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posted on: Friday, 24 September 2010

So I am getting into the swing of things now...I always have to build in mental adjustment time to any life change. My husband has six weeks of no work; he is in-between jobs. Still contractually bound to one place before he starts at the next. So they call it 'gardening leave'. I have to say our garden is not looking an awful lot different and it's now week three, but we have frequented lots of local eateries for impromptu lunches, the golf club and he are becoming reacquainted and our kids have had more Daddy time since when he was on paternity leave.

You know how mothers carry around an enormous encyclopedic of knowledge and information about their kids; at the drop of hat, shoe sizes, after-school clubs, kit requirements, reading books, best friends, likes/dislikes and everything on the way? For the record size 2 and 10, football, gymnastics and choir, swim kit on Fridays, hockey socks and gum shield recently added, 'Pippy Longstocking' and 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea', I could go on. I find that I carry this with me all the time, writing myself notes, remembering the conflicting drop off times, the netball matches, the play dates. Now though, this burden is shared with their Daddy.  Hey, this is what it's like to co parent 50/50!

Meanwhile as we tripped around our town like tourists the other day, whilst the kids were at school, it felt just lovely. That loveliness topped off I am afraid to say, by boot shopping...yes I think I found this year's perfect pair from Russell and Bromley! Hurrah.

And so for Friday prettiness...and sincerest congratulations to my long distance friend Rhiannon who is getting married to her beau today :-)

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A Mulberry moment...

Danish simplicity from Georg Jensen...

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Isn't this the most beautiful shot?

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By Meg Perotti
Tory Burch flats...want, want, want...but bank balance won't allow...

A stunning retrospective of New York Fashion Week found here...

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I have booked tickets to take Boo to the ballet at is tradition!

Sienna in her jeans...

I am running alot at the moment, and loving it. Honestly that post-running feeling of happiness is wonderful...

This is for my friend in The Netherlands. She has the capacity to calm me in almost any situation...and sent me a 'keep calm and carry on' package in the post! Her and I should always consider that:

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  1. Hang in there, Lou. You've been on my mind as I have been up to my eyeballs in more chaos than I care to share on le blog.

    Hope you treat yourself to those boots.


  2. I've often heard friends say how unsettling it can be when their partner is at home for a long period (when they normally work). Maybe for retirement, in-between jobs etc. I think we often get used to our own schedules and busy days that it can feel strange to have someone else by your side again. Sounds like you two are dealing with it very nicely with the lunches and boot shopping together!

    The b/w photos of NY fashion week are lovely, as are the Tory Burch flats. And of course Sienna Miller looks so lovely and relaxed in these photos - I think they are for her Ad campaign for Hugo Boss Orange perfume?

    I will be away all next week in Scotland, and so I'm drawing up the list of everything that is normally in my head regarding school, sports, gym bags, play dates, pick-up times, etc for Huzz to deal with for Luca (whilst he's trying to work at the same time). And to top it all, Luca has decided he wants to perform on the 'open mic' evening at school and now needs to practice a song and dance routine, which Huzz needs to deal with as well next week. Good luck Huzz!!

    Enjoy the weekend.

  3. your descriptions of *motherhood* are always perfect...& it seems will soon be shared whilst wearing the *perfect* pair of boots {at last!}...

    divine images...
    & christmas ballet booked at this end too...
    love traditions...

    have a lovely weekend...

    melissa xx

  4. Ah yes... all those things that we mums keep in out heads that we just do without thinking - just one of the many topics covered on our coffee meet-up! Enjoy it while it lasts sweetie! Love those boots.. and Tory Burch flats.. surprise surprise! Gorgeous pics today Lou, especially Siena Miller. And we are twins from another life - I love Georg Jensen jewellery! Have a fantastic weekend xxx

  5. Ooooooh such gorgeousness, just lovely :)

    I spotted the photo of the girl in the off the shoulder top the other day and it totally made me think of you, so graceful and feminine :)

    I am not great with flats but those are the second Tory Burch flats I have seen and loved this week.

    It is funny how much information about our children we carry around with us, yes. My husband could not tell you my children's shoe sizes if you offered him dinner with Penelope Cruz, hard though he might try ;)

    How lovely that you are having lunches and simple - and shopping - time together with your husband. I have a friend whose husband was on gardening leave for almost a year last year, it was wonderful for her and their three boys. And they now have a little girl too, it changed all their lives!!

    Enjoy the autumnal weather, snuggle up and have a lovely week-end xoxo

  6. Stunning post! I love hearing of your family adventures. It makes me so excited to be a mom one day.

    Have a great weekend, Lou. You deserve it!
    xo M

  7. I always wondered how much gardening went on in gardening leave.
    Happy weekend to you x

  8. sounds like a lovely day and you have some wonderful images to go with it. The top one is to die for. Carla

  9. *sigh* Sounds like the perfect way to just purely have fun! I love reading all of your posts -- so often you make me smile or literally laugh out loud, and sometimes, really leave me thinking. (actually that is always)


  10. Who is the white dress with the v-neck made by.....its just a gorgeous photo!


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