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posted on: Friday, 30 July 2010

Here we are again! Seriously these Friday posts come around so quickly, it astounds me. 'Life moves pretty fast' they say. This week, the Boos have been in summer camps which has afforded me a moment or two of pause. I have decided I am in need of some life laundry; as ever I get that distinct feeling that there is too much stuff in my life and I need to edit out, net it down and then regroup.

I posted this week on models and motherhood and bringing up girls and had some inspiring comments and snippets of advice. I love this element of blogging; that tentatively putting your thoughts out there can result in some wonderful responses, some pearls of wisdom that genuinely do help me make sense of things. So thank you... x

Still dwelling on the summer loveliness that we have been having; not for years can I recall a summer where the weather actually plays its role. This weekend, time with family, taking it easy. So some things of beauty along the way...enjoy!

SJP in those Louboutin shoes...'hello lover!'...

Beautiful and simple Bvlgari diamonds...for my friend E.

'A Pink Nude Seated' by Henri Matisse, painted in 1935.

Here's to laundry days with summer breezes, open doors, curtains gently swaying...

via oh you pretty things

SJP in two-tone satin...

I absolutely love this quote which I saw here...I should always pause and consider this advice when things seem trying...

Cycling with beers on-board!

Vintage french ticking linens...

Country Living

I could not resist - for a certain friend of mine, Amanda who loves Molly, best bit in 'Pretty in Pink', when she re-works the prom dress. Just classic 80's...

Sumptuousness in pink...

Gwyneth Paltrow in her Oscar-winning year in a pink dress by Ralph Lauren...

Plum Popsicles...summer fresh...

Country Living

I love this retro style fridge...we have one, but it's about to give up the ghost...

Ruffled, pink loveliness...

Have a lovely glamorous weekend!

by Chris Nicholls


  1. I love the makeup in the last picture..some gorgeous images here.
    I also had a retro fridge, and I killed in. I kill most white goods, so now we have industrial fridges and they are amazing ..only shelves and so easy to clean xx

  2. SJP in the second photo, that dress? Perfection.

    Have a lovely weekend. x

  3. How gorgeous do those plum Popsicles look, and believe me it's not remotely hot here! Enjoyed your thought provoking model post Lou. As the mum of two young girls it worries me hugely. Loved all the thoughtful comments. I'm sure the blogging community could solve many shared problems. Have a lovely weekend. Enjoy that sunshine. xx

  4. Ohh SJP in that two-tone dress! It's so beautiful! Love that quote, too. Beautiful collection as always :) Have a lovely weekend *hug*

  5. Thanks Lou for an inspiring start to my Friday - am just about to jump in the car (to drive to your part of the country actually!) so this was a lovely visual feast to get me on my way...happy weekend x

  6. Lou you spoil me! Molly Ringwauld, SJP, beautiful eye make up and those ice lollies... sigh. I shall close my eyes and picture all of these in moments of stress this weekend! Love your things of beauty posts - they gladden my heart! xxx Have a wonderful weekend xxx Amanda

  7. Perfectly pink pictures for a perfectly wonderful end to the week! Glad the weather is behaving on your side of the world as it is decidedly English like here in Sydney - when you have finished having fun with our weather please send it back as we really are missing it! Have a lovely weekend and I will work on my comments post over the weekend! Leanne xx

  8. Oh so much beauty my friend. I just loved the girl on the bike with the drinks, "I'll be right round"!

    That quote really is a good one...and I so love John Hughes movies.

  9. Hmmmnn which photos did I like many luscious ones. I would say the pink fridge, which would look wonderful in my cottage kitchen. That fabric on the chair which I may copy for my bedroom, and number 1, Molly Ringwald. I love that dress. I think my daughter and I watched pretty in pink 10 times.

  10. Loving all the pink loveliness ~ I think the ruffles are my favorite this morning... Have a wonderful week-end! xo

  11. Oh I just love the beer on the bike - she looks like she's off to start a fabulous weekend, doesn't she? Gorgeous post, as always. Hope your weekend is wonderful! :-)

  12. Totally gorgeous....wonderful pinkness, so pretty, you can never have enough of it!

    I especially love the first and last images, Chris Nicholls takes beautiful photos.

    I've really enjoyed your blog this week, such great always :)

    Happy Week-end! xoxo

  13. My goodness, where do I begin? The picture of the clothesline and the beautiful pink painted wall is making feel a little nostalgic. That image is so lovely. And I loved the entire shoot that SJP did for Vogue. Do you remember the profile shot in the veiled hat? Oh, that was my favorite!

    And I could just sink up in that pretty pink chair!

    Beautiful post, lady! Perfect to start the weekend!

  14. Oh, Louise, that quote...perfect! I so needed that one today! How true! Great've got an artists eye for curation!
    Have a great weekend!
    xoxo Beth

  15. Hi I'm new to your blog and I just love how you share all of the beautiful photos everyday! I definatly have to check by often! Thanks for sharing! love it!


  16. I LOVE that quote, Louise! Isn't it the truth! I am also so happy to see Molly Ringwald on here :)

    Have a fantastic weekend!

  17. SJP is just a dream.....

    pink roses, smegs...& washing lines like these just make me smile..

    melissa x

  18. That chair would not match anything in my house, but I WANT!

  19. Lovely pictures! I want to have that bike, and to be in so many of the images here... so so beautiful / your blog is like a wonderful piece of cake -- so amazing :)

    I hope you have a fantastic weekend + enjoy every bit of Summer,


    p.s thank you so much for all of your sweet comments this week -- you spoil me!

  20. Hey Lou my love :) These images are all so lovely. That pink fridge and the pink Bouts, and then the popsicles and green milk's all so gorgeous and fabulous! Def a nice way to end my 50+ hour work week! I hope you are doing well and I am so sorry I haven't been over here very much this past many things to fill you in on. Glad to hear you have had some free time for yourself too!! We both know how important that is :) Talk soon my friend xoxox

  21. hey friend! i have missed visiting you! i love all the pictures! and i love "pretty in pink"! and all the 80s movies! glad you found some time for you! miss ya! xo

  22. nice shots!! i love how they relate..


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