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posted on: Friday, 23 April 2010

Hello! What a lovely day! I am in good spirits. I wanted to say 'hello' to some of my new blogging friends. Firstly to my new friend Julie from jam*n*jilly who gave me a sunshine award! This picture of a sunshine-y lunch is for you. And to Thatgirl39 from Forty not Out, we have worked out we live fairly close to each other so we might just meet up for coffee and cupcakes!

Sea glass rings...I just love the idea of these being washed around for eons before they make their way to be jewellery...

I really wouldn't mind if my little family would like to get me a breakfast like this at the weekend...isn't it just perfect?

Keira Knightley...up close...

I love everything about this wistful image...wonder what's outside the window?

'Olympia' by Edouard Manet painted in 1863.

I want to be where this is, oh summer - the new Toast catalogue...

Simple cleanliness! Marseilles soap...

Pretty, pretty eye make-up...

A green favourite...this one is in Iran.

My ongoing love affair with Arne Jacobsen egg chairs...they look awesome from every angle. Love.

Boston Back Bay. I've been thinking about Boston this week for some reason. My husband worked in in Upstate New York back in the early 90's, when we were first together. He would always fly back through Boston so one time I flew over to meet him for Valentines weekend. This was my first transatlantic flight on my own...going to meet my beau. It was in the days before mobile phones worked all over the world so I couldn't get in contact with him, I just knew he would meet me off my flight. I can still picture his face when I walked out of the departure hall... :-)

Love Boston...great, great city and have spent some amazing times there.

I have been for a run this morning! After a month-long hiatus it was just wonderful to get back into it. Sunny, spring morning along Chichester Marina, just me and the road...wait, isn't that a line from the film 'What Women Want'?! Well its spot on; with a playlist of 'Brown eyed girl' followed by 'You got the love' and then 'My Sharona'! I do love my Nike+, especially when she says 'half way point'!


  1. I have never flown across the Pond, but I know other people that have been to Boston, quite a few actually and they all loved it too! Have a great weekend!

  2. I am loving the savon de marseilles soap. Thats all I use and it makes me dream abt lavender and olive trees in provence:) x LZ

  3. Absolutely gorgeous post Lou.....I love it!!! :)
    The Toast image is beautiful.

    Your run sounds wonderful - hope it's as sunny there as it is here today.

    Thank you so much for my lovely birthday wishes, you are so kind and I really appreciate it :)

    Have a lovely day :) xo

  4. Lovely selection of pics - as always.

  5. What a gorgeous day! Looks lovely and I wish I was there! Happy Weekend to my Sunshine Sister.

  6. that ring. Those are all my favorite colors! The colors of the ocean.

    Yesterday was a grey day here, but today is one of those really beautiful days - not a cloud in the sky. I'm on my way out to the gardening centre to buy more pretty flowers for my terrace. It's such an enjoyable activity.

  7. ah! thank you friend! that picture is lovely! i would love to share a lunch with you! xoxo


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