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posted on: Monday, 28 June 2010

The wedding we attended this weekend was literally just like something out of 'Four Weddings and a Funeral'. Uncannily so. It shows has acutely well-observed that film is as English country weddings do, charmingly,  follow such a form; nervy Vicar, nine hundred year old church, confetti in the summer sun whilst the church bells ring. Even a few quirky aristocratic guests. It really was an idyllic day. Men in morning suits and women in hats, with feathers and many-a-fascinator worn. The white marquee stood on the lawns of the couple's house, pink roses everywhere.

A tangle of pink roses and lady's mantle...

The bride wore an Amanda Wakeley dress which was exquisitely simple and elegant...her 'something borrowed' was a raindance necklace from Boodles... stunning.

The tables in the marquee were themed by different herbs; we were 'sage'...

There were many frightfully elegant Manhattanites (a species all their own...). The bride, my friend, is a lawyer so there were lots of lawyers in attendance - always makes for interesting small talk; I like lawyers! The couple had only recently met and so the only element that felt slightly strange was that hardly anyone knew anyone amongst the friends and family. There were many of those 'bride or groom?' conversations to place and position people. I noted all of those traditions associated with delightful American I met just could not get why the meal was called the 'wedding breakfast' and I found that I couldn't even explain, except to say 'it's tradition!'

By the end of the day my calves ached from standing as if on tip-toe all day; high heels and grass don't mix ;-) But it was a slice of wedding loveliness...

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  1. Four Weddings and a Funeral is a movie I never ever tire of seeing. Acutely observed as you say! Happy week Lou.

  2. Oh that movie was good ... sounds like you had a great time.

  3. love these pics! your blog is lovely, happy to find it. hope you stop by and say hello.

  4. That bridal dress is such elegance and class.

  5. Well it all sounds simply gorgeous - your post brings a picture into my head that's truly fab. If I'd been there with my camera I would've have been an annoying snapper, taking sneaky photo's of the uber glam Manhattanites! There's only one thing missing - a picture of your outfit! p.s. Love your comment on Wardrobe Watch today! xxx

  6. ooh english weddings are gorgeous....& they were sooo blessed by the gloriously lovely weather!!
    grass in high heels is like quietly exercising all day- think of those calves!!
    glad you had a lovely time considering what you had to balance to get there...
    melissa x

  7. Lou,

    So glad to hear you like lawyers:). Most people are put off by us!

    Lovely pictures and I am glad you had a great weekend.


  8. This sounds lovely...and very interesting too. Would love to have been a fly on the wall just to watch the interaction!

  9. It sounds like a fantastic English wedding. And what luck with the gorgeous wedding. I hope Boo's sports day went well too!

  10. Sounds like a perfectly lovely wedding, Lou :) What could be better!! Hope you are doing well love bug xo

  11. Could this post be any more British!!!?? I love it :)

    The wedding sounds absolutely picture perfect, glad you had a lovely time.

    I do love "Four Weddings...." Hugh Grant at his best and still very funny. I love the group of friends in it too, just lovely.

    Hope sports day went well :) xo


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