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posted on: Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Hello midweek. My toothache persists! Despite repeated visits to my dentist and attempts to identify which tooth and why; still no real improvement. Its really starting to get me down. I am wondering if I am going slowly nuts with this unexplained pain...? Ummm.

Plus Boo and I are ill. Off school for her and a quiet day for me. And then...I have an ant infestation in my kitchen! Eh? In April? So some prettiness needed to brighten the day.

Olivia Palermo...she is a clothes horse...I love how the chap she has passed by is looking slightly bemused...

Tiffanys Statement diamonds...I'd like to make a statement...

I'd also settle for pearls...this week's favourite image...

Bertoia mum has these; I can attest that they are not that comfortable to sit on, but they look cool...

Pretty bridal fascinator and a wonderful 'I'm miles away' wistful look...

I have ordered these chairs from Liberty for my kitchen...I know they are not for everyone. Infact I was astounded my husband agreed to my idea...I love them. They are from the Target range; we don't have Target here so its a time when I am very grateful for internet shopping!

Some Country Living colour...

'Having You Back' by Jessica Cooper...I always like that her paintings are slightly off-centre.

Free as a bird. From it's mary ruffle...the most heart-achingly beautiful pictures blog to swoon over.

I would quite like this to apply in my house...poster from Bold and Noble.

Reading books...if nothing else we will always love reading books. At the moment Boo is reading 'The Witches' By Roald Dahl.


  1. Which do I pick as my favorite? There are to many. For one, the bride's stare is mesmerizing. Second, I love the woman on the bike, so free, so beautiful. It makes me want to book my trip to Europe asap.

    Thanks for the lovely post (as usual) :)


  2. Oh that is bad news about the toothache, hoping you find some answers.

    I just love those diamonds and the little girl reading is sooo cute.

    Gorgeous post,
    xoxo DJ

  3. Louise, i hope you are having a wonderful despite having a dreadful toothache and being ill.

    I love the chairs you got for your kitchen, they would brighten up any room :) That little girl reading is so precious. and i love that your little girl is reading the witches.i used to love that book when i was younger too.

    have a lovely day!

  4. Olivia always looks amazing! & I love the drawn mug its just adorable.

    Anna Katrina

  5. Hi Lou....poor you still having toothache, ugh. Hope Boo feels better soon too.

    LOVE the photo of Olivia, she looks fabulous as always...she IS a clothes horse, you are quite right!

    Those Liberty chairs are fantastic - my husband probably wouldn't like them either!

    Tiffany diamonds.....OOOOOOH! My "something borrowed" at my wedding was Tiffany diamond earrings from one of my bridesmaids.....I can still remmeber how good they felt :)

    And that last image.....I have used that one before too....I love everything about it. We used to listen to a recording of "The Little Prince" when we were younger, I can still hear it in my head....just lovely.


  6. Nothing like a little prettiness to hopefully take your mind off that toothache. Love that bike image especially.

  7. Louise, you take care. My life has been spent in the dentist chair so I can relate. Have they ruled out a fractured tooth??

    I hope you all feel a bit better as the day progresses. These lovely photos lifted me up..I can see why you featured them.

    Thanks for your comment on CR..just read the article. I think I was right on my call of her being a woman you would not want to 'mess with'. Crikey is right! Still beautiful and alluring as ever. Yes, I agree, good genes make all the difference...sigh

    Take care


  8. Loving OP's look and the Diamonds! sorry about your tooth, I have one that plays up every now and again, nothing worse. I get so upset I crunch painkillers on it!

  9. All beautiful pictures but... I. JUST. CANT. TAKE. MY. EYES. OFF. OF. OLIVIA'S. LOUBOUTINS!!! Hope that toothache gets better soon Honey xx

  10. Hi Louise sorry about your tooth, I thought that my new web shop might cheer you up..I know you love shoes but not sure about clogs..But have a look at my swedish Clogs.. thank you.

  11. I LOVE reading your blog. I think you post as you speak. I have been told I do that as well. Makes the read ride fun. Your tooth...that is stinky:( I am sorry and wishing you wellness all around for you and family. Last week my Ella Bean missed an entire week of school due to bad cold/flu. That was not good for either of us :)
    Hugs across the ocean to you,

  12. Ah you poor thing, tooth ache and ill as well, get better soon! Hot water, juice of a whole lemon, 2 spoons of honey and some crushed ginger..great natural remedy for a bad throat! Love Olivia's shoe boots, I have got some that are not too dissimilar looking in Black...but some advice - they are not to go clubbing in!

  13. I always love Olivia! and I love all the photos you chose!

    hope you feel better soon! :(

    XOX Vicky
    Bikinis & Passports

  14. Louise,
    Wonderful images. I love the one of the pearls. Hope you feel better soon.

    Thanks for the note on my post. It's always great to hear from you. Rita

  15. I love these images so much. Those new chairs you bought are fantastic; so so pretty. I will have to convince Andrew to let us get some hehe hope your tooth feels lovely soon!! xoxo

  16. Lou, I am trying to find an old post of yours where you had a bracelet that you could put beads on and I cant find it. I clicked on the jewellery cloud but it isn't one of them, could you either email me or leave comment on my blog with the link please. It is my eldest daughters 21st on 9th June and she has talked about something like this, so want to check it out. Many Thanks S x


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