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posted on: Monday, 19 July 2010

I read an article in UK Vogue many moons ago about Scott Schuman and what he did with his phenomenal blog, The Sartorialist (currently nearing 20,000 followers and counting). At that point in time I had never really considered looking at blogs, had no idea of the breadth and scope of blogging - from photography, to diarists, to crafts, to cooking, to fashionistas, to mothers...honestly I had no idea.

Anyway, I logged on to see what this 'street photographer' did and was literally, instantaneously hooked. I spent that afternoon hitting the 'scroll down' button and looked at every image. It was also around the time Scott Schuman's book was being published; I ordered that too! Maybe it's strange to say, when describing what is ostensibly a fashion/style/outfit blog, but I was moved by the humanness of it. I told all of my friends about it, I made them log on just to see what I had seen. I even wrote to Scott saying that what I had seen had lifted my spirits so much!  Scott wrote back...he said:

Hi there,
Thanks for the thoughtful email.  I'm glad you enjoy the site.
- S

OK so he is a chap of few words, but still!

The thing is - for all that people say that fashion is vacant and unnecessary; that there is deeper meaning in life, that what counts is what is on the inside and not the outside...I say I agree in principle, but then I turn to 'The Sartorialist'. The point I am always grappling with is that what people choose to wear is Important with a capital 'I'. Not every day for sure, sometimes only pyjama days will do. But at least every now and then...

It's not about money as his pictures will attest. It's about style and effort and quirk and different seasons. It's about elegance and appreciation and aesthetics. It's about beauty in all things, not just the conventional. Here are some of my favourites...

If ever there was laid-back summer easy elegance...

This one really caught my eye - love clothes with detail on the back...I like to think she is on the phone, idly wondering whether to purchase that red bra! Yep...I would...

I love how this polka-dot tea dress looks so modern and fresh, especially with the contrast to the 'suits'...

This one is from Sydney, I think she looks so stylish for an office day...

London girls...great picture...and that BAG! It's from here - I had to track it down!

Effortless...and possible for Mummies to emulate!

all images from The Sartorialist


  1. i am heading over to his site now....
    i think you are totally spot on...that how you present yourself to the world is important on two levels....the second being nothing to do with your personal fashion likes...but how you respect yourself enough to want to feel good...
    i loooove that bag- am going to the *sewingroom* to cut out a big one after checking out their sit too....
    hope the sun is shinning on your summer hols..
    melissa x

  2. Yes I'm a fan of his as well. He does such a great job at capturing different people and their personal style. You are right there is a humanness to his photographs.

  3. Gorgeous images Lou, wow! I would love to look half that stylish...something to aim towards for sure! I love them all but really looooove the last one - that orange and that fabulous bag...YUM!!

    He has clearly been hugely successful but something about Mr Schuman irritates the heck out of me....he always looks so smug to me. Oh well, no one is perfect :)

    Happy 1st day of the hols!!! xoxo

  4. I think his photos capture perfectly that it definitely isn't always about the money, but how you put it together. I love the quirkiness to them. Oh to have that effortless style factor.

  5. He's a brilliant photographer, that's for sure.

  6. Lou,

    How do you find these exquisite images every time? Your blog really is such joy.

    xo Marcie

  7. such a fabulous blog that the word "blog" doesn't seem to cover it, does it? endless inspiration, for sure. xoxo

  8. So true! There were so many afternoons I spent with the scroll down button on his site! You found the perfect words for what I'm thinking about fashion. Of course there is a deeper meaning in life but at all I think fashion is a passion and it's fun!
    It's about self-confidence, too. I often need to feel elegance and pretty - clothes can make it.

    Wonderful pictures, he is a grat photographer!

    Wish you the best!

  9. This was so fantastic. He finds the best photos. The woman with the breezy patterned dress and gold sandals really caught my eye. Effortless.

    ps-ebelskiver giveaway should be up shortly. come on by and enter away!


  10. Love The Sartorialist!! He is GOD! And how nice that he bothered to respond. Am sure there are many who wouldn't! xxx

  11. Love all these outfits! And that mermaid bag...that is something amazing!

  12. that sydney office girl got so many comments, but honestly we ALL dress like that to work in australia.

    pencil skirt, blouse and pointy heels. they sell clothes like that at the cheapest of stores!!


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