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posted on: Monday, 20 September 2010

The new season of clothing possibilities continues...along with some serious shoe lusting...

...love these shoes...

I was just perusing net-a-porter (it's just no good what one morning coffee with a fashionista does for you!) and saw these Jimmy Choos (below). I have thought about them all weekend. On many levels. Is it just wrong that a pair of shoes cost over 550 notes? What can they be made of that justifies that price? It's the design, the name, the delicacy. It must be something. I am in love with them. But they can not be mine. This love will remain unrequited...but they would be so perfect with a dress I have...

Meanwhile boots...the quest goes on and I shall doubtless search every online nook and cranny for the perfect pair of winter boots. This happens every year; I go through this process and can never quite find the perfect pair. I have them in my mind...but my exacting standards are never completely met. Maybe I need to go into boot production?

My boot and shoe yearnings stem from this woman:

Giovanna Battaglia

Giovanna Battaglia - I have expressed my awe of her before. OK so she is the Fashion Director of Italian Vogue, OK so she has this amazing put-together but not too matchy look and OK yes, those chameleon features. I have never seen a bad outfit on her. I love her look. But must she keep on tempting me? Her footwear...utterly evocative of that i-want-it-now feeling.

Going shopping... ;-)


  1. Please let me know Lou if you find the perfect boots. I've been on a fruitless quest all winter, and now it's spring again, and still no new boots. I love shopping for winter clothes. Maybe I should forget about summer clothes this year, and skip straight to next autumn/winter with you! As for that stylish Giovanna, nothing would look bad on her!

  2. Its very funny you mentioned Giovanna Battaglia, i was just reading an article on her a second ago. And how dangerous is net-a-porter! i visit it daily - it torture's me!

  3. She certainly looks a whole lot nicer than the editor of French Vogue... I saw a picture of her at the NYC fashion show and my mind boggles, that such a stylish nation, takes advice from someone that quite frankly, looked like I do after a bad day with the kids! But, I guess I've never really got the whole 'high' fashion malarkey! Have a good Monday. Lx

  4. Oh Giovanna Battaglia is just...Fabulous. She is so stylish it looks like she just threw on what was nearest and voila.

  5. oh giovanna is one gloriously stylish woman...she's italian -it's in her blood!

    and with your long legs i can see why you'd covet those b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l jimmy choos!

    hope you had a lovely weekend...keep hunting!

    melissa xxx

  6. I too am on an eternal search for the perfect boot, and I fear this year is no exception! Please let me know if you find them...

  7. Love GB's boots and the 2nd sandals - gorgeous.

    Come to NL for your boots! We have the world's largest supply I'm sure!

    I fancy myself some ankle boots this year. My cousin, over at Mimi Grace blog has tempted me with a pair of Ugg ones.


    And those JC's - Oo la la! Gorgeous!

  8. Looking away now, I am addicted to shoes and this post is making me want no needdddd to find a pair of those shoes!

  9. The (affordable) perfect boot with heel and the perfect leather jacket, always elude me, let me know if you find them pretty pleeeeese!x

  10. Oh my goodness, I totally love, love, love those black swirly tie up heels!!!! Stunning! What a total fashionista she is, beautiful from head to toe! Good luck w/your shopping! xoxo Beth

  11. Lou, is there anything more wonderful than taking in beautiful shoes?
    I could inhale them.
    So many stores, so many shoes and such big feet! Bummer...I am also tall so high heels can be a bit daunting. Mr. H is 6'3" so I am lucky in that.

    Boots are another thing...I think you can never have enough. If I could live in boots all year long I would. High heels....bring'em on!

    My most perplexing drama of the moment is to decide which boots best suit a full day walking around the city. They must be comfortable and look good...so many options...so many stores and again those big feet!

    Lovely images here...your Giovanna is all glamour and elegance!

    Best wishes for a wonderful week Lou...

    Jeanne xx

  12. She is definitely one of the most fabulous (not to mention really gorgeous) women in the fashion industry. I LOVE how she looks always put together but never boring!

    I have just spend about a month combing the web for the perfect boots: a slightly slouchy leather motorcycle boot that's not too butch and has some cool details, and is - most of all - affordable. I looked everywhere. My taste is way too expensive for my own good.

  13. GORGEOUS shoe choices Lou....LOVE them :)

    And Giovanna is SOOOOO stylish....that green dress is beautiful.

    The hunt for the perfect boots is a real challenge, I totally agree - I have taken to stopping people in the street and asking sometimes where they bought something. Too often it turns out they bought it in a small island the other side of the world or their mother bought it in the 1960s!!! LOL! A mum at school has the most beautiful pair of long boots in a dark green leather - just perfect! Perfect heel, leather beautifully aged - I so want to steal them! She knows that, I did confess :)

    Happy shopping my friend! xoxo

  14. LOU YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME!!! Those shoes?! Are they for real?! I need a pair of each in size seven please and thank you :) Love you and miss you lots xoxo Check in with you later gorgeous!!

  15. oh I know, I love those shoes too... but they cannot be mine either... sigh... love your blog. I'll follow you! xo

  16. Life's short. Buy the choo's.xxx

  17. Hi Louise - just had to stop back by. My husband hasn't made his decision yet - hopefully it will be decided and done this week. All the uncertainty is no fun. I think he can't go wrong, but he is really struggling with the decision, and I don't know how to help other than to listen and talk with him. It's definitely heavy on our minds, but I've been hesitant to talk about it on my own blog, because I know some of his coworkers read my blog. Anyway, sweet of you to remember and to ask about it. Once a path is chosen, I'll definitely be able to write about the reason to celebrate!

  18. I love G too! I love that she's not too perfectly put together and her hair and make up isn't always so perfect. Makes me feel like a human!

    Love the Choos. I have seen some inspired copies though if that helps


  19. Ahem... were you referring to me there young lady?? I picked up those shoes in nude in the Westfield Jimmy Choo store at the weekend... and then put them down really quickly! Giovanna is stunning - I love her style.. thanks for bringing her onto my radar! I tell you - I saw a gazillion women like her in London on Monday. I could have seriously started at them from behind my sunnies all day. Actually... I did a little bit! xxx

  20. Dear Simone, Giovanna, she has amazing style. My favourite shot is the camel, leopard print and red bag one. Great combination. Are the pictures from the Sartorialist or Tommy Ton? They're great.

    I'm looking for boots too as I can only afford one pair. It's really hard. I think I might go for a pair of knee high wedges. Hope you're good xx


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