Why Boo?

posted on: Saturday, 24 April 2010

When my daughter was born, we were convinced 'it' was going to be a boy. And his name was going to be Max. This was around the time of 'Gladiator' - so my husband really wanted to have a Maximus. I didn't mind all that much (I was just flushed with the prospect of impending motherhood), but must admit it never occurred to me that we might not have a Max. Then - we had a girl! About-change, new name needed. For some reason calling her by her name didn't stick and so we started, inexplicably calling her 'Boo'. I couldn't tell you why or what prompted it. There was a lot of 'peek-a-boo' going on in those early months but not to such an extent that I could recall it resulting in a life-long nickname...

And so it persisted. Friends and family have always called her Boo. People comment on photos of her and say things like 'that is so...Boo'. That name defines her. Sometimes its Booey; sometimes Boo-ba-doo. Always Boo. Poor child...she is going to be like Baby in 'Dirty Dancing'...

'No one puts Baby (replace with Boo) in the corner'
So now, not only saddled with the name for life, but also immortalised in a blog name aswell... ;-)


  1. My Little Mans middle name is Maximillian. My husband wanted him to be called Max, but I knew someone who had an Alsation called that, so it put me off!

  2. I think it's very sweet. I didn't realise you actually called her Boo....I thought you used that word in your blog because you didn't want to use your childrens names (I don't either).

    Boo sounds lovely! We call my son Bubbies or Bubsy (and other versions too) a lot of the time - as do some of our friends who know him well!

    I too thought my daughter was going to be a boy, I was so sure of it :)

    Have a lovely week-end!

    PS We saw "Ballet Shoes" by the London Childrens Ballet last night - it was just lovely! (I booked it thanks to you, remembered when you mentioned it weeks back). Funnily enough, a Yr 6 6 boy from my daughters school is in it and a lot of the school are going to see it over the week-end :)

  3. Oh boo sounds so cute....better than my husbands brother who got called moo for some strange reason that I still have not figured out!

    Happy Weekend,
    xxx DJ

  4. I think Boo is very cute. For some reason I still don't know, my nickname as a baby girl was "Nunna". It has got nothing at all to do with my real name. My mum and my sis still use it sometimes, even after all these years.

  5. Boo is a cute name, quite unusual. Wasn't the little girl in Monsters named Boo? :^)


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