then done, i know! you always find the prettiest pictures! i love them! and thanks for the sweet comment you left the other day! it made me smile! xo

  7. Ahh I just love that wedding invite! SO sweet and it really made me smile.

    I hope that things improve for you at work and that you have gotten over your grrs :) Work is very much the cause of the majority of my grrs these days so I sympathise *hug*

  8. love that invitation... very clever! sending good vibes your way for things to get better!

  9. Oh Wow! That is awesome and so sweet. I am going to pass it on to my oldest darling who has enetered into her fist long distance relationship .
    Thanks Sweet Louise. You are the best and you brighten our path often... I hope your bleary work thing passes fast.
    Hugs from San Francisco to you.

  10. What a fantastic wedding invitation - love it! I used to have that feeling when I was part time. I think they got more out of you but you never feel like you're actually giving enough. Frustrating! Get that Grrr out of your system and go and stroke your winter boot collection! xxx

  11. OK, that wedding invitation was the best...ever.

  12. I really hope you feel better, Lou, work stress is awful. I TOTALLY get you. That wedding invitation is the coolest thing ever, love it! XX!

  13. That wedding invitation is just brilliant, it actually made me well up a little! Might have to steal the idea if I ever get married one day...

    Thanks for the follow and I hope your grrr feelings are much better now!

    Olivia xx

  14. oh loulou- balancing it all does make you stomp around the house *grrr-ing* alot!
    i completely know that feeling....picking up on things that blew up when you weren't there....*catching up* - as you say...

    take a walk...clear your head....create boundaries my friend...

    melissa xx


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