Cowparsley and doilies...

posted on: Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Firstly, I must admit, I am feeling sorry for myself. I had a dental procedure today and now the novacaine has worn's really, really sore. Trying to take my mind off things, I scrolled through my blog list and happened upon Cowparsley. If ever you wished for a calming mental meander through some beautiful images, oozing with a certain 'Britishness', this is it...

images via Cowparsley

This week wages on, and ever so slightly wearing it is. I shall be very pleased when the weekend arrives with the hope of more summer fun; the beach hut, sandy toes, no cares in the world...

Secondly, OK, so I know I have been a tad wedding-crazed recently...I wanted to follow up on the lots of comments I was left about that dreamy doily wedding dress! Heart-stoppingly lovely. Love the green. Love the shoes. I have found out where the images came

It's funny when I saw the whole wedding feature, I kinda wanted the dress to be full-length and was surprised that it wasn't. However, the vintage style of it and the wonderful can't help but love it for it's quirkiness.


  1. Oh Lou, I am sorry to hear that you are in pain, ugh :( I really hope that the visit to the dentist has fixed your toothache issue once and for all. Hope you get some sleep tonight.

    And THAT wedding dress....I saw the wedding somewhere else too, she made her own dress I believe didn't she? It suited her perfectly and is quite stunning - as are those pretty shoes!!

    Thinking of you my friend...take care xoxo

  2. Beautiful post and blog!!!

    Thanks for your comment dear,


  3. Hope you feel better soon sweetie xoxo

  4. Whoa, that dress is fab!!! The green is so special! I am sending you healing thoughts and hope you are pain free soon.

  5. hope you feel better soon! gorgeous images to take your mind off your pain.

  6. Oh Lou! Sometimes those visits to the dentist can be the worst. Be kind to yourself and try to rest. xoxo - Carrie

  7. Oh no, you poor thing *hug* I avoid the dentist like the plague for precisely this reason! I hope you feel better soon.

    That dress is so very lovely and quirky!

    Right, off to check Cowparsley (such a great name!) out!


  8. You poor thing! I am feeling so sorry for you.
    I hope you feel better tomorrow.Take care!

  9. WOW! What a fabulous surprise to see the lovely mention and link to my blog. THANK YOU so much Lou. I do hope that you are felling better today, Arnica is very good for helping with the healing process and reducing the pain.

    I really am so thrilled for your mention for the "new girl"


  10. I hope you are quickly on the mend and are being treated well :) Thank you for giving us continuous inspiration and so much visual prettiness...

    Thinking of you,


  11. Yuck. I went to the dentist today, but it was only for a cleaning (I do have to have a crown, though, so something to look forward to). I am off to check out Cowparsley, already love the name! XO!

  12. hey friend! ouch! i hope you are feeling better! you go enjoy your weekend! and let us know how it goes! xo


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