posted on: Tuesday, 27 April 2010

My Mum has exquisite taste. In her house there are always posies of pretty flowers picked from her garden on the mantle. She always has piles of magazines just haphazardly left in whicker baskets, soft throws draped just so. It always looks elegant, homely, stylish. It was the same in her mother's house. Always something interesting and quirky to see...

I so love my Mum. Its not Mother's Day or anything...but sometimes there is a need for an unprompted show of mother-love. I realise I am blessed to have such a good relationship with her. I can honestly say she is amongst my absolute best of friends. We see each other every couple of days, she is my right-hand-(wo)man with my children. I could not be the mother I am without my mother.

Whilst we are very close, we are not demonstrably so. But she means so much to me, every day I am thankful for her, even if I don't show it enough. The grace with which she raised my brother and I, on her own, in circumstances that were far from easy, is awe-inspiring. She is and has always been the strongest woman I know. She can make everything alright. She can tell just from the first words I utter on the telephone if I am OK or not.

Even if I propose something that is slightly unhinged - she still supports me, knowing that I will work my way through it, if its right or if its wrong. She has that uncanny mother quality, that now, even though I am 36 years old, its still as if I were a child.

Jackie Kennedy Onassis and her daughter...


  1. I love this. It is so heartfelt and real. I also love the picture of the flowers on the mantle. The beauty is in its simplicity.


  2. Oh this is so beautiful, really so lovely that you have such a wonderful woman to call your mum. I love the sound of her house too.
    xoxo DJ

  3. A really lovely post Louise....I am sure you are a daughter to be very proud of.

    Hope you are having a sunny day! xo

  4. You probably have the most beautiful blog I have yet seen.
    Love the flowers as well. And I love the way you write about your mum. You should show her this post.

  5. WHat a lovely post. I can only wish my daughter says something along those lines about me one day. xx MM

  6. Awwww, how sweet! Your mum is lucky to have you too! Love all those pretty flowers on the mantle---perfection! xo katie

  7. Lovely post are so very, very lucky :)

  8. Yes I hope my girls will feel like this about me one day when they are old enough to appreciate what being a Mum entails!

  9. Such a beautiful post and lovely eye candy!

  10. Oh Darling! This is so wonderful. I wish I had this sort of relationship with my Mom. I love her and she has so many wonderful qualities-and like your mom, lovely taste in all things lovely. We haven't always had the easiest time -I am highly sensitive and she can be a wee bit critical- not a good match :)but.. I am going to call my mom in the morning.
    Thanks for the nudge. I am grateful to share this sort of mad love and friendship with my oldest daughter, and I am certain you will as well with yours.
    Love to you -


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