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posted on: Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Hi everyone!

Seems strange to be starting a blog post that way, but given that I am very clearly not Lou, it seemed even more strange to dive right into writing without at least some explanation as to who I am! Anyway, it's Natasha from She Left on a Monday here, with my very first guest post for anybody ever. When Lou first emailed me about the possibility of doing a guest post while she was away, I felt literally ill with nerves, because as you know, Lou has such a wonderful, thoughtful, beautiful blog (much like Lou herself, really!) and I was terrified of the prospect of not doing it justice. After some gentle prodding on Lou's part, I finally said yes, and here I am ... (albeit still freaking out).

Given that Lou is on holidays, I thought it might be appropriate to do a little post about travel and give us all a virtual vacation to boot. I love to travel, and frequently bemoan the fact that my home country of Australia is so ridiculously far away from the places that I love, or would love, to visit. Not only do flights cost a small fortune, said small fortune buys the privilege of being cramped into an economy class seat for almost an entire day and night (give or take a couple of hours) and sharing increasingly grotty facilities with hundreds of other humans (and can I just say, I have never, ever understood how anybody could not wear shoes when using airplane bathrooms. The floor is wet! You don't know what that puddle is! It may not be water! Do you really want to stand on it in your socks? Eep!). Hm. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that I enjoy the destination more than the journey itself (this does not apply to life in general).

To me, there is something so wonderful about being somewhere (anywhere) different - someplace away from everyday life, full of distractions and different streets, places to eat, things to see, languages, sounds ... everything is constantly amazing. And as I love, love photography, being someplace new with my camera is pretty much my idea of bliss. I could walk all day, just taking everything in. And then, of course, there is my Travel Self - me, just ... slightly not me. My Travel Self is more at ease with strangers, will wander halfway across the city without giving her tired, aching feet a second thought, eat gelato several times a day, buy things she probably wouldn't even look at twice back home (holidays are pretty much the only time I inject any sort of variety into my wardrobe or accessories. On my last trip, my Travel Self decided that she looked quite alright in headbands, and returned home with several), and has the ability to just stop ... breathe, and take it all in.

So every time I feel cranky with my job (like today!), I try to remind myself that it at least gives me the means to save up to travel every now and then (and, you know, pay my hideous mortgage), and suddenly it doesn't seem so bad. My Travel Self is always dying to get out, but in the interim I get to keep her (and my everyday self) happy with beautiful photos of different places taken by others who are elsewhere ...

{Paris: Liz Rusby}
{Prague: Tabi**chu}
{Morocco: Mike Mellinger}
{India: Rang Decor}
{Montreal: Irene Suchocki}
{Japan: Saejima}
{Rome: by me!}
{New York: Irene Suchocki}

I have a soft spot for Italy (I love that I am half-Italian - thanks, dad!) - what are your favourite places? Where have you always wanted to go? And, most importantly, am I the only with with a split personality, a Travel Self?? ;)

Thanks for reading!

And Lou - thank you for trusting me with your blog. I hope you had a wonderful holiday! xo


  1. Wow, these photos are absolutely stunning. They make me realize that I need to get to Europe asap. Beautiful post.

    xo M

  2. What a wonderful post! I adore the images and your words make me think. I love the idea of a traveling self. I love how you recognize the differences. I wish I could be as laid back as I am on vacation in real life. I am calm, serene and quietly focused, I am not at all that way at home. Hmmmm something to work on:)
    Lovely Louise entrusted her bit of blog heaven to a very worthy friend:)

  3. Totally loved your post and so relate to it. Really enjoyed it.

    The photo's you have chosen are just gorgeous, so want to take a trip now more than ever.

  4. You did a wonderful job and no need to freak out at all. I loved everything about the post and am so taken by your Rome picture. I would love to visit Rome again...and Paris. And Prague in winter - the picture just put my heart in my throat.


  5. Gorgeous post, and no, you are not alone. I love my travel self. She is spontaneous and relaxed and so much fun! Italy is on top of my list. Ireland. New Zealand. So so many places I haven't been yet. I'm planning a trip to Croatia next summer - you've put me in a planning mood now, so I think I'll get started!

  6. Love reading your thoughts on travelling. I do think I have a Travel self too but it definitely depends on the destination and travelling company as well. :) Favourite places? Well I keep falling in love with places but I love cities. I'd love to return to Paris and I've never been to Rome so that's definitely on my wish list. :) xo

    Ps. Love the photos you have chosen!

  7. italy holds a very dear place in my heart. i actually started my blog to document my travels but now that i'm back home i feel like something's missing whenever i post! other than italy, i really love austria as well

  8. Oh yes. Travel self. I wish she would visit me more often. She's so much more outgoing and confident.

    I've been craving an Africa safari for the last few years. The thought of seeing elephants, zebras, lions, giraffes, hippos, just to mention a few, makes my heart beat faster.

  9. A 'travel self' is such a brilliant way to put things. I think I am the same - just that much more confident when I travel. And I couldn't agree with you more about airplane bathrooms. Uggh. I am always amazed when the very first thing some people do is take off their shoes. Great guest post. Now why were you so nervous?

  10. Natasha my sweet - I always knew you were a dark horse!! ;-) Lovely and thought-provoking post and those photos - absolutely gorgeous. I knew you'd do a fantastic job...I love your blog and how you write and the observations on life. Airplane toilets - I am right there with you!! I am hardly logging on here - far too sunny and chilled for any computer-related business! Thank you thank you. Love it, you are a star. Lou x

  11. Nat, what a great post as always babe!
    I totally love that Japanese photo with the blossom
    and yours from Rome.
    And thanks for introducing Lou's blog to me too :)
    love kat xx


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