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posted on: Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Yep, so post-holiday blues are still well and truly with me; summer heat and bikini days seem like a distant memory...so I am resorting to capturing this sort of place (love that sun-bleached wood) in my mind's eye every time it gets too much!

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I turn my thoughts to the home. Home is where the heart is - wanderlust can only last so long. White-washed simplicity.

And I ponder...shouldn't motherhood look like this all the time? Doesn't Kate Hudson look like such good fun? My children, having been in my constant company for weeks and weeks, are now in need of school. Is this me projecting my need for them to be at school or is it actually their need? Hard to say. I am trying to regain some structure in life after the complete free-form that was our holiday. Holiday rules rule...but then real life must return...

Kate Hudson and her gorgeous son
And so the weather turns - almost imperceptibly - to Autumn. Even a sunny day does not have that summer feel any more. Transitional dressing is required...like this...effortlessly chic.

But it's the simple things...a cuppa tea, a quiet moment, a tidy room, the pages of a book, thinking space. I think, in fact I know, that this seasonal change, life changing, adjusting, preparing; it's all good. So despite the changes and their effect on my temperament, my cup is most definitely full. :-)


  1. No post-holiday blues for me....I am quite happy to be home, the holiday was just the right length :)

    I am loving the autumn-y feeling in the air, my favourite season....am dreaming of boots and scarves already!

    Back to school this Thurs for my daughter....and then my son starts in Reception next Thurs....now THAT I am dreading :(

    Enjoy the last few days of the school hols :)


  2. this post is filled with so many positive thoughts and images that they're certainly filling up my cup too! =) lovely post sweetie!

    xo, persis.

  3. You really do have a very lovely attitude to life you know. Acknowledging the not so great bits, but revelling in simple pleasures. It's not a bad recipe :)

  4. Oh Lou. I am seriously blue at the thought of this being the last day of August. I think I'll go crawl under the sheets and take a nap.



  5. i love this post lou....

    beautiful images and your thoughts make me feel ready to take on the change of seasons .....and the school run...

    melissa xx

  6. thank goodness the sun is shining today.....in London........but oh the nights are getting chilli........great pictures!!

  7. Just as your weather winds down, ours is just starting to show glimpses of what is to come: blue skies and sunshine. Winter has been here for too long.

    Enjoy the change of season!

  8. Love that first photo and Kate Hudson looks like she's having a really fun time.
    It was a lovely day today so you never know a lovely late summer might still be ahead of us.

  9. What a fabulous outfit! I love it, if only I looked like this effortlessly! So great to hear from you, Lou, hope your summer is winding up beautifully!

  10. What a beautiful uplifting blog. Lx

  11. Loving this post, Lou. That photo of Kate and her son just melts my heart. How sweet is it?!

    I too am loving whitewash. It was big in the 90s and is coming back. There is just something so clean an lovely about white walls.

    xo M

  12. The weather's warming up here. I have so much to look forward to!

  13. love that photo of kate hudson. she's so fab, whether in jeans with messy hair or strutting it on the red carpet. can't get enough of her!

  14. yes a return to routine is always a good thing for this house of love. Just in time before it becomes a house of ...well...bad.
    I love fall. I really love all it offers. We are sitting in the midst of a heat wave here in San Francisco Bay . I am not a fan of late summer heat. It seems we should be moving on towards crisp mornings, and change.
    I am ready,

  15. Dear Lou, what a lovely post! That view is stunning. All my friends with children are longing for some time to themselves too. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend xx

  16. Wow... that woman's look is so gorgeously understated.. beautiful. SC was so ready to go back to school as I was ready for her to actually go back. Nonetheless when I watched her walk into her new classroom, all grown up, my heart sighed a little bit xxx


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