Dipping in...

posted on: Sunday, 22 August 2010

It's me...Loulabelle! What gorgeous guest posts you've been treated to from my friends and family. I have dipped in every now and then just to peek. But otherwise spending all of my time chilling; don't think I have been this switched off for years and I am loving it.

Drinking rose wine in cafes, watching the world go by...gloriously captured in this image...but errr, no this is not me!

image via Dust Jacket Attic
Making the most of those last days of summer...

via The Sartorialist
Despite the relaxing, a-l-h-o-t has been going on in my little family, exciting times ahead, updates on the way...

Meanwhile missing you... xxx


  1. Hi Gorgeous!
    Beautiful post, glad you safe having wonderful time...am dying to hear your news!!
    Hottest day yet here....phew!
    Have run out of books with a week to go....am off on an emergency book hunt today :)
    Habe fun! xoxo

  2. Hi Lou,
    I can't wait to hear your exciting news!
    Enjoy the rest of your hols.

    Love x x x

  3. Hi Lou - sounds exciting, can't wait to hear more. Hope you are super relaxed and loving life!! Leanne xx

  4. Louise....so nice to see you amongst the blogging set again. Beautiful post as always...gets right to the heart of the matter...slowing down and enjoying life :)

    Few weeks to go till school is back :)
    Look forward to seeing you back online again.

    Jeanne xx

  5. Hi Lou! So nice to see you again, and so happy that you are having a wonderful, relaxing holiday :) Can't wait to hear your updates :)

  6. missing you, but have certainly been enjoying your guests here... have fun, stay safe, and xoxo

  7. Stunning photos. I love the last days of summer one. I can't believe we are already changing seasons again.

    xo M

  8. Looking forward to your return! Enjoy every last second of your time away.

  9. Louise, I hope you are having a lovely holiday. sounds perfection.
    I love coming back onto your blog when i havent been on for ages, always makes me so happy.
    in answer to your question from a while ago...after the snow I am coming back to england! I am so excited :)
    cannot wait to hear your news!

  10. Dear Lou, your holiday sounds wonderful. Have a brilliant rest. Look forward to hearing your news! xx

  11. Enjoy the rest of your break .. I am quite envious .. relax is not a word that I am familiar with xx

  12. Hi Sweetie Pie- My girls go back to school tomorrow so I will be back to blogging and connecting! I have missed your beautiful self.
    Enjoy and savor those last bits of summer. I know I am ,


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