Remarkable things...

posted on: Thursday, 24 June 2010

Remarkable things about this week...

I went to the memorial of the colleague of mine who died recently. This explains my very pensive mood this week. It seems you never really know the people you work with...I met his lovely, admirably stoical wife, who was a rock of strength that day. It turns out they had this wonderful love story in their past. She was American, he English; they met in a bar in New York, just by chance one day. They never had kids but filled their life together with other wonders like travel and mutual interests and hobbies. So very sweet and so very tragic.

I took the kids to the beach hut after school yesterday and had the most gorgeous time. Even their Daddy made it back from meetings in London to join us and they swam whilst my Mum and I sipped our earl grey tea. So utterly civilised to have tea on the beach!

My son has decided that being polite gets him a cute vote from anyone he comes into contact with. So he has started saying 'Please may I...?' before every request and more pleases and thank yous than I have ever heard from one child. Imagine blonde curls and please may I. It works every time.

We have pale ticking curtains in our bedroom so every morning the sun streams in and wakes us at 5am. Lovely...really...but I feel like I am robbed of sleep every morning. Meanwhile the Boos, who have black-out blinds, can be wakened...


  1. Your beach and beach hut sound like the perfect escape. Like you Lou, we have a bach at the beach where I grew up as a child. Now my girls play with the children of the 'children' I played with. It is also my 'happy place'!

  2. I'm sorry about your colleague, Lou; such a beautiful love story, too :(

    Your afternoon on the beach sounds just lovely - I could do with some sunshine and warmth here! And your kids are just so gorgeous, I can imagine that an exceedingly cute and polite Boo Junior would just knock people's socks off!

  3. I think politeness gets anyone a long way, but especially a little one.

    I am sorry about your colleague. I often wish I knew things about people when they are alive that I only know after they die.

  4. I have never had tea on the beach! Loving that quote Louise ~ and little Boo sounds adorable! It is always hard losing a friend too soon ~ thinking of you today...

  5. Sorry again about your colleague.

    Tea on the beach sounds perfect though!

  6. Dear Lou, that was a beautiful and sad story....

    You beach hut sounds absolutely perfect and your son sounds gorgeous. We had a holiday place on the beach in Sussex when I was young and I loved it.

    Get yourself a black out blind! I couldn't do without mine. You sleep so much better with them. This is coming from someone who's never got up at 5am, only in... Hope the rest of your week is better xx

  7. Ah, to lie down at night and listen to the waves slapping against the beach. Sounds like heaven to me.

  8. Oh that was so sad...

    You are so lucky to have a beach hut, lovely to have tea on the beach! Your son sounds so adorable, no wonder everyone is putty in his little hands.

  9. Hello Lou, I just stumbled upon your blog and was touched by this post and the photos. Thank you so much for sharing your heart.


  10. Dear Louise,
    It is so sad to loose a friend. I guess one has to savour the memories that you have. I, too shall be thinking of you.
    I think it must be an English thing to sit on the beach sipping tea. I remember doing just that as a child with my family. It's lovely to hear that you continue that tradition.
    I am following another English tradition.....Wimbledon !! XXXX

  11. Lou... so sorry to hear about the passing of your friend - these things always bring home how fragile life is don't they? Beautiful beach photo's and I love that you sip Earl Grey on the beach! Tres elegant! xx

  12. Aww, that is so sad! Yes, it is no wonder you are feeling a little pensive... I love the beach hut, though + hope you have a wonderful time :)


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