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posted on: Friday, 25 June 2010

We are off to a wedding this weekend...I love a good wedding! Especially in June. Especially when the sun is shining like it is this week. Especially when it promises to be the perfect English country wedding - the ceremony in the village church, a stroll to the Manor house for the reception. How lovely to be able to stroll from the church! There is not enough strolling at weddings I feel... (can you tell my guilt is being replaced by excitement?!)

So indulge me some wedding loveliness in this post, but weddings are like beauty in a bottle...

I found this image of a doily wedding dress which I think is wonderful...and those shoes...

Bride and a hurry to start their married life...

via Hey Gorgeous
Beautiful, dramatic glassware...

by Mikkel Vang
The gorgeousness that is Christy Turlington...

by Steven Meisel
Dreamy, floor-skimming chiffon...

Sea shell prettiness...

Ridiculously stunning Russian...

I so missed a trick with my wedding shoes - mine were plain cream satin, low heeled as I am taller than my husband! Oh to have some beauties like this...

Andre Derain’s 'Arbres a Collioure' sold for a record £16.3 million at Sotheby's this week...

I think this fascinator looks wonderful...I was going to wear one this weekend but then in the end thought...err, maybe not...

it's mary ruffle
Vintage chandelier table dressing...round dinner tables are so much more friendly...

I just think this outfit is the bee's knees. Giovanna Battaglia, a simple dress, beautiful heels, adorable little gold clutch...makes me want to shop.

Strong-faced, down-to-earth Kate Winslet...up close...

Symmetry and wood on wood...

Counting down to my annual summer 'read-a-thon'. For some reason I find reading books really hard all year round, then it gets to summer and I manage to read one after the other. It's like I save it all up. Love to read...

Quirky vintage pendant over antique lace...

Happy weekend...!

via decor8


  1. As always a lovely post so relaxing and pleasing to the eye xx

  2. That chiffon wedding dress is just so gorgeous!

    I hope you have a wonderful time :)

  3. ooh enjoy! I really want to go to a typical English wedding one day!
    All these are amazing, the first one made my heart race!
    have a lovely time xx

  4. Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! Love the fascinator and the lady in the cream dress and the clutch especially....stunning!

    I've missed you this week :)

    I hope you have a wonderful time at the wedding....and I am sure Boo's sports day will go beautifully too. We have our sports day this afternoon and our school summer fair's going to be hot!!!

    thank you again for the beautiful guest post you did for me...I love reading all the comments, especially the ones where people referred to "us"....i felt very proud to even be mentioned in the same sentence to be honest :)

    Happy Week-end! xoxo

  5. Just beautiful as always... hope you don't mind but I'll be linking to this post for my Saturday post if that's ok? Hope you have a wonderful time and cant wait to hear about your outfit! Sorry I didn't come back to you on that but have been mad busy and all will be revealed soon... hopefully when I see you! Have a wonderful weekend my dear blog friend! xx

  6. Aaawwww thanks for all this lovely inspiration. I am having my wedding next June so lots of planning to do!!! :)

  7. that doily dress. *sigh*
    thanks for your comment & for following - hope you'll enjoy visiting!
    have a lovely time at the wedding!

  8. Lou, I think that crochet wedding dress in the most charming and delightful dress I have ever seen.

  9. haha you are so cute! I agree, more strolling should occur at weddings, especially summer weddings!

    have fun, these photos are gorgeous!

  10. have a wonderful time at the wedding. i'm happy to hear your guilt has subsided. it was a tough week all the way around.

    looking forward to hearing what's on your summer reading list. an avid reader myself, summer is the perfect time to get busy!! xoxo

  11. A lovely selection of weddingy images. Hope you have a fantastic time at the wedding (and no feeling guilty OK!!!).

  12. Absolutely gorgeous Lou, I am in love with everything in this post, it's almost all too pretty to handle, so much beauty rolled into one post! xoxo Happy weekend, enjoy the wedding! Thinking of you!

  13. Thanks for sharing such great images! I've pinned the Giovanna Battaglia as one of my style favorites. Sometimes I wish I could re-marry my husband just so I could wear that divine crochet dress and shoes.

  14. Kate Winslet and Christy Turlington are both so beautiful.

  15. Oh it sounds perfect, I'd love to go to an English countryside wedding!

    The first photo is delightful and just love the one of Giovanna, so much style.

    Have a fab weekend,

  16. Lou,

    Where do I start? These are all stunning! Kate W looks amazing, and I am loving that first picture.

    Have a great weekend!

  17. So much prettiness -- a visit to your blog is just wonderful and just what I need on this gloomy Saturday morning :)


  18. Louise..these are amazing photos!!! I love them all.
    Hope you had a lovely weekend.


  19. Dear Lou, hope the wedding was gorgeous! It's been boiling! *mustn't moan" I Love the doily dress, the gold bow shoes! the fascinator and Christy, as beautiful as ever... xx

  20. These are all just gorgeous....I was wondering if you knew the source for the green dress & pink shoes photo? I would love to know who to give credit to. Thanks!

  21. All these pictures are so lovely! Wedding pictures are simply the best! I love your blog, it's filled with so many beautiful pictures! I hope you have a wonderful day!



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