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posted on: Monday, 26 April 2010

Today is a home day not a work day...this means 'me time'. I am, I confess, addicted to 'me time', err, does that make me selfish?! There is a certain delight at being able to drop the children at school, husband is at work, return home to an empty house and just be. I read a blog called A Beach Cottage (just lovely, by the way) where this concept is interpreted and described as zshushing. Great, great word. Equal only to one other: pottering. What is it with women and pottering? I never knew of this pleasure until the ability to do it, ad hoc, was removed rather unceremoniously with having kids and becoming properly grown-up. I think I qualify now to be fully grown-up. Alone time. It's bizarre, as if I were to describe myself I would say I didn't much like being alone. But there is something about these mornings that is just wonderful and its because I am alone (unless I count you lot in cyberspace...).

I am now ridiculously guarded with using this time for anything other than its inclusion in my life seems vital for happiness/sanity. The ability and time to regroup. I do wish I was one of those people who took it all in her stride, day-in, day-out but I do better all round if I get some 'me time' in between the 'them time'. By them I mean kids, husband, house, friends, family.

As an aside, I watched the film 'He's just not that into you' last night; blimey I am glad I am over all of the angst about finding love! One can never be complacent about love for sure, but really, trying to read what the other sex thinks and feels...I'd be lost. Its hard enough trying to make sense of my husband!

P.S. Scarlett Johansonn looks incredible in it; she is a siren.


  1. Oh Lou so true!! I so love that time when No 1 is at school, No 2 is at pre-school and no 3 is having a nap - nothing better than being home and having time to potter!! Lovely post - great pics!!

  2. A strange concept being all grown up, but I do think children, husband and mortgages tick all the grown up boxes.. Now about this me time being selfish, us women have to stop thinking like that! Me time is ESSENTIAL if you want them time to be enjoyable, we all need a breather now and then. Having said that I understand your struggle with this though...why do men get the me time so easily?? Enjoy your zshushing time :)

  3. Dear Lou,

    I have passed on the Lovely Blogger award to you, in celebration of your beautiful blog. You can see it here:

    Keep up the loveliness - Tania

  4. I am with you on loving me time! pottering is the best word for it haha.

    I hope you had a perfect little break from "them time" its definitely not selfish.

    I also love 'He's just not that into you' and yesss Scarlett Johansonn always looks so stunning. I though Jennifer Aniston is stunning in it too i think.

    Have a perfect day Louise :)

  5. I need to see that movie too - it's been on my to see list for ages! And I to use the word Zshushing as much as possible! x

  6. I haven't seen that movie. I'm way into quiet time. Many ideas and hope come from a few moments of serenity. Love the post.

  7. I love your blog! I am so glad I found it. I am your newest follower.

    I totally agree about "me" time. I love it and think everyone needs it.


  8. Zshushing, pottering, I will take it any way I can get it! Agree Louise, there is nothing like a house all to yourself. A special treat!
    Hope you had a good one!!
    Jeanne :)

  9. I'm here from Tania Kindersley's wonderfully intelligent blog and I'm glad I stopped by.

    I'm addicted to Zshushing and would do nothing else unless there was always a to-do-list lurking around somewhere about my person.


  10. Lou - There is nothing that I love more than ME is definitely essential to my well being(I am a happily admitted loner). I love my family and friends, but am perfectly happy going on my own little adventures and dates with myself...

    I'm glad that you are getting some zshushing and pottering time for yourself those words - they are fabulous!

    P.S. thanks for stopping by my little part of the world! have a gorgeous day! :)

  11. Lovely post :)

    Finally found one thing we differ on (I knew it had to happen!).....I LOVE being alone, really enjoy it! Of course it doesn't happen that often but when it does I love it, I always have since I was quite young.

    I love to potter, particularly late night....I can do it for ages and have to watch out otherwise it's 1am before I know it!

    Haven't seen that movie but ScarJo is just gorgeous, I agree....loved her in "Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona".

    Finally, I thought of you on Saturday night - we were at a friend's 40th and some other friends arrived via another 40th - which had a "Mad Men" friend and her husband had captured the period perfectly, they looked fab!!

    Hope you had a great week-end :) xo

  12. I watched that film this morning. I have to justify having Sky Movies, so expensive!

  13. i love that picture of Scarlett she so glamorously edgy

    Anna Katrina


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