It must be Friday...

posted on: Friday, 13 August 2010

As keen followers of my lovely sister-in-law's blog you will know that today is all about 'Things of beauty'.  I am very honoured to be writing today's post whilst she is away especially as I have been inactive on the blogging scene for a while.  I hope I do her justice and all the wonderful followers of Lou and her scrummy shoes and trust me.... gorgeous boos! - enjoy the images I load up for today (p.s. I am feeling in a softy, romantic may have gathered?!) of the most beautiful things in life

maybe I should have started with this picture...first comes love 

then comes marriage, I love her bouquet

...bed linen you'd want to wear, look at those ruffles
..Lou will be in her bikini right now...

or perhaps in something more like this

 while I am enlisting the help of mum trying to work out what I am going to wear to Vintage weekend

from one beautiful lady to another...Cameron my idol


  1. gorgeous- and we have heard how wonderful you are nice to meet you...

    have a lovely weekend...

    melissa x

  2. You must have done Lou proud, lovely post. MMxx
    PS: Love the quote.

  3. The bed linen with the ruffles - gorgeous!! Your Friday post will have done Lou proud :)

  4. You have indeed done Lou proud - beautiful. No wonder she sings your praises! I would love to wear that bedspread! xxx

  5. Gorgeous post xx
    I love the Cameron shot and the bouquet

  6. Hellooooooo !!!! Arrrgghhh I am so far away and I wanna give you a big, BIG hug!! Wonderful poignant things of beauty - you did me proud! What a sweetheart! Love it. Lou la belle xxxx

  7. So pretty! I love the pregnancy picture! and the ballerinas picture! so gorgeous!

  8. Gorgeous post!!! Well done you! A family of exceptional taste :)
    jeanne ;)

  9. Stunning post, Lou. You alwasy hit on the softer side of life, and I love that about your blog. That photo of Cameron is amazing. What a sophisticated beauty.

    Have a fantastic week!
    xo M

  10. I absolutely love Cameron Diaz! Can't wait to see her latest movie! And the bouquet is lovely! xo

  11. Well you and your sister are clearly kindred spirits....beautiful post x


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