Holiday lust...

posted on: Friday, 30 April 2010

It has suddenly all become too much in our household - everyone's a little tired, ill and weary (I count myself, my husband, Boo and the cat in this; Boo 2 is absolutely full of beans). I am starting to think alot (umm, as in all the time) about our next family holiday. We are going to Portugal in the summer; our annual pilgrimage to the Algarve, the southern-most part, for some time in the sun. I have such fondness for this place, having been time after time, both without children and with. Its quite rustic, full of locals, not much to do...

At present, without the prospect of a holiday, we would be starting to unravel, not unlike a ball of string...

I need to get on a beach, feel the hot sand on my toes, take a dip in the Atlantic...

Sit and watch the fishing boats come in, a cold beer in hand, with that scrubbed, been-in-the-heat feeling you get after a day at the beach...

Enjoy simple pleasures...Boo 2 trying to escape the laws of gravity and put a hat full of water on his head...endless fun...

Collecting shells...

To just look out to sea, empty our minds of the day-to-day...

Sunny afternoons strolling around little towns...

One year we left the children with grandparents and went to Lisbon, the capital city and stayed in this magnificent palace. This was our view, I love how the sun is setting ready for a night in a balmy city, cobbled streets, dinner out, glasses of wine...

Eating ice cream whenever as 'holiday rules' apply...this is my husband's invention of applying absolutely no parental logic and reason for the entire time...anything goes...

 Wearing floppy this one from Plumo...


  1. How tempting is it to just fly to Portugal right now! Those photographs make me want to disappear into the blue green ocean of the Algarve!
    Sweet floppy hat:) lovely!

  2. I love "holiday rules" - if you can't relax rules on holiday, what hope is there? Some beautiful photos, you have given me a real yearning!

  3. So funny, my post today was going to be beach-inspired, thought I'd save it for next week though! I'm thinking summer holidays too....longingly!!

    Portugal sounds wonderful....I've never been but everyone seems to love it. It will be France or Italy for us this summer....and I am working on three weeks!

    Not long now......xo

  4. Oh I would be dreaming of this too, I went there as a teenager and loved it, so laidback. You guys are so lucky to be near everything.
    xoxo DJ

  5. AHHHH!!! I want to go!! What a picture you have painted Louise.
    Our surname is portuguese and I have always wanted to Portigal. Mind you, not a stitch of it in me...all Irish, this girl. Still....keep thinking and planning, the more thought the better the holiday!


    PS...I love the big sister notion...much better than some alternatives:)

  6. It sounds like so many of us have a little wanderlust at the moment. Portugal sounds fabulous, and these pictures are amazing. I've never been. My sister lives in Spain and I need to use her more. We just got back from Puerto Rico, which was a nice short break, but I need more!

  7. Wow, Portugal will be amazing. I love how you captured the essence of the trip with these amazing pictures. It reminds me that I need to get my husband to plan our yearly trip.


  8. It looks so beautiful, very tempting indeed! And I just love the hat!
    I will spend the rest of the day dreaming of lovely Portugal, hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Oh, that looks so lovely! You know that anything you eat on vacay (including ice cream) doesn't count, right? Thank you for the little virtual vacation, your blog layout is just lovely, I'm so happy to find you! I am your newest follower, and I hope you have a fabulous weekend! Love!

  10. I have been to the Algarve twice once with kids and once before. I tend to just go to Puerto Banus now, to watch the Rich people - love it!

  11. Ahhhh (wistful sigh)....hurry up summer x

  12. I love portugal, as they say "Adoro"!!! Going as well, every year, to visit my inlaws. I will be off more north, Lisboa, Peniche, Sintra.

    Have a wonderfull time and enjoy!!


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