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posted on: Monday, 21 June 2010

I have had a wonderful weekend spent at garden parties and barbeques with old friends and new. June at its best; although if I am being absolutely honest, it could have been a tad warmer!

In my little world today:

...waiting for the pink roses to start entwining around the trellis on my new white picket fence. I could be some time!
...clearing the mess that was accumulated after a concerted effort to spend the whole and entire weekend NOT tidying up.
...getting ready for the summer wedding we are going to on Saturday.
...baking after-school treats.
...catching up, catching up, catching up!
...trying to keep the weekend's 'happy feeling' as a Monday muse.

I am guest posting on The Bottom of the Ironing Basket today. When I first started blogging, Simone was one of my earliest followers, always there with insightful comments and words of support. Simone is a treasure... as is her gorgeous blog, so I was delighted/quite chuffed/slightly scared to step in and help when she found herself without computer access this week! Go and see...did I do OK?! ;-)


  1. You did BRILLIANTLY, I am so happy and the spring in my step has returned!!!! Thank you SO much Lou, I really appreciate it....truly.

    Loving your images today, the first one is particularly lovely.....sounds like a lovely week-end and lots of lovely things happening for you. How nice to be going to a summer wedding :) And the white picket fence.....blissful :)

    Have a happy Monday and thank you again for being there for me xoxo

  2. PS And thank you for the very kind words.....I needed that today, mwah! xo

  3. You did fab my friend, totally fab!

    Love that first picture, so gorgeous,

  4. Yes, yes and yes...on all counts. Great job Louise and I love your list is the simple things that are the most fun for me.
    Hope you have a wonderful week.


  5. You did great! Like you Simone was one of the first people to follow me and, like you she has been very supportive as I dip my toe into this world of blogging, Thank you both for that. Your images are, as always, lovely and the white picket fence sounds gorgeous, I'm jealous.

    Have a fab week.


  6. Oh it is just lovely in Lou/Simone land - just lovely! Leanne PS I wish it was warmer here as well!

  7. I love yours and Simone's blog so off for a read!

  8. yay! I love you and Simone, so I can't wait to get over there and see your post.

    Have a great week!


  9. you did splendidly!! loved the entire thing.

    and on another note so happy to hear someone else made an effort not to tidy this weekend. a bit of an avalanche today, but such a great couple days off.

    happy monday! xo

  10. Sounds perfect to me! Oh, I love these photos you have featured — in fact, now you have me craving a sweet little cupcake. Off to see your guest post :)

    Wishing you the best Monday + start to Summer!


  11. You did great! I am loving your blog, Have a sweet day!


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