Things of beauty...the return

posted on: Friday, 27 August 2010

I wake to another cloudy, rainy day here...did I miss something or did October arrive without me noticing? Seriously. To go from the arid heat of Portugal to this? My suntan is well and truly under wraps. I know I am weather-obsessed but really - can you sense my disappointment? I think I must embrace it; think Sunday roasts and Ugg boots and windfall from our apples trees (which by the way are literally aching under the weight of apples this year).

Post holiday blues? Ummm not me...well, not completely. Missing that light and breeziness. I came home and was so relaxed I forgot all of my work-related passwords. Really. So I can't get into my laptop, let alone work. It's strangely liberating ;-)

I am sensing the kids need to go back to school soon; that feral element is setting in! We have a quiet weekend planned; it's a bank holiday so that means family time...

Meanwhile some prettiness...there is after all, so much of it in the world.

Really must try my hardest to hang on to this sentiment!

Whenever I get into post-holiday planning mood, my thoughts turn to Florida, which still represents my ideal family holiday, having spent so much time there as a child. Seashell love...

Ribboned wreath...just simple and gorgeous...

Icy blonde...

Late summer croquet with my favourite Adirondack chairs. I was just meant to spend summer in the Hamptons...

Country Living
Are floaty dresses really over for another year?

via Vintage Home
I have white-washed longing...

And while we are here I adore this retro-print skirt on Zooey Deschanel...

Royal Copenhagen blues...

Palm tree heaven and brogues...unlikely combination!

Blue and white crispness. Doesn't this look so inviting and clear?

via it's mary ruffle
Must stop thinking of sandy beaches...time to move on...

Clear the decks...

Just one more...'Promenade at Skagen' by Danish artist Peter Severin Kroyer in 1893.


  1. Im not ready for Uggs yet! sigh! Beautiful photos!!

  2. Love that cream Smeg fridge and that kitchen.....all great pretties....Wlecome back Lou.

  3. That's lots of loveliness in just one post Lou. Welcome back.


  4. very pretty. Lots of beauty there, it must brighten up your rainy day!

  5. There are some really lovely pictures here! I really love the miniature metal house hanging off what I think is a branch, beautiful!

  6. Kirsetn and Zoey look gorgeous.
    Know what you mean about autumn arriving early. We've had inches of rain these past 2 days and its chilly and damp - yuck! I'm already thinking about soups for lunch!
    Ahhhh Florida - one of my very favourite places. Where did you spend your time there as a child? We go every year to the Gulf Coast - Indian Rocks. Love it.

  7. i lovve having you back...ugg boots & all xxxx

  8. Lou,

    I am loving Kirsten Dunst there. So young and beautiful. There is such an innocence to young and fit skin. I am nearing my 30s and have been upset about the dark spots invading my face. I am off to get a facial tomorrow and hopefully they will have some miracle treatment.

    Ok, enough about me. I also love that quote. Simplicity is key, yet so hard to maintain.

    Have a great weekend!

  9. I love these Things of Beauty posts, Lou. I especially love the photo of the woman at the beach (Jennifer Aniston?), it looks so summery. A good indicator of the weather that is to come for us Southern Hemisphereans! (I don't know if that's a word. If it's not, I'm making it one)

    Have a wonderful weekend. x

  10. Dear Lou, lovely to have you back! Portugal looks beautiful, I've never been... I must try and go.

    Beautiful pictures! The icy blonde is the same model in the black and white picture in your side bar that we both love- her name is Hannah Holman and my friend Richard is her agent at Elite NY.

    I love the kitchen with the Smeg fridge - that was the fridge I wanted when I had my kitchen done up. I wanted cream or black. All my appliances are Smeg and are excellent. Sadly the fridge was so much style over design. There's hardly any room in them inside and everything's plastic and falls to bits! I ended up with a very smart black glossy fridge that you can get tons in instead.

    It's very sunny here today so I've put my Ugg's away. Fingers crossed you've brought the sun back with you!

    There's a blog tag for you over at mine, I'd love you to take part. It's always great reading your answers xx

  11. Love, Love, Love that fridge!!! :) . . . liz

  12. I MISSED YOU!!!!!!!

    Hi honey....oh, this post was just what I needed to see on this cold windy morning back home....brrrr!! We had a fab (and very long) holiday but I was happy to come home, it was just right.

    Funny you should mention Florida....I must ask you more about that. My husband's cousin goes every summer and loves it and I was thinking about a trip to America while I was away....already planning the next holiday LOL!

    Can't wait to catch up....mwah! xoxo

  13. Getting back after vacation is hard...going thru a similar adjustment here as well! Lovely images, really enjoyed them.

  14. I've never been a fan of Kirsten Dunst, but that picture of her is stunning.