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posted on: Monday, 30 August 2010

I saw this post on the sweetest, gentlest blog Everyday Musings with snapshots of Olivia-Rae's charming home. Made me want to do the same...little soupcons of where I live to see what the overall view looked and felt like.

Our house is a good house; I always love returning to it after time away. It has a strong feel to it, being old and solid, it's sure of itself. We bought it six years now and over time it has become our own. Some parts of it are so very, very old, I must admit I try not to think about the people who must have lived and died here since the 16th century! But it's filled with a mix of possessions, gathered over years, that make it our home. Living in a farmhouse did force me to adjust my minimalist sensibilities and embrace the 'country' look.

Anyone who reads the blog Simple Thoughts will also understand the 'white' thing...Paige's house is the most lovely example of a simple, white, uncluttered place.  Honestly, it makes me want to white-wash my entire house.

I look at these snapshots from my home and see - my colours, just like my blog incidentally, are cream and grey and blue...

The ancient but trustworthy vintage Rayburn cooker in our kitchen.
Knotty ceiling beams in the oldest part of the house.
Time for tea?
The weeping willow tree outside.

My favourite reading chair.
The view from our bedroom window; this season's crop is sweetcorn, to be harvested any day now.
A sailboat; a gift for my husband.
Liberty print chairs in the kitchen.

Danish coloured milk glass.
Grey drawers.
Radio waves.
Wooden soldiers in Boo 2's room.

French ticking roman blinds.
Boo's Doll's House.
Iron bed scroll and my dressing table.
Farmhouse stairway.

What would your snapshots be of? I'm curious now...


  1. I think I could easily come home to your house too! We have been living in a house that is not ours for the past 6 years, I'm waiting to get into ours and make it our own. I love your palette, very easy to live in and your aga -ahh. Always dreamed of one, but really would not use one in Sydney. Aww - My daughter has the same doll's house.
    Have a fab week.

  2. Its looks so restful I love your rayburn I love my aga too they are the heart of the home xx

  3. How amazing it must be Lou to have parts of your home which are so very old. I'm sure that's why houses become homes, and they do develop a sense of sureness. I love your little vignettes - they make me want to look around our home with fresh eyes too!
    P.S of course I will post my giveaway to your part of the world should your lovely name come out of the hat!! xx

  4. What lovely images! I love the way you've captured those small details that make a home. I think I'm a bit superstitious when it comes to thinking of who might have lived (and died) in my 17th century home too.
    We have an aga as well, Rayburns and Agas are just so lovely to cook with. I grew up in Australia where my mum always pined for one, so I can also relate to Carmel's predicament.

  5. your house looks gorgeous and it has so many inspiring little details...now i know where all your grogeous posts stem from! =)


  6. I love these glimpses of your home...such history in those walls. I especially love the willow tree. A friend is about to have a baby and her name is going to be Willow.

  7. Loving this peek inside your home ~ it is all in the little things ~ you know as they tend to mean the most.

  8. Love this. Little glimpses that give you an overall feel for the place. Yours "feels" lovely. Our house is old by US standards (1850s), and I love houses that have a history. I think each family leaves a little love behind. My favorite part of your house? That old ceiling beam - great character.

  9. Aww, What a great idea for a post. I love the little peeks inside! I will do the same on Crush Party soon and link back. Would be fun if lots of Bloggers did the same and linked to all the links in the posts that inspired...Such a fun idea! Now I gotta find the time to go take the pics AND get my kids off to college! First things first...

  10. Gorgeous sneak snapshots into your beautiful home Lou! How are you?? Looking forward to our meet up in Sept... not long now. We may be in Autumn layers if this weather keeps up! xxx

  11. lovely- fresh- all the colours i thought you would surround yourself with...
    blog & life...it's all connected!

    i feel all inspired to take a few more little *views* around this old country house...farm house type buildings do make you live a certain way...very different for us from our open plan beach house on the coast in sydney...

    melissa xx

  12. Lou, can I say I lllllove each corner and snap of your home!?!?! Cream and grey are very elegant, best choice!

    Hugs, Zaira xx

  13. Sigh... It looks like you have a beautiful home.

  14. I agree with the others - looks like you have a beautiful home, so together. I think my snapshots would be much more of a mishmash at the moment!

  15. Your house looks lovely. Great colour schemes and little touches. I love to come home to my place too. I've been thinking about doing a little home tour too. Once the house a little more organised after school holidays (2 more days to go, and counting!).


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