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posted on: Thursday, 29 April 2010

I was very surprised/pleased to be awarded another Beautiful Blogger award, this time from Tania, who writes, along with her co-writer Sarah Vine, 'Backwards in High Heels'. Quite flushed with pride that Tania described my blog as charming and aesthetically pleasing. In addition, Tania is a proper writer and has published a proper book, so the fact that she follows little ole me is great.

As I posted on one of these lovely awards a few weeks ago, I wondered if you were all that interested in another seven things about me and some more blogs that I like...then I assumed '...yes, I suppose so!' It would be positively ungracious of me not to accept my award, so here we go:

Number One
My husband and I renewed our wedding vows in Las Vegas. It was at the Graceland chapel, we took the Elvis and Priscilla vows, officiated by a fake Elvis. We were with our two best men and their lovely wives. My favourite all-time Elvis song is 'Suspicious Minds' but that seemed somewhat inappropriate for nuptials so Elvis sang 'Hunk of Burning Love' instead! Anyone who has seem my husband's rugby-playing physique will grasp how apt that song choice is! My friend L, who was one of my bridesmaids in our 'first' wedding has a big thing for this is for you!

Number Two
One of my best ever films is 'Beautiful Girls'. It's little-known, subtle, charming. I could watch it over and over (which should be the measure of a great film). Natalie Portman plays a young girl called Marty and she is just enchanting - an old soul. The score is also haunting and nostalgic.

Number Three
I didn't learn to cook until recent years, so when I first left home I lived on Crunchy Nut Cornflakes and rye bread with Danish Blue cheese. Not the ideal diet. Later, as my husband did all the cooking I never needed to. Then he got busier and was home less and we had kids who obviously needed feeding, I eventually learned. Now I am quite good, much to the surprise of anyone who knew me when...

Number Four
I am ever so slightly obsessed with John Updike novels. I re-read them most years. Sometimes the maleness of his point of view frustrates me wildly. However, I think he writes some of the most accurate modern depictions of human emotion ever.

Number Five
We have a cat. I insisted on getting him the year my husband and I started living together. He has used up far too many of his nine lives. He has been run over by cars three times, he had been reconstructed by vets and special cat neurosurgeons. He has lost his meow. He is generally grumpy. But Boo still loves him.

Number Six
When I was at University, in those idle hours my housemates and I used to fill between lectures, we used to muse that I could be hand model 'when I grew up'. This was my fall-back plan in case the heady career I was anticipating from my oh-so-useful English literature degree didn't materialise. We even took test shots of my hands! I have these ridiculously long fingers...spindly I have always thought. Alas no, these are not them...but I love her nail varnish.

Number Seven
You might not have guessed it but I am abit of a thinker. Shock! Some very good advice I was given by my friend N who I work with, is simply to breathe...and it works!

Now I need to nominate some other blogs that I think are beautiful. As I so recently did this, I will limit it to three.

For beautiful writing...Mackin ink
For sheer prettiness...The Pink Pen Word Studio
For lovely quirkiness...My Guide to surviving and enjoying life's mundane


  1. wait! NO! i wanted to win the lovely quirkiness award! i use too few capital letters to be awarded a beautiful writing trophy. for sure.

    but i appreciate this, and your previous lack of cooking skills gives me hope.

    plus? i have ridiculously long fingers, too! we can open up a hand modeling agency, yes? yes.

    xoxo and thank you again.

  2. Must go now and get Beautiful Girls. I am always looking out for beautiful movies. I like watching movies, but I don't like the majority of movies. So thanks for the recommendation!

  3. awe so good to know you a bit better. Lovely.

  4. Congrats Louise! You deserve it. I absolutely love your blog and look forward to reading it every morning.


  5. OH thanks you muchly!!! and yeah my husbands dream was to get married in vagas so now it's in our vow renewal day...we may be 80 when it happens but I spose that would make it even cooler....kind of ;)
    does that hand model have a wart!?!? LOL
    Loooooove Natalie Portman and sorry for laughing when you said your cat has lost it's meow

  6. Louise congratulations on winning the award again. you deserve it. your blog is so lovely!
    So awesome you and your husband renewed your vows in Vegas! it would have been so fun.

    The question you asked me about bloglovin - im still getting used to it actually, its not much different to just using blogger, but its better at telling you who has updated, and easier to find other blogs. so your not missing a whole lot, but it is fun once you get used to it :)

    Have a lovely Friday and weekend Louise!


  7. Widge - your comment is so funny - so here's the thing: love the hand model picture, love her red nails. Posted it, went back, looked at it, thought 'what's on her finger - is that a wart?!' Then thought - shall I take it off and find another pic? But I love it, just that she has an imperfection. Fretted for abit and figured no one would notice!! Hahah! See my previous post and you will see why this is so funny - always searching for perfection!! x

  8. Aw, you totally deserve this award! So nice to know more about you, too :)

    I love that you guys renewed your vows in Vegas - awesome!

    Your poor cat ... and ... you give me hope that someday I will become good at cooking, too! (I keep buying cookbooks but apparently it takes more than this to have a clue :P).

    Btw I'm so sorry that I completely ignored your tonsillitis in my last comment. I meant to say something and it completely flew out of my head at the last minute! I hope you feel better soon :) x

  9. So glad you liked the award. You so deserve it, your blog is heaven. And thank you for reminding me to BREATHE. I sometimes forget.

  10. I've ordered Beautiful Girls on your recommendation. Enjoyed your answers. Have a wonderful weekend xx


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