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posted on: Thursday, 25 March 2010

I am lucky enough to have a group of kindred spirits for friends - the ones I met at University. We met on the first ever day; there are six of us and we lived, loved, studied, shopped, cried and laughed our way through University as a pack. Now 18 years later (wait...18 years? How did that happen?) we are still close friends.

Now the group has grown and we are all Mummies, living all over the country, doing different things. We all used to meet up a few times a year and rent cottages to stay in. Now our numbers are so swollen with off-spring (of the 6 of us there are now 11 children) that its hard to find a place large enough. So it saddens me that we don't see each other as much; somehow life conspires to make it more complicated than it should be, just to catch up with these old and best friends.

They know me inside out, through graduation and jobs and travel and marriage and babies and houses and more jobs and motherhood. So I mention them because I only just told them about my blog. One of them has called it my new 'baby'! I kept 'Lou, Boos and Shoes' quiet for months and now I have come out and I wonder, why was I so secretive? Of course because they know me inside out, they read it and see that it is entirely me - my thoughts. Which is...well...really cool.

We all have this very sweet graduation photo of us all - lined up like crows in black gowns outside Bristol Cathedral, with our mortar boards on, looking oh-so-young and full of hope for the future. Back then, digital cameras where the sort of thing featured on 'Tomorrow's World' so I don't have a copy to show you - so instead we turn to Gossip Girl.

I am sure however, back in 1995, that we weren't as well accessorised as this... ;-)


  1. Oh so young you are my Sweet! I love your bloggy Girl. You and I covet many of the same treasures.
    I also took a while to "come out" to my friends. I bloggged for about six months before I told anyone, and while I feel a little vulnerable at times, I am glad I get my IRL friends support as well as all the blog lovelies.
    Have a happy day-

  2. Me too!!! (surprise, surprise!) Lovely post :)

    My oldest and dearest friends are my University....and there are 6 of us too :) 4 of us met on the first day at Uni and lived in the same Halls of Residence.

    We are all now married with children and like you, it has become more difficult to meet up. Now that our children are no longer tiny babies, we manage to meet for a "grown-up" only lunch twice a year which is always fantastic and so much fun....we tried to plan a week-end away but it's on hold until the autumn because we could just not find one w'end we could all do!

    I think there is something very special about friendships that started at Uni, it's such a big part of your life isn't it. We know all each other embarassing stories, the good, bad and the ugly boyfriends and the really happy times and the not so good.....and there is something about knowing each other pre-children too. I don't have anyone like these girls, even though like you I don't see them often enough....when I do though, they just renew me and remind me of the essence of me.


    One of these days I will be able to post on your blog with only one sentence....why do I always have so much to say here LOL! Sorry!!

    Happy Friday!

  3. PS I haven't told many friends about my blog either, I'm quite shy about it for some reason....I told one friend and then she told many of my other friends!


  4. ...'they just renew me and remind me of the essence of me'. Love this line Simone - that's exactly it with old friends, there is no pretense and they take you right back to when it all started.

  5. I am so happy you met with such optimism for you blog because it is lovely and an extension of you. They have seen that and it makes all the difference. Stay in touch and never let go over the years. I am just reconnecting with many old friends (wonders of Facebook) and am so glad that I have a chance to do so. Have a great weekend!!
    Thanks for your comment. Take some friends and meet for lunch and a shop at Anthropologie on Kings Road. You will be so glad that you did:)

  6. I have one of my oldest and dearest friends coming to stay on Monday - we met at NCT classes when we were both expecting our 'babies' (now nearly 30!) and have kept in touch since..even over the many years I was based in Australia I would regularly come over to the U.K & go and visit - it's great to be able to re-connect so easily with old friends who know your history and there's 'no explanation required' - glad you have such a lovely circle of 'gold' friends...A long deceased Aunt once wrote in my autograph book 'Make new friends but keep the old, for new friends are silver but old friends are gold' - funny how these things stick with you...happy weekend x


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