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posted on: Friday, 18 June 2010

What to say about this week? I am, I must admit, LOVING my days off work when the children are at school. There is something utterly precious about dropping them off knowing that I have a few hours to go til I collect them. I swear it makes me a better Mummy to have those hours...I fiercely guard what I do with that time, so I am ready to collect them with a 'wholesome' snack and smiles and kisses and 'what did you learn today?' chats. It's bittersweet though as I the school holidays are lovely too - lie-ins and chilled out summer days.

I have had some lovely, humbling and thought-provoking comments this week, thank you. I now know I can rely on you to set me straight, walk me through, hold my virtual's a lucky thing for sure.

Must find a way to feature yellow in my house...

This is Uma Thurman; all 6' of her...I love the sprawl of city behind her and the summer decadence of bikinis and cocktails...

'Mother and Child' sketch by Pablo Picasso...

Doesn't this cake just look soooo good? It has such a village fete feel about it. There was a coconut shire at my children's school summer fair last weekend - we won two coconuts (my husband has a good bowling arm)...

South Sea pearl ring by Astley Clarke. My Mum used to have a ring like this...just one pearl sitting proud. Made me think of her to see this. Classically beautiful...

January Jones from 'Mad Men'. I must catch up on my viewing...the period styling is just to die for - retro heaven.

 For all the dog lovers - Tania, that means you - how cute is this pup? Boo is desperate for a puppy; I am staunchly resisting. We have a (crazy) cat, I don't want another thing to have to provide care for. We can barely keep tomatoes alive in the greenhouse...

Is it just me who has a slight crush on this chap? Bradley in a bath...

A wonderful fluttery wedding dress, ready for the main event...I always like to see dresses hung up like this; makes me smile.

via 100 Layer Cake
A good friend of mine has lost her computer access this week (pesky gremlins!) so this is for the absence of Friday Fabulousness!

via The Bottom of the Ironing Basket
Yellow roses...gorgeous.

via it's mary ruffle

Eames enduring love...

Here's to casual but groomed ;-) weekend dressing...


  1. The girl with the freckles is gorgeous! I love freckles, they add so much character to a face.

    And I don't have children, but time to yourself is so important. I would go insane without it.

  2. Lovely pictures. And I have been looking for little flags like the one in that cake, any ideas where I can get them. Need them for my international birthday party next week. p.s are you coming?

  3. I find myself looking forward to these posts. A lovely way to end the week. I absolutely understand what you mean about appreciating your alone time too. I know I am a better mom when I have some time away from the little ones. Adore all of these pictures, but especially the freckles, the picasso, and brad. I've had a little crush on him since Alias - those blue eyes! that smile! Happy Friday!

  4. I hope you enjoy your alone time, Lou :) I don't have kids and I cherish it, so I can only imagine how much it means to you!

    Beautiful collection as always. I am a Bradley fan too, so thanks for the hit, lol.

  5. Beautiful Beautiful as always - have a wonderfully beautiful well put together weekend!! Leanne xx

  6. PS. Not only do I get frightened by the clean-up, but I also get frightened by all those small grubby hands in my house and I really hate the fact that nothing looks the way you set it up withinn 5 mnutes of guests arriving - don't they know they should just sit down and not touch!!! Too funny - I have made a decision that it is only a couple of times a year and the clean up is never as bad as you imagine! Bye ... again ... Have a good one

  7. Thank you my lovely friend....that was very very nice of you to think of me!! In mt hour of need LOL!! I am drooling over your Things of Beauty today....absolutely gorgeous :) thanks for knowing I would be missing my blog especially on a Friday!!

    My pc is no nearer to being husband seems to think he can fix it. He knows lots about food but very little about IT, as far as I am aware. Time to take matters into my own hands and get in a man-who-can :)

    Have a wonderful week-end! xoxo

  8. Fab..fab..fab..just the thing to start the weekend, I am smiling!

    Best wishes for a wonderful weekend Louise..


  9. The DOG. For ME. Too much. If only my girls were not past it in the reproductive department, I would hunt him down and get him for a husband for them.

    Sorry, that last was not an elegant sentence. Brain now on strike. But wanted to say thank you. Adored the girl with the freckles as well. How can anyone think freckles are not pretty?

  10. Wow there is a simplistic beauty in every one of these shots. Just gorgeous. I really love that pearl ring, it is strong and lovely. Like You!
    I am hopin' to grab some time before leaving on vacation to collect some images to save and share.
    Love to you and Happy Weekend.

  11. Lou,

    I just love this post. There are so many things in it that just make me smile. Bradley in a bath :), freckles, a puppy!

    Have a wonderful weekend,

  12. love love love your blog, dear!! :) looking forward to reading more!! come check out mine too, if you get a chance!!


  13. Thank you for giving me the shot of Friday Fabulousness I truly missed this week from my sister across the pond Simone! You picked some gorgeous images ~ too many favs to pick just one but I adore the shot of January Jones and how could any girl not love Bradley! Have a wonderful week-end!

  14. Oh how gorgeous is this, hard to pick a fav, though I do like the girl reading with her feet up...what a great idea!!

    Happy weekend honey,

  15. Dear Lou, I love yellow too. The Picasso drawing is beautiful. The chocolate labrador is just gorgeous!

    I'm glad you're getting some time to yourself. Not long now before you can have lie-ins too. My poor neighbour has a six year old daughter and hasn't had a lie in since she was born. She's on the go constantly, I don't know how she does it! I hope you're having a lovely weekend xx

  16. Dear Louise,
    What wondeful yellow images. Yellow isn't really my colour but, I must change that as everything here looks beautiful.
    Many thanks for your lovely, kind comment on my giveaway post. I am truly grateful for your support. If I don't get to all of your posts all of the time it's because their aren't enough hours in the day !!
    Have a lovely new week. XXXX

  17. And so you should enjoy your time alone! Wow to Uma, that beautiful wedding dress and Bradley in the bath! Hope you had a wonderful weekend! xxx

  18. You have such a wonderful way of posting and writing that keeps me coming back so often... keep up the lovely work :)



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